Drunken elks!

No, that’s not a Batman TV series-style exclamation, it was a problem for an old people’s home in Sweden. A pile of apples had begun to ferment and a couple of elks got drunk on it and started causing trouble! Full story here.

Technically there’s not actually anything very amusing about this, but I just find the idea of drunken elks funny for some reason. No? Maybe it’s just me then.

3 thoughts on “Drunken elks!”

  1. not just you– when animals get loaded and obnoxious on their own volition, there’s something comical about it. Animals in Africa do the same thing when fruit goes off–bird, apes, the whole menagerie. Some behaviors we think of as uniquely human really aren’t.

  2. I love a good drunken animal.

    If you like drunken elks, you’d love drunken kangaroos.

  3. it’s actually relatively common. i spent a summer working at a lodge in colorado, and there were many stories about the elk (who migrate right through town) getting into the mash at the breweries and getting tipsy. in fact, one of the local micro-breweries had a beer called “staggering elk.”

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