A reminder…

Clicking the banners at least once a day really does help me lots, especially if you’re in the UK. Basically, UK advertisers pay a lot more for their adverts than the US people. They want something in the region of 150,000 views of their banners each month for, in their words, ‘it to be worth the admin keeping our banners on your site’. Currently I don’t get that many hits from the UK each month, but I do get a good click-through rate on the banners, so this company is prepared to stick with me while this remains the case.

This is also in your interests too: if I wasn’t with this nice big company that pays decent amounts for their banners I would be with a smaller, cheaper one. The people that they advertise are also smaller and cheaper, which means far more annoying adverts… Perhaps even the Crazy Frog. Yes, it could sink that low.

So, help keep this site free of really rubbish and annoying banners by clicking the not-so-annoying ones today!

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