Curse Of the Were-Underground-Mutton

For those of you who weren’t already convinced that the UK is full of patches of complete eccentricity (which is like madness, but more traditional or accompanied by wealth), the release of the new Wallace & Grommit film, Curse of the Were-Rabbit has been retitled on posters in the Portland region of Dorset in England. Apparently there is the theory that the mention of the word ‘rabbit’ causes mines to collapse.

I have a friend living on Portland Island who I’ll be seeing in a couple of weeks. I’ve been there once, and, like most islands, the place is a bit odd, so I can well believe this story is true. There isn’t any mention of the film being redubbed, which may yet cause miner-related mayhem in Portland cinemas… Although, now I think about it, I doubt they have any cinemas on the island. Maybe they could beep out the word rabbit, or get someone with a nice thick dorset accent to re-dub the whole film replacing Wallace’s dulcet intonation of the word rabbit with the popular Portland alternative ‘undergound mutton’ or ‘furry things’.

Thanks again to The Register for the orignal story.

2 thoughts on “Curse Of the Were-Underground-Mutton”

  1. I always wanted to live in the UK, at least for a bit. Now, however, I think i’ll wait until the mines collapse before taking any decisive action. Thank you for the warning.

    That reminds me, today somebody mentioned something about possible new theories being publicized about how the World Trade Center might have also been a victim of explosives in the lower levels. Do you think..? Damned rabbits..

  2. Oh man, underground mutton or were-rabbit, that film will be good… For a kid’s movie, that is.

    When I order my tickets, I’ll say “One ticket for Wallace and Grommit and the Curse of the Were-Underground-Mutton, please.” I wonder if they’ll question me or just roll their eyes and hand me a ticket.

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