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> Driving theory test - grrr!
post Jul 29 2009, 12:39 PM
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I took my driving theory test yesterday. For those not in the UK, this is 50 questions about law/safe driving and a 'hazard perception' test. Of the 50 questions, you need to get 42-ish to pass, and I got 47, so that's no problem.

... However, I 'failed' the hazard perception test. There are two things that I should mention here:

1. My driving instructor says that I'm a fast learner and that my hazard perception skills have always been highly developed.

2. I make computer games for a living, so I can respond to on-screen stimuli pretty fast and accurately.

The instructions say that you should click whenever a situation occurs or develops, and a situation is described as something requiring you to change speed or direction that is caused by anything with legs or wheels.

You get to watch 14 clips and you have to click a mouse button when anything that matches the description happens. 1 of the 14 clips has two 'situations' in it, the rest only have one.

I've practised these a lot before and always passed, my average score was over three, enough to give me a pass mark, except that three of my clips were disallowed. Apparently I had double-clicked and that had disqualified my response, meaning that I scored 0. As stated above, I work with computers a lot. I know what is described by the rest of the world as a double click - I didn't do that. More to the point, what blooming idiot decided 'ah yes, you've spotted that danger, but you've spotted it emphatically so you're obviously cheating'?

Anyway, I aksed for a human to review my three disallowed clips and I'll get the result in nine days. I'm most irritated. I hate badly designed systems generally, but ones that are funded by the government, which I could improve with about half an hour of coding, and that I'm charged 31 to use? I really despise those.


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Cath Sparrow
post Jan 2 2010, 05:11 PM
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I've been brainwashed

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Sorry Mat as nice as that would be I think it's wishfull thinking, I do agree that the adds help but taking money off people is what will more likely make them thing twice yes it won't help their attitude and they'll resent it but they're more like to think 'Oh I might get fined and points on my licence' than they are going to think 'Ooo! I might crash!' people just don't want to think like that. Perhaps if they increase the lower end of the fine some more people may actually considering not doing it, but I doubt it. I worked for a chronic phone-in-car user and she just didn't think about it at all, even with her kids in the car.

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