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The Other Side forums - suitable for mature readers! _ Introductions and where to find a guide _ HELLO!

Posted by: crackle Nov 7 2005, 04:38 AM

hi. i've secretly idolized this site for years and never bothered join the forum. so here i am!

i enjoy the night life, hair dye, piercings and sewing. as well as music, but only people who...die...don't listen to music. i suppose.

in any case, hello!

Posted by: Sir_Psycho_Sexy Nov 7 2005, 03:12 PM

Hi, do you by chance have two friends called Snap and Pop?

Posted by: oscarhilton Nov 7 2005, 03:45 PM

Hi Crackle! How goes?

What about the monster mash. They're dead but still listen to music...

Anyways, Welcome to the forums of mataness! *covers crackle in* have fun, and whatever anyone says don't eat the green cookies...

I too would like to know if snap and pop are familiar to you....

Posted by: Astarael Nov 7 2005, 09:52 PM

Welcome to Matazone, you cereal conspiracy-deviser. tongue.gif Remember to follow the or Mata will yank out your spinal cord and use it as a jolly clattering pulltoy. Have fun, embrace the insanity, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Go forth and post!

Posted by: crackle Nov 7 2005, 11:28 PM

dear me, those two look mighty familiar e.o

teehee. i've been spangled.

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