GPS Tron!

How cool does this look?

GPS Tron

In other news, the animation side of the new Little Goth Girl episode is nearly done, so now it’s just the sound left to do.

I also have been allowed onto the beta test of the new Flash software, codenamed 8Ball. Sadly, I’m not really allowed to tell you anything about it, but I can confirm that it is very, very cool!

5 thoughts on “GPS Tron!”

  1. Mata, my buddy told me to chek little goth girl’s space hopper flash becuase it was cute. So i did, it was cute indeed.

    so what the hell why not take the time to view the rest of the videos. so i saw all of them and i saw i missed the last one, and after i was done, i was completely impressed with the argument you had Sarah and her date touch over.

    I wrote a livejournal entry on that same thought. The repeating sequences that occur in the parralel worlds. But aswell as the other possibility that there are those worlds that progress the second behind or further to our world. So basically in the worlds that follow that rule, ive sent this to you an untellable about times. basing this one the fact that worlds become infinite.

    Well besides the situation, you put in that flash what made the whole ordeal your genius, that we will never know what what will change or just repeat into the worlds, until it comes really. Really like shooting a hose at a wall where the moment comes but who knows where the drops go. Its a crappy metaphor really, pretty much because the hose is whats coming at us, so we knew it was a hose, not like how reality is.

    Owell i was using your blog to just really expand a thought i had.

    i like your stuff, spent one after noon on it and it turned out great.


  2. GPS Tron!Oooo! I want to play! I was looking at a GPS thing in the RAC van which picked me up the other week after my car made an all mighty THUNK! and thinking that would be really usefull no more directions which involve wiggles *mutter* but this just gives me another reason to want one!!

  3. Baruska: good to see you finally got logged on. You should definitely try turning off the caps-lock though. Lowercase is good!

    Nick: Hi, and welcome to my site. I’ve got a new Little Goth Girl episode coming out very soon!

    Cath: The road had a wiggle in it. When the road wiggled, you were ready for it. If I hadn’t have mentioned that you would probably now be writing ‘and Mata never told me about that wiggle in the road and we got very confused’. I can’t win! 😀

  4. Tron aka Snake. This was on my cellphone back in 1996 as a two-player game via the IR port on my Nokia phone. So now it uses Bluetooth instead of IR, it’s in color and it allows more freedom of movement. It’s still Snake.

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