A proper way to steal

Years ago I heard about a gang that broke into a jewellers and stole a lot on things. They didn’t use guns, or go in and threaten people, they came in at night, abseiled through a sky-light, cleaned out the display cabinets and left in a black cab (a slightly posh taxi to US readers). That’s style. If you’re going to be a theif, you should always try to include abseiling in your criminal plans.

This guy has gone one step further: he’s stolen £15 million (around US$35 million) in diamonds using charm and a box of chocolates. He got an original set of keys, the location of the diamonds, and took the lot. He’s obviously put a lot of work into the plan, it would almost be a shame if he got caught.

Oh, and I bet there’s a film version coming soon!

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