Mata: the new Liam Neeson

I’ve been having a fun five minutes with a PC-only download called Star Estimator. You pick a picture from your hard-drive, choose the gender and point to where the eyes are, press ‘start’, and off it goes to compare your picture to the ones of ‘stars’ stored on its server. After trying this with two different images I discovered that on average I look most like Liam Neeson:

Mata looks like Liam Neeson

He’s a bit old, but I’m not disappointed with the comparison. I’ve no idea who that ‘Matthew’ bloke is, but he looks vaguely familiar. I’ll stick with trusting the second suggestions more because they’re taken from a better photo 😀 I’m quite happy about the Stephen Dorff comparison too…

Well, as you do, I then tried the female comparison:

Mata as a female star

I don’t know who Monica Keena is, and I doubt she’d like the comparision, but I see where they’re going with that one. How odd.

So this got me thinking:

Samurai Lapin looks like Hugh Grant!

Samurai Lapin looks like Hugh Grant! Well, he does have a British accent…

LGG looks like...

The Little Goth Girl looks like a cross between Shannen Doherty and Linda Evangelista. I’d always suspected as much. I had them in mind when I was drawing her, can’t you tell? It’s the curves.

Mittens looks like...

Mittens looks like Keanu Reeves. Actually, I can see what they mean on that one.

Mr Snaffleburger looks like...

Mr Snaffleburger looks like a cross between Ashton Kutcher and Michael Caine. Err… No, I don’t really see that one myself.

And finally, because I had an image floating around on my hard-drive:

Christian Bale is the Nine Mouthed Baby!

Christian Bale is the Nine Mouthed Baby! That’s going to traumatise several people that I know, including my girlfriend. Mwahahaha!

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Mata: the new Liam Neeson”

  1. you will be pleased to hear it thinks I look like three people I have never heard of.

    Amy Acker
    Ryoko Yonekura (I look Japaneese???)
    Natalia Oreiro

    Google temms me they are – american actress, japaneese poster girl, and someone who all the websites about seem to be in spanish. Good

  2. very interesting indeed

    sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it definetly worked for my nephew, Jordan a.k.a. fodge. i can really see the resemblance between him and sarah jessica parker, he also does look like daid schwimmer and mathew broderick.

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