Next version of Windows in pre-release virus shocker*

*may not involve actual shock.

I’m quite impressed. Before Microsoft have even released their ages-in-the-making new version of Windows, previously known as the entendre-creating ‘Longhorn’ but now officially dubbed ‘Vista’, there have already been viruses demonstrating security such vulnerabilities that Microsoft has had to remove an entire tool from the software. Ouch. That must have hurt.

What sort of name is Vista anyway? Vista is suggestive of a grand expansive view to the horizon, with majestic possibilities available to you. Then you put a Window in the way of it and you can only see a tiny portion of the view and maybe you can see more if you press your nose up to the Window, but then you just leave a smudgey mark that takes ages to get rid of, and your Window never quite works as well again.

Actually, maybe Windows Vista is the right name after all.

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