Robot dog mules are coming to destroy us all

Yep, the end is nigh. A truly uncanny robot has been created that nimbly walks on four legs. As if making the robots walk wasn’t bad enough, the creators then decide to demonstrate how stable it is by kicking it. This will surely enrage the beast, which will now proceed to destroy us in our sleep, and the only warning will be the sinister hum of the two-stroke engine.

So, you create a beast that can move over almost any terrain, patiently coming to destroy us, then what do you do? You give it guns! Admittedly, the military are only talking about using BigDog (as it’s called) to carry things, but it’s only a matter of time before some bright spark straps live weapons to BigDog’s side.

Truly, the quadropeds shall reclaim the earth. Repent now.

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