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Vote damn you!

Apparently only one third of under-25s in the UK are planning to vote today. That’s pretty stupid. Go and vote for someone at least. If you don’t then you rennounce your right to complain if someone you don’t like gets elected. Again. Not thinking of anyone in particular…

On a more fun note, everyone should go and download Copernic. You may have heard of Google desktop, well, Copernic is like that but without the ‘sending your data to Google over the web’ bit.

Basically, what it does it build a database of everything on your computer. How exactly it does this I have no idea. Surely we’re into territory here where a truly accurate map should be the same size as the place that it is describing? … Anyway, somehow or other it analyses your files and stashes this info away. If you want to find a quote from an essay you were writing last year you could type in the name of the person who said it and Copernic near-instantly finds every file on your computer that has that name in it. It also catalogs all your music and images for you. It’s customisable so that it can file extra data-formats by name too, so I’ve got it set up to log all my Flash files.

Why is this useful? Well, apart from the obvious ease of use, if you’re like me and have about three hard-drive’s data on your machine from where you’ve shunted it across everytime you upgrade your PC then you probably are stuck with several different filing systems. Copernic means that you can immediately skip through all the system stuff and get right back to the file you’re looking for without having to remember where you put it or wait five minutes for the Windows search to give you a result.

Yes, I know I’m going on about this, but I really do love this software and I never really realised before just how useful it would be. It’s also free, so that’s a huge plus 🙂

Shok’s been busy doing radio shows on so the Mittens music isn’t here yet, but you got an animation yesterday so don’t be greedy!

Busily studying…

The best quote of the day: “Luck is the residue of design.” Branch Rickey

It’s actually quite appropriate. Today I’m using Mindmanager X5 to put together a mind map of the latest chapter of my thesis. It’s pretty cool software. Basically, it’s a system for creating mind-maps. These are branching diagrams that show the relation of ideas that you have. I’ve put the central idea of my chapter in the middle, then arranged the main subtopics and their smaller aspects around it. The Mindmanager software lets me move things around easily so it’s simple to create new connections and organise things before I start writing. At the moment I’m adding loads of notes to the topics, then when I’m done I’ll just publish it as a Word document and fill in the blanks with my interpretation… Easy… I hope… I’ll let you know how I get on.

Mittens: It’s been ages since I made a new Mittens animation. There is one waiting in the wings, it’s just on standby until Shok gets the music to me, which hopefully will be in the next 24 hours-or-so. It’ll be ready soon!

I’m off to continue piling through the books. See ya!