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Full Version: Gorilla realizes inevitable death
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A friend of mine shared this with me last night, and I thought it was hysterical, not to mention they made fun of my University in it so I was even more excited... haha. I immediately thought of Matazonians and thought you all might get a kick out of it.
I love the last line "Researchers are also doing similar work, teaching a mouse with a human ear grafted to its back what a freak it is."

The onion is amazing..Did you ever see the Onion Movie they made?
I used a reference to The Onion in my degree dissertation - it was a reference to their 'Gay Recruitment Drive Going Well' article. They're always good for a laugh, and now some of the spoof news readers are getting jobs on America's 'real' news networks (I put that in inverted commas because I'm not really sure how real the news actually is anymore).

I like reading The Daily Mash, . It's a British news satire website and it's usually good for a laugh.
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