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Mona Lisa in 3D

Mona Lisa in wobbler 3D

I made this ages ago using the smudge tool in Photoshop to nudge around elements of the pic then animated the layers in Image Ready (which comes free with modern versions of P’shop).

In local news: Old lady not dead yet

I love my local newspaper, the Mid Hampshire Observer. They clearly know as well as the rest of us that most local news is really pretty dull, so they occasionally get a bit bored and ramble. This is an article that really made me laugh a couple of months ago. It starts off fairly normally, but stick with it. The title of the article should give you a clue about how seriously they’re taking all this.

So, I proudly present, for all of you not fortunate enough to have a free copy of the Mid Hampshire Observer delivered by a surly young teenager: ‘Lady Doesn’t Die’
Lady doesn\'t die