What is The Matrix drinking game?

You already know the answer.

Print a copy of these rules, get lots of alcohol and some mates around, watch all the films and drink whenever the rules occur.

The rest is up to you…




  1. Drink whenever someone asks 'what is the matrix?' Drink twice if the same character then answers the question.
  2. Drink if anything happens in slow motion.
  3. Drink if a hero survives being shot.
  4. Drink if Neo says 'Woah!'
  5. Drink if anyone says 'I believe'. Drink twice if it's The Kid.
  6. Drink whenever someone acts on a hunch.
  7. Drink every time someone jumps further than they should be able to.
  8. Drink every time someone says that something others consider impossible will actually work.
  9. Drink whenever bullets are dodged with superhuman powers, twice if they're stopped mid-air.
  10. Drink if The Oracle tells Neo absolutely nothing except, essentially, "You already know the answer".
  11. Drink whenever someone eats something tasty in the matrix.
  12. Drink whenever Neo starts flying.
  13. Drink whenever an individual or group "jacks in" to the matrix.
  14. Drink every time Agent Smith takes over someone else's body.
  15. Drink every time a main character is only wearing white.
  16. Drink every time squiddies are detected by humans.
  17. Drink every time someone is impaled on something but the camera angle prevents you from seeing it going in.
  18. Drink every time Neo rescues people at the last possible moment.
  19. Drink whenever Neo is referred to as Mr Anderson.
  20. Drink whenever an EMP is activated.
  21. Drink whenever anyone answers the phone with 'Operator'.
  22. Drink whenever anyone checks who they're speaking to on the phone; 'is that you?'
  23. Drink whenever something portentous is said and then followed immediately by lightning.
  24. Drink whenever we enter a fetish club. Drink twice if two women are kissing.
  25. Drink whenever the main characters enter an empty corridor.
  26. Drink whenever the Oracle puts out a cigarette, drink twice if the camera makes this look really important for no apparent reason.
  27. Drink whenever a modern computer displays information only in bright green.
  28. Drink whenever anyone rambles on and on about ‘what is the matrix’.
  29. Drink whenever Agent Smith complains about the smell.
  30. Drink every time you see the human-egg farm place.
  31. Take a drink whenever a black cat walks past twice.
  32. Take a drink when someone sees something in/claims to be able to read the raw code.
  33. Take a drink every time Neo or Trinity dies.
  34. Drink every time somebody says that Morpheus is insane or foolish for believing in Neo.
  35. Drink when Trinity first appears in a new outfit.
  36. Drink when you see a close up of reflections in Morpheus’s glasses.
  37. Drink whenever a character gets a new skill uploaded to them.
  38. Drink when any of the main characters take a ride in a car.
  39. Drink every time Neo does the, ‘come here/bring it on’ hand movement.
  40. Drink every time you say a line from the films. Drink twice if it involves spoons.
  41. Drink every time a character or group of characters up/downloads into or from the matrix while in a budget friendly position off-camera, accompanied by flashing lights and the sound-effect.
  42. Drink every time an inanimate object in the Matrix behaves in a way that is contrary to its usual physical properties (bending spoons, half-liquid mirrors, walls/glass ripples).
  43. Drink every time a human body smashes something noticeably harder than it (eg. concrete walls).
  44. Drink anytime two main characters kiss on-screen. Twice if it's not Neo/Trinity.
  45. Drink every time a large portion of a city is shown from an aerial view.
  46. Drink every time Neo and Agent Smith square off one-on-one.
  47. Drink every time someone says "That's impossible!" Drink twice if that event then comes true less than five seconds later.
  48. Drink every time the camera pans up a woman's body.
  49. Drink every time you see a man's naked bottom.
  50. Drink every time a fight scene lasts more than five minutes. Drink twice if it lasts more than ten.
  51. Drink every time someone takes off/puts on a pair of wraparound sunglasses.
  52. Drink every time someone laughs maniacally.
  53. Drink every time a character with a silly name stolen from a mythical figure appears for the first time.
  54. Drink every time a child confuses Neo.
  55. Drink every time The Kid makes a heroic sacrifice, saves the day or recites a hackneyed line.
  56. Drink every time there's a reference to events that were only seen in the Animatrix or the computer game ‘Enter The Matrix’.
  57. Drink every time a main character first appears onscreen wearing a piece of torn/frayed clothing that they ‘just didn't have time’ to darn.
  58. Drink every time the disgruntled geezer that doesn't like Neo states this opinion.
  59. Drink when you spot a pretentious religious reference. Twice if it’s Nordic.
  60. Drink every time you get a shot of Neo's body jacked into the matrix, jerking around in the seat.
  61. Take a drink every time a pair of sunglasses gets broken. Drink twice if this seems to be the ultimate insult to the wearer.
  62. Drink every time Morpheus takes off his trench coat.
  63. Drink every time a woman is wearing make-up outside of the matrix.
  64. Drink every time you see a 'rogue program' that appears to be East-/Asian.
  65. Drink every time main characters are travelling in the opposite direction to everyone else.
  66. Drink every time they use a lift.
  67. Drink any time anyone makes a reference to a pill (red or blue).
  68. Drink whenever a main character flicks open the front of their coat.
  69. Drink when calls are made on mobile phones.
  70. Drink every time someone says the word 'choice' and you have no idea what they’re banging on about.
  71. And finally… Drink whenever you mistakenly say that others should be drinking.

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Many thanks to the members of my forum who contributed their ideas and support to the creation of this game. Drink sensibly, if you’re getting alcohol poisoning then just bloomin’ well stop. I’m not going to get blamed for you being daft.

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