Guns and fog

A friend in America sent me a link to follow up the post from last week about a man who tried to change a tyre on his car using a shotgun to loosen the nuts

This time we have a couple of guys were looking to get tattoos of a magnum, so they were tracing around a real one which was, of course, loaded. Hand and arm wounds later, there are two 22 year-olds who now have a permanent reminder of how cool guns really are. (Slightly more info here.)

Those guys were American, but just to show that stupidity with guns is not only a US policy, a referee at a football (soccer) match in Kuala Lumpur was mobbed after showing a red-card to a player. He was a policeman, so he then went to his car, got his gun, and fired shots in the air to calm the mob. Personally a referee with a gun would not make me feel any more calm, but that’s just my perspective on this. Perhaps gunshots are considered calming over there; it’s one of those cultural things… Or perhaps not. The man was arrested, although it wasn’t stated whether the charges were ‘being a bloody idiot’. (Link)

Two more quick interesting/cheerful links:

Fog machines are now being used as anti-burglary devices, filling a pharmacy with thick clouds in seconds and preventing theft because no-one can find anything. How very cool. More here.

A wedding dress shop owner held onto a dress from a cancelled wedding for fifteen years and then the original purchaser eventually wore it down the aisle. “I knew you’d be back for it,” said the owner. Aww.

DiCarlo had stuffed the bow and the sleeves with paper so they would hold their shape, and wrapped the gown in plastic. She left it hanging in a corner of her basement storeroom.

Now that’s just a bit creepy… But sweet. Possibly. I have a horrible vision of the room filled with shaped wedding dresses, like some kind of uber-Miss Haversham from Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. Scare yourself here.

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