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The Other Side forums - suitable for mature readers! _ Daily life _ New job... And moving to Holland!

Posted by: Mata May 1 2010, 09:11 AM

As some of you will have seen on Facebook, I've got a new job.

I'm going to be a senion lecturer in games design at NHTV university in the Netherlands (AKA Holland). This means that in three and a half months time I'm going to be moving country for at least a couple of years.

For those who come along to Crawley Juggling Convention - yes, I will still be here for that - that's my last weekend in the UK.

There are many reasons for the move:
Very good money
I love teaching
I love talking about games
12 weeks holiday per year
One day per week for research or my own projects
Shorter hours per day
Living in a new country is pretty exciting!
Getting away from production deadlines into a more academic environment that encourages experimentation.

One of the things that I'm really going to miss is being so close to London and all my British friends; I'll no longer be able to hop on a coach for the night to head up to meet you all. This said, Holland is definitely not the other side of the world and I will definitely be heading back to the UK a couple of times per year I think so we'll have to arrange meet ups for those dates.

All of my lectures will be taught in English (as is everthing at Dutch universities) but I'm going to try and get at least a basic level of Dutch language skills. It would be rude not to, although even the Dutch say it's a difficult language to learn - it's also a little pointless considering how many people speak it globally, but considering that nearly 100% of the people I'll be living around will all speak Dutch I can't see any other way of doing things. The Dutch all speak various levels of English, mostly they are very fluent, so there will be no problem in shops until I've learnt more, but that's still a slightly intimidating aspect of the whole thing.

Moving house is never much fun, but moving across a border is going to be even more tricky. Fortunately Laura likes moving house (weirdo) and she is coming with me, so that should make things a bit easier.

There is a side benefit to all this - one of the things I'll be teaching is Flash 2D animation. In other words, they'll be paying me to work on my animation skills. Yes, this could mean that I start making animations again. No promises, but it is possible!

Overall, this is enormously exciting for me, but it's also quite scary too!

Posted by: CarefulMarshmallowHiddenDragon May 1 2010, 10:53 AM

Amazing news! It sounds like the perfect job. And I'm glad to hear you will still be attending Crawley this year (also zomg new animations?!?!?) biggrin.gif

Posted by: SPEAKERfortheLOST May 1 2010, 12:24 PM

Mata you are one lucky guy. I may have to take a semester abroad and visit you over there... I'm not sure I can quite imagine Mata the Professor but it would be an interesting ride...

Good Luck, God Speed, and Conform! Consume! Obey!

Posted by: michael1384 May 1 2010, 12:58 PM

Oh wow! That's pretty amazing! Good luck and congratulations to you I say!

Posted by: LoLo May 1 2010, 03:18 PM

Congratulations! It's really amazing news and I'm very happy for you. Good luck.

Posted by: Yannick May 1 2010, 04:46 PM

That's awesome! Congratz, and have fun! smile.gif

Posted by: candice May 1 2010, 05:50 PM

Yay! happy.gif Congratulations! That is so awesome.

Living in a new country is fun, but I'm with you on the moving house nonsense. That is less fun. Hope it all goes smoothly!

Posted by: Sir Psycho Sexy May 1 2010, 09:31 PM


Posted by: Cath May 1 2010, 11:13 PM

I'm going with spuss on this one Squeeeee!

Posted by: Mata May 2 2010, 08:23 AM

There has been quite a substantial vote for the 'SQUEEEE!' party since this news has been announced smile.gif

Posted by: Hobbes May 7 2010, 10:01 PM

Belatedly forum-based, but Congratulations! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: Snugglebum the Destroyer May 7 2010, 10:14 PM

QUOTE (Sir Psycho Sexy @ May 1 2010, 10:31 PM) *

Spuss squeed. Awesome.

*giggles away in her own world*

Posted by: Mata May 9 2010, 02:23 PM

SPS has grown into a handsome strapping man these days, which just adds to the effect of a 'squee' from him smile.gif

Posted by: Sir Psycho Sexy May 9 2010, 11:01 PM

Oh Mata, you're making me blush... wub.gif

Posted by: Mata May 10 2010, 07:38 AM

I'd noticed it myself, then Laura was rather more blunt with her statement 'He's hot!' biggrin.gif

Posted by: Lurker in the Dark May 10 2010, 05:40 PM

Damn him and his alice band.

Also, woohoo smile.gif

Posted by: Sir Psycho Sexy May 10 2010, 06:20 PM

Arrrrgh! Crushed by the weight of my own ego! What a way to go...

Posted by: Cath May 10 2010, 11:12 PM

Mata are you trying to knock the planet off course or something?

(sorry Spuss *hugs*) biggrin.gif

Posted by: leopold May 11 2010, 11:13 AM

I didn't see this on Facebook. Largely because I'm one of only seven people who don't use it. Seriously, there are tribes in the Amazon who are more into social networking than I am.

But I digress. Congrats, Mata! Good luck with the new job and I hope it all pans out really well for you. So are we to call you Prof. Haggis from now on?

Posted by: Mata May 11 2010, 12:59 PM

No, there's no professorship with this place. That's generally associated with a particular teaching spot in a university. I think there are a couple of professors there, but no-one I would deal with particularly. I'm the only doctor on the teaching team at the moment. This said, by US standards I would be a professor - apparently senior lecturers are considered professors in the US. Woot!

Thanks Leo smile.gif

I've just worked out a tally chart of my days left at my current job. 59 to go!

Posted by: Faerieryn May 11 2010, 05:39 PM

Congrats Mata!!!!! Squee!!! Send Matt and email tonight and he'll try and play you something intellectual! Incidentally you can still listen to his show out there in Edamland and connectw ith us!!!!

Posted by: Mata May 11 2010, 06:40 PM

Sorry, I'm off clubbing tonight, but I'll definitely still be tuning in over in the land of cheese smile.gif

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