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Yesterday I booked 2 tickets for a Nine Inch Nails show at the Astoria and booked a hotel room in Reading for the same night. I am now 100 poorer.

*pokes snoo for money*
Gloves!!! Ibought Special Nottsgloves. They are the warmest things in the world. I Loooove them!!
The other day I saw a most delightful video game sale.

I was able to pick up Half Life, Tekken Tag Tournament, and Grand Theft Auto Vice City for $20. I was happy.
Teehee, yesterday I had the ebst shopping spree ever. I bought some gorgoeus Vans, a lovely pair of trousers and a nice belt. YAY smile.gif
Today was great. I picked up a bunch of awesome stuff for no money! That means it's up there on the ol' rating list as is. I picked up two new games (Onimusha 3 and Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore), a new GCN superpad controller (so much better than the original!) Douglas Adams's The Salmon of Doubt, and some brownies. All free! Thank god for unused and unwanted Christmas gifts!
*bump* (I know, I'm necroposting. But it's relevant?)

Today I ordered a spiffy new stud for my labret from Painful Pleasures. It's a titanium one, and it's colourful! It's a blue/green and purple candy stripe with a nice medium sized purple ball. They make the Ti ones to order, so that should take a week, but I don't mind. Cost - $42 something. Rating? 10 out of 10 even though I don't have it yet.
Yesterday I purchased (via my sister) a ticket for a Tori Amos concert in London. I don't even remember when it's for! Oh well... as for a rating, I give it a 10 at the moment. But you never know, it might turn out to be rubbish.

Today's purchases: Cheddar & Onion McCoys crisps (7 out of 10: yummy, but rather unhealthy) and a small contour bottle of Coca Cola (again, 7 out of 10: refreshing, but no real good for me).
Went to Goodwill and got funny looks from the people shopping as I squealed over and purchased a pair of pinstriped gauzey harem pants and an enormous black tulle skirt (8, and 6, respectively). I also found a significantly more respectable skirt for a friend's birthday on Fri (6 out of ten because I might have to alter it).

The total? $11.49.
I love Goodwill to a frightening extent.
QUOTE (elphaba2 @ Apr 6 2005, 03:46 PM)
Went to Goodwill and got funny looks from the people shopping as I squealed over and purchased a pair of pinstriped gauzey harem pants

I demand pictures!!! They sound so cool!
My camera's on the "broken" side of the broken boundary at the moment, but rest assured they are enormous. Like MC Hammer on a budget. I had a wicked time imagining their origins (exotic dancer who got laid off? Someone's trip back to the magical land of 1986?)

Sadly though, the guards at my school found them a bit on the sheer side of sheer, so I'll have to restrict my wearing of them to non-educational functions.
QUOTE (elphaba2 @ Apr 6 2005, 04:08 PM)
Sadly though, the guards at my school found them a bit on the sheer side of sheer, so I'll have to restrict my wearing of them to non-educational functions.

Could wear something under them? Like... bright pink leggings or something equally outrageous!
I had black leggings under them, but, being stretched across the bum, they allowed the outline of my underoos to be rather visible if one stares. Which makes me question the motives of the security guards....


But pink ones is a nice idea... hmm....perhaps a second trip to Goodwill is in order.
smile.gif i bought chocolate fudge cake single cream,micromart magazine some sweets wethers originals because i have stopped smoking and a pkt of wrigleys spearmint gum.ordered and paid for online some ink cartridges i needed for new canon printer i bought last week the cartridges that came with printer did about a dozen dvd covers a few a4 colour prints before they gave up the ghost. ohmy.gif wife phoned me to say she as been on ebay shopping what is the max we can upload to a thread and i will do the wifes list hehe
a BWM R1100 GS.


it looks like this:

Snugglebum the Destroyer
a BWM R1100 GS.

Mid - life crisis? tongue.gif biggrin.gif

That is rather spanking, Pab.
A 12" Apple powerBook and Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth.

Also my nearly free headphones arrived today.

Hopefully I can afford to eat until I next get paid. ohmy.gif
hobnobs. 2 packs of chocolate, 1 pocket of plain. 2 bottles of water. 4 clear pagey things.

considering 1 pack of hobnobs lasted the better part of an hour between me and this other girl... 9/10. ^.^
Cath Sparrow
a packet of crisps, a chocolate bar, a pair of trousers and a skirt
simpsons season 2, nine inch nails - with teeth and lots of chocolate
New TFT monitor for dual screen goodness.
"Kickin' Garlic Chicken," at a local Harvester 'restaurant'.

A bed. My elbow fell through my current one so we decided that after 10 years, it was finally itme to get a new one.
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
I bought a pack of gum and a banana. Very nourishing.
{Gothic Angel}
QUOTE (Pab @ Apr 20 2005, 11:44 AM)
a BWM R1100 GS.


A bottle of coke, a cucumber crunch dip thing, and 2 boots shapers mint nougat bars, which I may be addicted to.
Fallen Element
Bought myself lots of happy online and it all arrived today! Yay!

Got: Orgy -Punk Statik Paranoia, Adema - Adema, LOTR - The Fellowship of The Ring, LOTR - The Two Towers, Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth.

Gotta love random purchasing. *worships eBay*

Also - bought random junk food and lots of paracetamol today... *damn headaches*

Fal xXx
Flour and diet coke, the one used for naan-making and the other for thist-quenchment of my mother.

The Five People You Will Meet In Heaven, and two David Sedaris books, for the mental quenchment of my mother.

Wrapping paper and pretty ribbons.

Hands up anyone else who procrastinated Mother's Day gifts!
First - Pants by Caffiene ($3, usually $60+) 10/10

Second - Real army jacket, not one of those cheap wannabe things I see so many people wearing ($15) 10/10

Third - Demonia Creeper-408 ($53ish) Not rating them yet because I don't have them yet tongue.gif

I bought quite a lot...

Orange juice
Grow your own voodoo doll
Grow your own degree
Lots of tombola tickets (=lots of alcohol!)
Two Excel Saga DVDs (used) and the Ghost in the Shell movie. I have been putting off buying GitS because I am a miserly twit but I figured if Mata likes it, it must be brilliant (and *cough* four dollars).
Yesterday, I bought a Shure SM58 vocal microphone. It's on the higher end of the SM series of Shure microphones (a highly trusted name brand) and is considered the industry standard. It's light and compact and delivers a clear, warm sound. My only gripe with it is that there's no on/off switch.

Rick was pissed at me when I showed him. His Shure mics are a PG48 vocal mic and a PG57 condenser mic. His mics come from the PG series, which is meant for bands who can't afford to get better equipment (well, neither can I really, but I bought it anyway). The PG48 is the lowest model in that series while the PG57 is the second lowest. He does have one over on me with his Teac TM77 dynamic mic, but it's a bit too sensitive for stage performance and is better for the studio (to me at least).
Today I've bought...

Munchkin Bites Card Game
Sandman Vol 1
Sonic 1,2 and 3 for Xbox
Screen Cleaner
raw tuna. i rate it an 8 on a 1 to 10 scale. it could've had more flavour when i was using it to make sushi.

i also bought currants (first time i've foundt hem in this country, wah!). i rate them a 6 because i can't get white or red currants, only black ones!!! grrrr.

strawberries. 10 on the scale cause super yum!
Reflex XTR, a Wacom Graphire 3 XL, two bottles of water, and a packet of mints. No, three packets.

...In the last week.
Graphire is great, though slightly too big to fit next to my keyboard. Curses.

Reflex is also fantastic. Well worth the money.

The mints were minty.


Brass Eye DVD
A Clockwork Orange DVD
M-Audio Oxygen8 MIDI keyboard. How I love eBay. Possibly some other stuff I haven't won yet.

Also some train tickets for the Glasgow meet and food from Pizza Hut.
Yesterday: Destroy All Humans! for ps2.

Nice game, however, I annhialated it within twenty-four hours.

I guess the lack of length in games these days, you could call a video game "pandemic"! A-hahaha!

...I'll be quiet now.
Oh oh! I bought an Intuos3 4x5 tablet with some of my graduation money.

and I used the amazon link on here.
^.^ So proud of myself.
Quoth(The Raven)
A bottle of Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper (About a five... I like it, but it tastes just like Mr. Pibb, which is the competition's version of Dr. Pepper... can you say, 'lawsuit', boys and girls? smile.gif )

Greatest American Hero: Season 1, on DVD (One of my alltime favorite Tv shows... looking forward to watching it... 10 out of ten)

12 pack Cherry Pepsi... Yum!

and, a Gallon of milk... (Liquid White gold. Don't invest in precious metals, people, buy yourself a milk cow... $3.69 a gallon... even Gasoline isn't that expensive...).
Cath Sparrow
2 pairs of trousers (actually got them earlier in the week)
A purse (this also)
A poncho (and this. It was 1 might come in usefull)
2 pairs of sandles. (these today)
A pair of hair bobles
A pair of hair clips
A nice cotton top
A sexy military style waist coat which will go great with a jacket I've got on order and the pirate Tshirts Cands bringing me.

I bought alot this week!
Brass Eye : Heh. Gunishment. <3

Clockwork Orange: Interesting, if not rather disturbing.
I went tag-saling yesterday, and scooped up
-Shakespeare's Othello (as opposed to Pamela Anderson's Othello, which I hear is doing really well)
Haven't read it yet, but it gets a 7 for being in good condition.

-Also Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, King Lear, and A Midsummer Night's Dream (2 of which I already own copies, albeit very battered copies)
8, 5 and 9, respectively. There was an apple juice stain on the first four pages of King Lear!

-A Streetcar Named Desire by the esteemed Tennessee Williams
7. Points off for (the book's) being flimsy, but masterful literature, that.

-Eye In the Sky by Mr. Philip K. Dick
Also haven't started yet. But I expect it to be quite delicious. 7.

-The Homecoming from Mr. Harold Pinter
Edited: Very odd, but would be fascinating and extremely challenging to perform. Therefore: 8.

-A Breeders album (Last Splash, plucked from between Barbara Streisand and Jimmy Buffett. Ouch.)
9.5 for general awesomeness.

-an Everything But the Girl album I have yet to enjoy.

-A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
Fascinating and odd and savoury. 10.

All for the grand total of $3.75. Woo!
Fallen Element
A very large Starbucks black coffee. With espresso. It was Fairtrade so I was happy.
Prawn Cocktail crisps.
A cats eye crystal shaped like a heart.
Dr. Pepper.
Another very large Starbucks black coffee. With espresso. This time it was Ethiopian coffee! Very tasty!

Think that was about it... Hmmm, I'm wondering why I have the amount of money I do - there should be more...

Fal xXx
German para boots, much more comfortable than my british para boots, but I need to get new laces for them.
Glue, to stick the sole back onto my british para boots, I was going to get them resoled but it would would cost 30 (the boots where only 25)
Fallen Element

A driving lesson... 40 easily spent.
Baseball boots that I found for 8 then got student discount on!
A sandwich - prawn mayonnaise with salad (very yummy!)

That was it methinks... Roll on September and the lovely student loans!

Fal xXx
Usurper MrTeapot
Hmm...what to buy, food or alcohol?
I've just bought this!

and this...

and this
One of these courtesy of eBay (oh the excessive knobs biggrin.gif ) and an Asus Terminator barebones PC from because the powersupply failed in the old one and it was just cheaper to get a new one (50 quid).

Thought I'd get my hippie on smile.gif
A Von Bitch Belt
Hello Kitty Card
Fet night ticket
A lovely silk, black fairy skirt. I rate it 9. I would give it 10 but it can only be washed at the dry cleaners.
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