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These and these..

Overall I'm very pleased with them. Probably going to replace the finger straps, as they look a little dodgy, and the blue ones are a real bitch to turn on (though they look awesome in the dark).

Probably an 8/10 for both of them.
QUOTE (Feyliya @ Oct 12 2004, 05:14 PM)
We also went grocery shopping.  Ended up spending $20 on a Wok set (I cook some really amazing Asian foods, and it's kind of hard to cook some without one).  After getting it I thought it might be a tad over-priced but when I opened it up I found out that it's a professional-rate wok and it came with a recipe booklet with a couple of good ones that I didn't already know!  It also came with some laquered bamboo chopsticks for show and a set of wooden tongs, also for show.  Oh yeah, the food was also pretty cheap, too!

I would just like to reiterate my undying love for my wok. Today my roommate was cooking in it and he let it boil dry on high. It survived. cool.gif It's just a little scorched and it has some red gunk burned into the bottom. The scorching will probably be there forever, but I'm already making headway on the red gunk.

Best Twenty Dollars I EVER Spent!


Randy got a good look at the wok. There's not just spaghetti sauce burned into the bottom. Apparently John burned the teflon off the bottom, so now the wok is oxidizing... It's ruined... RIP, darling wok. You served me well. sad.gif
Quoth(The Raven)
I made a trip to the little town of Greenwood (45 minutes from here) to go bread shopping at the outlet store, there. Three dollars and change, for four loaves of bread (And this is the good stuff, which costs up to three dollars a loaf, in the stores...). And, this is not to mention the snack cakes, cookies, and regular cakes... I bought six loaves... the four for three deal, and two loaves at a dollar apiece. The whole mess is in the big freezer, and should hold me almost two months. Me am happy camper! biggrin.gif
depressed lonely crazy person
A pair of second hand size 5 cream brocade lace up shoes with those cute curvy heels for $1
Ups: they're cute as all hell, cheaper than most salvo's shoes, they're hardly worn(as in maybe twice)
Downs: they're just fitting me, I'm not sure weather to dye them or make new clothes to match, my sister wants them.
A bunch of audio cables. Will rate them when they arrive. 15.00
A bunch of Playstation games. Likewise. 7.00
Yamaha RY8 Rythm Processor/Guitar Synth. 50

Also, hopefully in a few days:
Fostex DCM 100 MIDI controlled mixer and MixTab remote mixing surface.
Yamaha TX81Z Frequency Modulation Synth.

God, I'm such an audio geek and an eBay junkie to boot.

and because I didn't read the size

so those are going back on ebay rolleyes.gif
I brought a Sony PSOne for about 9 and a ton of old games including Final Fantasy 7 for a few quid each off eBay. Rating 9/10, would score more but FF7 is kind of addicting me. God, I'm so behind console wise.

Also some more audio and MIDI cables. (10/10, does what it says on the box, but not exciting).

Still trying to find a DCM100 and TX81Z though. Curse those rare-ish items.

I'll rate the RY8 drum machine (see last post) 8/10, sounds nice, the built in sequencer is a little annoying so I've been controlling it over MIDI from my PC.
*drools at markslut's stuff*

*squints at acronyms on moop's*

and for non-spam:
Today I purchased an ice cream sandwich for one dollar. It was delicious, and did not stick to my hands. I would give it a 10.
*hides geek hat*


Today I bought one plum. 10/10 It was juicy, but not so juicy that it ran down my arm and made me sticky. It was sweet but still a little bit sour. Perfect really.
Ergonomic Mousepad: 7/10 Comfy, but perhaps a little too small. Time will tell. Needs to be stuck down or it slides everywhere.

Linin Clothes Bin: 8/10 Took a little time to put together, and doesnt fit quite perfectly, but certainly makes my room look much tidier

Big Tub of Strawberry Ice Cream: 11/10 Oh man, I feel ill. The good sort of ill.

Blue Whale Bath Mat Set: 10/10 While I havent actually stood on it yet, I'm sure it'll be awesome because its got a picture of a rather friendly looking blue whale on it.

Kinder Suprise Egg: 4/10-10/10 This could go either way depending on the toy inside. I doubt I'll get another car (which would be a 10/10, of course) but anything with swallowable small parts gets an 8 or 9. It might be a crappy themed one, on whatever their current specials are though. Those are always rubbish. The chocolate always gets a 7/10, but a bad toy could drop the score to anything as low as a 4. I'm still too full from the massive quantities of ice-cream consumed to find out now, though.
QUOTE (elphaba2 @ Sep 20 2005, 07:33 PM)
*drools at markslut's stuff*


Just waitng for them to arrive now, and looking for stripy tights to go with the Docs (and fishnets for the ZOMG SLUT! pair

anyway today I got XPQ21 CD
Today I skived off school and went shopping with my dear mother. I collected:
-one nifty green vest-type shirt, with lots of raw edges and bright green stitching. 6/10 because I can't decide if it's too "Welcome-to-WalMart,-my-name-is-Robin-Hood-and-I'l l-be-your-helper-today.. ish"
-one beautiful chiffon/velvet/taffeta skirt with gorgeous embroidery in sort of dappled browns. 9/10 because I have to wear it all up on my waist. Stupid model sizes!
-a brown and yellow sweater (like this) but not on Karen O. 9/10 because it's fab.
-one apple (10/10, both crisp and sweet)
-one bottle of water (7/10 : too heavy)
A train ticket. 8/10. It worked but I didn't have to use it. Also, when I put it in my mouth, it stuck to my lips with its glue and ripped off some lip skin...
One of these

Now not only does my dad have better Wifi signal but the PC plays music on the main amplifier
Today I bought, (in chronological order):

-a roundtrip train ticket to NYC*. 8/10; it worked perfectly but took a whopping fifteen dollars from my wallet.

-an iced coffee from some dorky little cafe. 10/10 for outstanding cinnamon qualities.

-a blazer from the original cast production of RENT, worn by one of the homeless characters. (I went to the Broadway flea market). It had a guitar pick in the pocket! 10/10 because it's ratty, gorgeous, well-fitting and cheap ($8).

-a pair of lovely knee-high brown leather boots for $5. 9/10 because they must be broken in

-a cheese quesadilla at Burritoville (a gross looking burrito place on 39th Street). 10/10--cheesy and delicious.

-2 pounds of green beans for a dish I'm making tonight. I sampled one and it was a 9/10: crisp and green but not quite perfect.

Today was a day of good purchases!
I got myself a psp with murcury and wipeout pure, bloody hard o find as most places are sold out, very happy with it (but I still think the ds is better)
Got fed up of boiling water in a pan for my caffine requirments after my kettle exploded during an ill-advised experiment involving cheese and mercury...

Ambled down to town this morning, bought a new kettle.
It's white.
It has a flip up lid operated by a trigger on the handle.
It has flashy light up bits.
It has a filter.
It even has a plug.

It also shoots sparks of cobalt blue electricity in my face after filling it up with water
and turning it on.

I give it nil points.

*Stomps away muttering under his breath*

*Rummages about for trusty pot*
More audio geekery...a mixer this time, boring but useful. It hasn't arrived yet but I'll give it 6/10.
A DDR mat for the Xbox
A can of diet coke - 60p
7/10... tasted okay, but the chemicals can't do me much good

A full tank of unleaded petrol - 40
5/10... well, it is doing the job perfectly, but it is too expensive.
Fallen Element
A car.

My pockets are officially empty. Thank bug*ery that I save! Sitting Driving Test shortly so fingers crossed!

T'was my sisters old car so I got a decent deal! It's shiny. And silvery!

Fal xXx
A banana and a water....

but I asked the lady for a blue energy drink.... huh.gif

so why the banana and the water? I do not know.
QUOTE (Snugglebum the Destroyer @ Nov 2 2004, 10:58 AM)
An absolutely stunning pair of gothic Lolita Mary Jane shoes.


£52.00 - a bargain as they are bloody hard to find nowadays.  biggrin.gif

I just looooove Mary Jane shoes.

I practically live in my Mary Jane kitty shoes.

biggrin.gif tongue.gif wub.gif biggrin.gif
Today my darling Mother brought me a faaaab pair of shoes.

I would break my neck if they was high heeled so the heel is only small.
They are Black open-toed shoes with white flowers.
Very prettyful.
9/10 - They are open-toed and pretty formal shoes so will only wear them on evenings out, as I have most of my evenings out in the winter (parties etc) my toes will be bloody freezing!
2 Seether concert tickets for december, in birmingham.
Me and my girlfriend wub.gif are going, my treat!
They cost 22.
One of the best 22 I'll ever spend!

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Wallace and Gromit DVD - 10/10!
Van Helsing DVD - Haven't seen this yet and was in sale.
I went to Goodwill yesterday, and purchased:

-one pair of dark teal, pointy-toed men's shoes. They are narrow and require a very expensive suit to make them respectable. 10/10 because they fit my foot perfectly and are teh snazz.
-one pair of oxblood/black creepers with very thick black soles. 9/10 because I need better socks to wear with them.
-one striped red/yellow/black vest. I think I'll use it for Halloween (I might try being the Artful Dodger) 10/10
-another vest with a salmon-colored back and v. groovy front design. 10/10. 70's-tastic

Total? $15.00.
A train ticket from Kingston to St Margarets. 10/10. It provided a lot of fun to rip up while on the train and even more fun to try and patch together when the ticket man wanted to see it.
I bought seven bucks worth of hair dye at a beauty supply place and two of those quarter sodas at Wal*Mart. Snoogins.
* Kerrang magazine - 1.99
The issue with the half-naked Villie Valo poster. For that I rate it 10/10!
(Yes, I can be shallow sometimes, although I don't make a habit of it!)

* A new journal for work.
I brought some handcuffs.

And have no one to use them on.


Seether Karma and effect, the album.
Love the album, lots of emotion and my fave songs.
I bought Holton's Valve Oil. 5/10. I wanted to get Blue Juice instead and the shop didn't sell bearing oil either.
A DVD player - 20 from Sainsburys

which I'll keep for moving out next year
A weekly bus ticket - 5.40! When I was in year 7 it was 3.50 for tenners, then it went to 5 then to 5.75. Then they got rid of tenners and we're all back to weeklies. The bus company hates us, *thinks about food fights/ water fight/ fights and wonders why*
Today I bought:

The Simpsons: The Complete Sixth Season

The Ultimate Collection... Ever! Bill Bailey
California Dreamin' - The Very Best of The Mamas & The Papas
...Hits Phil Collins

More Flanimals Ricky Gervais
The Superior Person's Book Of Words Peter Bowler
The Pedant's Revolt Andrea Barham
Collins Good Writing Guide

A 'The Hobbit' 2006 calendar.
A Piano/Vocal/Guitar songbook of 60's songs.

As for rating them, I have yet to properly look at them all. But The Simpsons is always fantastic, so that'll be a good 9 or 10/10. And the Phil Collins CD I borrowed from a friend for a little while, then bought it today because it was cheap. And I know that is quite good. So.. 7/10 ? More Flanimals is funny, but pointless, so 6/10. The rest will probably be a nice collection or 7's and 8's.

So there.
One school Cafeteria lunch.
Half-cooked spaggetti, Stale bread and Chocolate milk.

Spaggetti: 6/10
Milk:10/10 (You can't mess up Chocolate milk)
My parents brought me:

An awesome pair of P.J's (lilac long sleeved t-shirt and long trousers with cute little cartoon polar bears.)
Very cute and snuggly for the colder weather.

And pair of dark purple velvet gloves.

As for ratings, 9/10 on both items.

I brought:

A cheese sandwhich and choccie bar for lunch at my work placement.
The choccie is of coruse 10/10.
Didn't really enjoy the sandwhich, 4/10.
Usurper MrTeapot
I bought a sexy new speaker system. Only 25 quid but it is such an improvement to my previous set. It has a subwoofer so I can really feel the bass kick and the floorboards rumble. Only problem is it has no headphone or microphone bit.
Had a shopping day with my Best friend. smile.gif
We both really needed it because our Mum's aren't well (my Mum has just had an op for cancer!
And her Mum cut her lip in half badly and also needed an op!)
Also because of work pulling us down (I'm leaving soon because I need to gain more higher experiences.)

I brought:
* My chemical romance - Three cheers for sweet revenge album.
10/10, great album. biggrin.gif
Only 7.99

* Ozzy&Sharon Osbourne Ordinary people - Book.
A great read, even my Mum enjoys it!

* A pair of awesome pink and black stripey arm warmers with a skull print.
Great for colder weather and they look great too.

* Silver earrings with little handcuffs and locks on.

* Dark purple nail varnish.
Shame nail varnishes never do what they say, like stay on for 5 whole days with-out chipping - like this one said!

* Nail varnish drying spray.
Smells just like all the crappy nail varnish remover.

* A cute baby pink plain hoodie.

* A bottle of pure orange juice.
I went up town with my mum to see Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit (so funny) and when we came out I asked to go to New Look where I bought:

A black skirt (bargain) : 12
And a really nice blue/grey skirt (even more of a bargain): 7

QUOTE (Velvet @ Oct 22 2005, 05:09 PM)
My Mum has just had an op for cancer!

Hope she gets better soon then Velvet smile.gif
Hope she gets better soon then Velvet smile.gif

Hey, thanks Star_of_Lei.
Your the only member who has sent best wishes or even meansoned what I sometimes write about my Mum!
She has just had a hysterectomy so has a very good chance of the cancer going/getting much beter.
This week

A Mothburner EP
Tickets to see Wallace and Gromit (fantastic!)
a Park and Ride ticket
Skin Two (one of my friends has an article in this quarters)

Some of the stuff I ordered recently arrived today:

Machine Learning (T.M.Mitchell) - Bah, text books cost too much. I've yet to see how useful it will be, but currently it gets a 3/10.

Deep Elm Records - The New Crazy - A deep elm sampler CD which was on special promotional offer for 1 cent. Fightstar and Appleseed Cast alone make it a 10/10 at that price, let alone the other 18 tracks on it.
A green/ black irridescent taffeta ball gown, long sleeved black satin dress gloves, a pair of black heels which fit nicely, and a copy of Private Eye.

I am enjoying all of them biggrin.gif
Not today, but on Sunday I bought the coolest lamp I have ever seen from Form in the Lighthouse in Glasgow.

It's Mathmos Airswitch 1, and you can turn it on or off or brighter or dimmer just by moving your hand in the air above it! I'm still playing with it, it's so cool. 10/10
Today I went up to the Zara in South Kensington and bought a lovely woollen black jacket with double-breast buttoning. 9/10 because it was quite expensive.
I went out a couple of days ago to buy a friend a fridge (filled with chocolate). Bit random? maybe so but it still gets a 9/10
Though technically, I payed for it two months ago, my long fancy black trenchcoat finally came in rhe mail. It's incredibly warm. Now all I need is for it to get cold quicker. That and lots of sodas from the gas station.
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