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10/10 for sure: About a week ago in my house, we took some pictures of ourselves and sent them off to some poster company to turn us into Pop Art. The posters arrived today: this is the shizzle, yo
Not really a purchase but I got RoboRally in the post (ordered it off eBay a month ago, got it shipped to Cand and forwarded here) along with some weird American sweets and cookies!

Woot! 10/10
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Technically, I purchased them a fortnight ago but they ALL arrived today which is cool:

Flared pinstriped trousers X2.
Tunic style white shirt.
Quarter sleeve purple work shirt.
Black mohair jumper.
Leather bondage strap.
Kick arse, twill/metal studded bag.

I go back to work at the office on Tuesday - reckon I've got it sorted. biggrin.gif
Sounds cool, Snugglebum, I love mohair happy.gif

I bought a gingerbread latee (sp?) from the coffee shop that opened yesterday in my neighborhood. I give it a 9 because I bought it to help their buisness start out, but it could have been a bit sweeter. tongue.gif
Ordered but not arrived yet

28" Corset from Mata
DVD Drive and Memory from Ebuyer (Though Mum is paying for some of that as they are Dad's crimbo pressies)
Chicken Run DVD for my dad and Clerks X for me from
Whitby Photo Prints (you can see them at this link) from Boots Photo Online
Anais Anais from (for Mum's chrimbo)
Two train tickets, oreos and diet coke. Oooh, the joys of the train.
Evening gloves from eBay. 10/10--my favorite impracticality! Moreover, they fit my rodent hands with snug love. What is not to love?
One slice of super greasy school pizza and a carton of skim milk (all they had, kind of ironic....)
ANd later, before leaving school, a Mr. Pibb

I give both a 10, because they both made me HAPPY happy.gif
Usurper MrTeapot
A Samurai sword.
Some trousers from - 9 out of 10. I was amazed they fitted, and everything. But they are boot-cut and now, well, I need to get some boots. Heh.

Various gifts for my father's birthday tomorrow - unrated, as it isn't me who can rate them.

A Jimmy Carr live DVD - unrated, not watched yet.

A BBQ Chicken baguette (lunch) - 9 out of 10. I would have given it 10, but they put waaay too much barbecue sauce on it.

Garlic bread - 10/10. Yum

And I paid for 4 games of ten-pin bowling. - 10/10. Excellent stuff.
QUOTE (MrTeapot @ Nov 10 2005, 03:31 PM)
A Samurai sword.


I bought 3 train tickets, more oreos and more coke for the regular 'train feast' with my friend. I also bought some sushi for tomorrow's lunch.
I just bought my brother's birthday present off ebay. It's a Team Zissou Intern shirt smile.gif

7/10 because it might not arrive in time.
Fallen Element
German Salami stuff from the Continental Market - 10/10
A Chinese pendant (made out of laquered wood) with an eye carved in it - 10/10
Bottle of Lucozade - 9/10
Cinema ticket to see the new HP film - I'll edit this post once I see the film! :wink:

Woo - I bought all that and still had change off of 10! I love my poverty!

Fal xXx
Yellow shirt with trees printed on it - 10/10 as I didn't think it would fit, and it does!

New green soft warm scarf- 10/10 as it is green, soft and warm biggrin.gif
Well, not today, but the last few days:

One pair of brown loaferish woven wedges. Which don't look all that, untill they are on my feet. I'm just the shizzle like that tongue.gif These get a 10/10 on looks. Untill I wear them out tonight, and end up with loads of juicy blisters. Then they might get less. But I've worn them a fair bit already indoors, and no rubbing.

A gi! I have been going to kempo karate sessions for a month. But I didn't earn my white belt at last night's session because I didn't do a thing. -That I was kicking myself for not doing once I realised why I hadn't earnt it. Oh well, there is always next week. This so gets a 10/10. It fits me well and makes me feel more a part of the group.

A vegatable peeler. To peel veg with. Astheticly a 9/10, but I've not tried it yet so I cannae give a functionality rating.

A funnel. To funnel with... Well, to put my concotions into bottles from the pan. Again, not used as yet. But it look like it's do the job. Hmm, doing it's job versus asthetics. I give it a 5/10.

A thermos. To keepmy concoctions warm, should I want to drink them on the day. Again, untried. But it's a funky tourquoise colour, so on asthetics alone, an 8.

Novander, the posters are pretty nifty.
Usurper MrTeapot
QUOTE (funked)out_frog @ Nov 29 2005, 01:46 PM)
A thermos.  To  keepmy concoctions warm, should I want to drink them on the day.  Again, untried.  But it's a funky tourquoise colour, so on asthetics alone, an 8. 

Isn't the funky coloured one with ears from Ikea enough?

I kinda left some creamy soup in it weeks and weeks ago in my draw at work. I found it on Friday as I was packing my stuff up (I left) , I didn't dare open it. Stright in the bin. This new one isn't nearly as funky, no Shrek ear either. sad.gif

Leasson learnt: don't leave funky thermos' at work for weeks and weeks with food in it or you will no longer have a funky thermos.

Speaking of things funky, wanna funk tonight, T?
Usurper MrTeapot
QUOTE (funked)out_frog @ Nov 29 2005, 04:20 PM)
Speaking of things funky, wanna funk tonight, T?

biggrin.gif Hell yeah! Its good to have you back Froggeh. I'll actually be there this time, though I have zero cash and no dog to walk.
We could share a can or two of apple cider on the way. Bus or train?

Me back, you been the one worky mode tongue.gif

Usurper MrTeapot
w00t, I've got 4 quid to spend. Will that get me a single and a can or two?
Hun, I already bought them. From Ikea. Apple cider. Don't worry about the dosh. And I rate them a 10/10 because the apple cider from Ikea rocks!
I bought a pair of steel-toes doc martens on ebay today. They have twenty holes (!) and are navy blue. 9/10 because they haven't arrived yet and need laces.
QUOTE (funked)out_frog @ Nov 29 2005, 12:20 PM)
Leasson learnt: don't leave funky thermos' at work for weeks and weeks with food in it or you will no longer have a funky thermos. 


Ah, and as another lesson, leave it around a bit longer and all the yummy bacterias will start to grow (depending on whats in it) and eventually create enough force to make the thermos explode blink.gif

Today I bought a meatball sub which I rate a 10/10 because it really was good, especially for school food.
Also I got a bottle of Dr. Pepper (or was it Mr. Pibb?.... which one is coke brand?) which I give a 5/10 because I really didnt like the taste of it for some odd reason even though I usually love it. But it gets the points because I looked awesome drinking it
Today I've bought some fuel and a PVC ballgown

Fuel is still to expensive (87.9 per litre) and the ballgown hasn't come yet smile.gif
Hogfather by Terry Pratchett

and the oh so pretty
Brand new shirt with corsetlike grommeting and completely useless black lace trim down next to the grommets. It's made of a stretchy fabric in a pattern that looks like the first time pinstripes used LSD (they got kind of sick, so there are green and white splotches throughout the stripes) and has flared Elizabethan sleeves. 10/10 because it is the SEX.
A train ticket. 5/10 I had to borrow money to pay for it.

I _love_ that jacket Markslut!
School lunch. 3/10 because none of it tasted that great but I didn't pass out from hunger. *shrugs* Why can't they ever serve good stuff?
Fallen Element
5.00 Print Credit - I'm giving it a 10/10 because without it I'd not be able to print my essays (which I'm writing this minute) which would mean I'd fail.

Salt and Vinegar Crisps - 10/10 Junk food makes me work better.

Lemonade - 10/10 See above. Junk = Good.

Sandalwood Incense - 9/10 Smells good now but will give me a headache eventually.

Spent 9.00 altogether which is ok I suppose. I really only spent 4.00 on me though - damn you print credit!

Fal xXx
I've been very bad today and have been on ebay.

I now own
a pair of long black velvet evening gloves
A velvet thong (norty goth)

oh and the small matter of these boots
I went on a goodwill spree today, and got presents for three whole people before I looked at things for myself. When I did, however, I came across a pair of amazing pants. They're in that baggy, Charlie-Chaplin style, and made in a really gorgeous grayish-green wool that somehow isn't itchy. And now, they are mine. 10/10. If I can coax my home into delivering my camera's cable to me, I'll post a pic or two. They are very nice pants.
This week I have bought a new dress, and ordered a second

The one that I have now

The one on order
I spent the day at a vintage clothing show with $50. I am delirious.

-one royal blue 50's slip, opaque enough to be a dress and capable of creating an awe-inspiring 50's bosom.(10/10)
-one mint green 50's slip with loads of lace and a deep-cut front. (9/10 as it's slightly large)
-one small square-cut turquoise ring (10/10--it's perfect!)
-two long cream-colored evening gloves (9/10)
-one copper/turquoise bracelet (10/10)

Just ordered this skirt after eying it for a while smile.gif
This weekend I've bought totally loads....

'I love dreads' badge
Cow Scrunchie to put my dreads up
ISO connector for my Chevette stereo
Muttley toy
Mittens Tee
Not today, but on Tuesday, I bought tickets to see Throwdown (which kicked the Hell ass).

Yesterday, I treated myself and bought a Throwdown tee, a skull ring, a Maltese cross ball cap, an Orgy (the band) DVD and (more a neccessity than anything) Tragick makeup. I was also conned into buying my girlfriend and our friend makeup and shirts. dry.gif
Sainsbury's own brand 'Lemsip' equivalent. Because Beechams apparently makes me vomit and curl up into a ball of stomach pain.

I also got birthday presents, though I'm not sure if they count.
Between Ribble & Lune, Scenes from the North west. - David Pownall

I found it in a charity shop, and it's shaping up to be a cracking good read. smile.gif
Today I bought large volumes of sweets and drinks. Plus another muffin tin, because baking 12 at a time isn't enough it seems.
Today I bought... Nothing at all. And it was great.
How dare you defile our capitalism! Blasphemer!

Anyway... I had lunch. It was okay, but nothing special. School made chicken stir fry.
Today I baught a couple of A. Kurtz hats. The summers coming so I must have my facial/head erm protection.
I found a sale on Chip and Pepper Jeans so I baught a couple of them and a cute skirt.
And a baught a new Cuffz by Linz purse. I owend one of the clutches for bar hoping and loved it so I figured a large size would be a sound investment.
I looked at some of the Harajuku Lovers line and loved alot of it but the didn't have my size left in most anything. So to Amazon/Ebay I go. How is it that those website can have products that the dealer itself doesn't have.
A pair of large, black, Cairngorm GTX Gaiters. 10/10 on looks and feel, haven't used them yet so I can't really rate them on goodness yet.

I went to Goodwill today, and purchased:

-a sexy black pair of Dickies (10/10)
-silver stilettos with pointy toes (9/10)
-a beautifully fitted black blazer (10/10)

all for $25. I will be the cheapest dressed snazzy person at my presentation on Monday. smile.gif
Usurper MrTeapot
I bought a kilt.
{Gothic Angel}
Pretty pretty!

15.95, Scope biggrin.gif

10/10 because thats my prom dress and first non-black formal dress ever owned. And it was cheap and is awesome.
As I'm now re-employed I splashed out on one of these
Return ticket to Nottingham, 5.80 - 7/10
Jacket Potato with cheese and veggie chilli, 2.50 - 9/10
, 120.00 - 10/10

Given that size 12 boots I got (which are freakin' huge!) and the size 6 ones they had on display are the same price I feel kinda sorry for the people with small feet - thanks to the crazy 'shoe socialism' they get half the material per pound they spend. I'm not complaining though, NoNoNo!
QUOTE (markslut @ May 6 2006, 06:29 PM) *
As I'm now re-employed I splashed out on one of these

I'm the happy owner of one of those babies biggrin.gif

Ok, yesterday I handed over my spare set of glasses to my optician to get them tinted into sunglasses. Only cost 12!

I've also got my mobile phone upgraded but I don't suppose that really counts as a purchase being as it was free.

The other day I bought the book 'Oranges are Not the Only Fruit' from Ebay but that's still to arrive.

Oh, and I've ordered some memory for said mobile phone so I can use it as an mp3 player being as my boyfriend's sister is using my ipod smile.gif

Not a bad few days really smile.gif
Today, I bought*;
A green strappy top for the summer (10/10)
Two black ones (8/10)
A wedding dress (10/10)
A white petticoat to go with said dress (10/10)
A big blue hat for a wedding (10/10)
A pretty white plastic necklace that looks like colourless smarties all strung together (10/10)
Some green HelloKitty buttons which will soon be a necklace (9/10)
The dress is for a hen night, by the way. Although I get way t much pleasure from wearing it. It may just be the shoulder pads though...

*Mother bought, I am to pay back for
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