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William Gibson : Neuromancer
William Gibson : Mona Lisa Overdrive
William Gibson : Count Zero
William Gibson : Burning Chrome

Looking good so far, and for two quid each... bargin smile.gif
Fallen Element
Fitted sheet for my bed,
Magnets for leaving notes on my fridge,
A poster of the moon rising over the sea (very pretty!)
More white tack...
A T.V. license - split between my flatmate and I it still cost me 63.25
A tin of mini hotdogs - had to buy the mini ones because I don't yet have a tin opener and the mini hotdogs have a ringpull tin!

Note to self: buy tin opener tomorrow!

Meh - I hope I have enough money to get home on Thursday... blink.gif

Fal xXx
I bought:

A chocolate thing from a chocolate factory
Two lighters
A necklace for my mum
zebra print tights! [click]
Bible. Leather bound. Ribbed spine. Gold leaf page edges. Excellent condition. 1871. 20. Weighing in a 3 Kilos.

Worth every penny.

*drools* good...
Fallen Element

"Jagged Little Pill Acoustic" CD - Alanis Morissette
Munchable munchables
and... Handwash!

I'm so extravagant.

Fal xXx
Bought: A Chocolate shake and one of those portable taco things from Taco Bell (ding!). Chocolate shake? Excellent. Taco Bell thing? Was starting to give me indigestion.

Would've bought: a CD from Kyo, but it's an import (from France) and F.Y.E. sucks.
A bunch of stainless steel "jump rings" because I felt like learning some chain maile, Cath gave me motivation for my two or so years of desire, but I can't seem to get it to work right tongue.gif.

Three shirts on Ebay, $34. Not too bad for $34, but I'm not sure if they're any good yet as I haven't recieved them! Shirtsies!
The following CDs arrived at my house today:

Nik Kershaw - 15 Minutes
I like his 80's stuff, and quite liked the more recent album he released (To Be Frank), so thought I should get the slightly-less-recent album.

Nik Kershaw - Then & Now
A best of album, which mostly features songs I already have. But also has some brand new tracks. I am a completist.

White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan
I have liked a couple of their singles, but never been particularly interested in buying an album. But I am currently in the mind of listening to new music. So I got it.

Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts
Ditto above, really. An old friend of mine was constantly getting me to try to listen to some Placebo - but I never bothered. However, I liked the two singles i've heard from this album, so chose to - finally - buy it.

Cutting Crew - Best Of...
Essentially bought for just one song - but greatest hits albums usually introduce me to some great new songs I never knew.

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Regarded as a classic album, I felt compelled to own it. Plus, I like many of the songs on it already ("God Only Knows" is superb).

Hootie & The Blowfish - Cracked Rear View
I only know one song by Hootie, which doesn't actually feature on this album. But after a discussion with a girl I 'slightly' know, who told me I was awful for not having any Hootie albums, I bought this one.

Snow Patrol - Final Straw
Ditto the above: replace Hootie with Snow Patrol. Clearly, the girl is persuasive... plus, I *like* her smile.gif

Toto - Essential Toto
Again, bought for just a couple of songs I know.

Athlete - Tourist
An album I have considered buying a few times, as part of "listening to new music I don't really know". I finally gave in... that's all.

Mister Mister - Best Of
Ditto Toto, Cutting Crew.

As for rating them, I haven't had a chance to listen to them all properly yet.
A corset was purchased today, which heartily depleted my mother's wallet. But! it's gorgeous and somewhat Eduardian in shape and style, though made with cheap boning that creases. (It'sthis one) Also purchased were black thigh-high fishnets, with I promptly mutilated into sleeves.

Corset: 6, as it pinches and does not have laces; rather a zip.
Fishnets: 8, but I lost one.
Fallen Element
I bought films!

"Natural Born Killers"
"The House of Flying Daggers" and
"Shaun of the Dead"

Fopp and Grouchos *own* my soul...

All well worth it though! Watched "Shaun..." and "Natural Born Killers" and they both get rated a big 10 out of 10.

Fal xXx
I bought a $1 Yogurt parfiet from McDonalds.

I rate it a 2. They could have at least warned me that they hadn't botherd to let the fruit thaw out!
I bought 1 x Diet Coke and 1 x Fizzy Water at the 'cafe; next door to where I work.

The Diet Coke gets an 8... I wanted, I drank it, I liked it.

The Fizzy Water got a 3 even before I opened it, because I actually wanted ordinary still water but they didn't have any. Then it went down to 1 because, like almost all fizzy water, it tasted disgusting. The final rating, however, is 0, because I discovered it was also out of date. A real good purchase that one.
QUOTE (voices_in_my_head @ Aug 13 2005, 11:12 PM)
I bought a $1 Yogurt parfiet from McDonalds.

I rate it a 2. They could have at least warned me that they hadn't botherd to let the fruit thaw out!

Great selling point. McDonalds yogurt - with frozen lumps of fruit! mmm...

I didn't buy anything today, but yesterday I bought a thing to put in your mouth which flashes multicoloured. I rate it 6 because as cool as it is, it's hard to talk and you tend to choke a bit.
Various purchases leading to a belated summer outfit

(all on order at the moment sad.gif )

These boots

With these gloves

Some bracelets like this

All of this will with luck lead to me looking something like this
batman t shirt
"the pokey little puppy" tank top (does anyone else remember that book? i started jumping up and down when i saw it)
drum set purse
im with stupid purse
scull cap with a barcode on it
arm warmer thingys (one is a pirate, one says dork)

i'll rate it as 5. i feel like a consumer whore, but i enjoy all of the things i bought
I bought Black Market Music by Placebo today. I put it into my CD player. My CD player refuses to accept anything by Placebo apparantly. So I've had to go and copy the CD onto another one which hopefully will work. Despite all this I'll rate it 9, because it's a very good album.
I bought a box set of Beethoven's nine symphonies, as well as The Royal Society by the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, and Ultravisitor by Squarepusher. All are great.

Also: Many rings for making maille. Fantastic.
{Gothic Angel}
QUOTE (Greeneyes @ Aug 19 2005, 09:33 PM)
I bought a box set of Beethoven's nine symphonies

Good boy *pats*

I bought... a dipped flake. And it was so good biggrin.gif
Quoth(The Raven)
yesterday I bought a Computer desk and office chair for 80 dollars...

Then, i spotted a "going out of business sale" next door to where I'd gotten the Desk and chair, and found out it was a local grocery store, selling out for 50 - 70 percent off! I stocked up, spending another 80 dollars, but saving 110 dollars over what the items would have been at full price! 190 dollars worth of food, etc, for only eighty! My freezer is bulging! Score! laugh.gif
This morning, in return for 25 hard-earned English pounds, I received one hour of 'contemporary vocal coaching' (i.e. singing lessons).

It was good, and I rate it highly. The only negative thing is how quickly the lessons seem to pass by.
{Gothic Angel}
QUOTE (Hobbes @ Aug 20 2005, 01:06 PM)
This morning, in return for 25 hard-earned English pounds, I received one hour of 'contemporary vocal coaching' (i.e. singing lessons).

It was good, and I rate it highly. The only negative thing is how quickly the lessons seem to pass by.

Music will make eeeeevrything better... ph34r.gif

Chunky snuggly chocolate coloured polo-neck jumper - 12, so warm! I don't think I've ever been warm in my life before tongue.gif

Another hat to add to my collection. It's uber-cute. And I said *it* is, not *I* am, before ayone says anything, naming no names, Greeneyes tongue.gif


All good biggrin.gif
Tie-Dye orange/maroon/yellow hoodie jacket.
I think it's looks alot cooler than it sounds.
Anway, I got it at a garage sale for $1, and it's warm, has long sleeves and big pockets, so I rate it a 10/10.
Books for school
an Apple iBook G4
an iPod (free once I send in the rebate)
Adobe creative suite
School parking permit

I'm going to be sick because I still have more stuff to buy for school and I'm not used to spending all this money. Thank god for financial aid.
Frank Black - Honeycomb

Not bad at all (even if it is leaning in the direction of country).

Some peanuts. Obviously good.
Clerks Tenth Aniversary edition DVD (15.99)
100 School dinners for children in Africa
Top Of The Pops record (circa. 1974)
Some beautiful blue earings
I rate them 9/10, 10/10, 8/10 and 8/10 respectively.
(The middle two are birthday presents)
A second (nice and tiny - big diabolos suck!) diabolo for twin diabolo tricks (6.00). I'm disappointed though, despite looking identical to the one I chose it to match it has a completely awful bearing which makes it a pain in the posterior to use.
I need to work on 2 diabolo starts too.

Also a set of shiny carbon fibre diabolo sticks (15.00).

Both of those came from the Balls'u'Like tent at Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham.

Also (a few weeks ago) Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine (6.50) and the boardgame Settlers of Catan (20.00) since Jonman corrupted me to its evil ways at Crawley Circus Convention. Those came from Amazon marketplace.
A fingerpuppet Spider 2.40 for no other reason than the fact that he has sat alone, the last little spider in the shop at work, unwanted and unloved for over 3 weeks.
Im not entirely sure why at my age I cave under the pressure exerted on my consience by a small fuzzy toy with string for legs and furry feet and a rather endearing thread smile... but I did and he's mine! He has a new home and everything, no longer to look on as all the other cutesy squirrels and rabbits are bought and taken away.
On that I think it scores 10/10 purely because I saved him from neglect and gathering dust and sitting on my shelf the inane little grin and chaotic legs make me smile.

On a slightly more serious note...barely.
I spent $19 strangely I can't remember the UK equivalent, odd considering it'll come out of my account in pounds on a 64 page guide to chainmaille patterns...Whoohoo!
Already it has a rating of 9/10 and it hasn't even arrived yet!!!
funky fairy
This is dead exciting......wait for it........

Bought a coat for my son from Marks and Spencers for 22.00.
A bracelet thing with green and blue beads on, 3.49.
Nearly got sucked into buying Lacoste trainers for my daughter but managed not to somehow!!!!

And some tea tree face stuff from Body shop, buy 2 get one free!!!!
laugh.gif You think that's good FF ? My only purchase of the day was a bag o'chips at the seaside and a coke 7/10. laugh.gif
Quoth(The Raven)
Nothing, as I'm coasting, financially, and cleaning out my cupboard and freezer... can't let the stuff get old...
eemmmm beef...... anyway, Because i only have a PS1 i buy PS1 games.I bought a game for 4.97,WWF smackdown 2,and the day before that i bought WWF Attitude for 4.97 again.
These two games were bought at 'GAME' WWF Attitude was in Chorly and Smackdown in Bolton.

Do you like in the US I'd love to live there
smile.gif biggrin.gif rolleyes.gif laugh.gif
I just bought a *gorgeous* long black satin, lace, and velvet skirt (25), a pink/purple cropped cardigan (10), and a black vest-top (3) - all from Tesco's tongue.gif! I feel baragin-a-licious!
{Gothic Angel}
QUOTE (moop @ Aug 30 2005, 06:24 PM)
and the boardgame Settlers of Catan (20.00) since Jonman corrupted me to its evil ways at Crawley Circus Convention.

That game is stupidly addictive dry.gif

Today, I made the mistake of going shopping with my sister. I intended to buy some stuff for next term at school and a topup. Thanks to her awesome powers of persuasion, I also bought A box of peppermint tea (rather nice, actually, it seems to have a green tea base which I didn't notice when I bought it), 2, and some stupidly addictive chocolate coated coffee beans, 3.25, both from Whittards, Green and Blacks milk chocolate (so goood), 1.69, Holland and Barret, Purple hair dye which will actually have some effect on my hair (squee! biggrin.gif), 4.99, Superdrug, and ordered a book from Maher.

I now have no money. But at least I'm happy tongue.gif
funky fairy
Ooooh, Gothic Angel I have purple hair, its loverly!!!

Today I have bought a Mars bar and a litre of skimmed milk. Not very exciting I know, but thats life innit??
{Gothic Angel}
Heh, awesome biggrin.gif I have naturally quite dark hair, so it's a bit of a pain trying to get dye which actually colours it, but this stuff is supposed to be pretty good biggrin.gif I don't know when I'll use it though. I go back to school Tuesday and I can't see the head being happy with purple hair...
funky fairy
I have dark hair too, and it looks great especially when the sun hits it!!

My daughter has just had her hair coloured pink underneath, and that looks brill!
{Gothic Angel}
I was talking to a friend of mine (well, the lady who I always speak to in the body shop - she has bright pink dreads laugh.gif ). I had planned to go pink, but she tells me for any real colour, I really would have to go blonde first. And that will NEVER happen. Even as a pre-lightening treatment, no blonde. Ever. Im thinking purple for this time, and then when I leave, I might get a really short pixie cut and go bright bright red, which I'll get done professionally. Just for a change tongue.gif
New mobile phone thanks to a yearly free upgrade thingy. I'm gonna rate it 6/10 since I would have got a better one but a] my banks anti-fraud system decided to decline my credit card because it's stupid and wanted to embarass me and b] Cand and Snoo guilt tripped me for spending too much money on a phone.
I'm still trying to get over the flip phone-ness since that's one of my pet hates, at least when done badly.
funky fairy
Got some new pyjamas, some food shopping from Asda. Some blank DVDs and a digital thermometer!!!
World of Warcraft. WOoo!
Food shopping cos it's saturday! 6 worth of petrol (and when did it go up over a ? ) and I'm off to the local shops now for some more booze and nuts.

FF What's with the thermometer then? Everybody knows I'm hot, what's your excuse ?
funky fairy
Bikerroc, the thermometer is for my kids when they get hot, and it was only 2.49. It was a bargain and I can never resist one of them. Oh I got some wine too, how did I forget that!!
RoboRally for $37 on eBay US, getting it shipped to Candice then sent to me, assuming the sellers customised checkout system actually starts working some time soon.

I'm going to rate it 10/10 even before it arrives since my (evil) friend already has a copy. Curse him and his tabletop gaming obsessed dad for having pretty much every boardgame ever to exist.
Two Tori Amos live CDs arrived today. Uhm, that's Tori Amos singing live... not the CDs themselves being live...

...that would be weird.

I have yet to listen to them, because my brain is still rattling inside my head with the aftershocks of a migraine.

I also once again parted with 25 for a singing lesson. Which was fun, and lasted longer than usual. But I wasn't in the best state of health for singing (re: migraine, again). But ah well.
Today I spent 30 getting blue hair extensions removed. Excellent value for money considering it took an hour and I had a wash, extra conditioning and blow dry on top of that. I'm so happy, I can get a brush through the top of my hair again!
I also purchased a book entitled, 'Time Travel in Einstein's Universe.' I can't rate it yet as I have not read it, but it cost 7.99. Books cost far too much these days.

On wednesday I bought a pair of jeans for 22. They're nice, but it was a bastard finding some that fit. The TopShop tall section is rubbish. That day I also bought 'Trainspotting' and 'The Shawshank Redemption' for 9.99 each in a HMV sale. Well worth it, and the Shawshank is going to be a gift.

Can you tell I just got paid? biggrin.gif
$14.00 for a new watch. It seems to be working well so far!

$2.49 for a pair of Black and White kneesocks. 10/10 because their cute.
A giant 6-egg Southwestern omlette (chili, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and green onions instead of salsa) with all-you-can-eat hashbrowns from Beth's Cafe next door. Cost me $10, but the food was fantastic, the music was even better (Sinatra and Ozzy back-to-back ph34r.gif ), and everyone there is so damn nice. Plus, we're moving next week so I won't be able to pop over there all the time anymore, so we're trying to enjoy the place while we can.
I ordered the U.S. version of the mooncup finally. biggrin.gif
funky fairy
All I bought today was a stamp 32p, not very exciting so 1/10.

Paid 20 off credit card also not exciting so 1/10.
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