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Full Version: The Perfect Rose
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I had a dream
A precious dream
To treasure always.

I was walking
Simply walking
In a field of scarlet red.

With each step
Each faltering step
The sensuous perfume arose.

A thousand and one roses
Surrounded by red roses
I walked on.

Each bloom
Lovely as the next
All gleaming in the moonlight.

Deeper I walked
Till all around me
Was a sea of flaming ruby.

I wanted to skip
Like a small child
Discovering how to play.

I strolled on
To the centre
Of the waves.

There in the centre
Of the field of scarlet roses
Was a bloom of different colour.

Stooping carefully
I plucked it from the ground
Feeling it’s velvet petals caress my skin.

I wanted to drown
In it’s intoxicating scent
So rich that scarce could I breath.

The heavy fragrance
Hung in the midnight air
As I lay in the field of sanguine.

I studied the perfect bloom
Clutched between my fingers
It’s rich crimson petals, the perfection of nature.

As if intoxicated by its smell
I began to feel drowsy
My eyelids became too heavy.

Just as I was drifting off
I swear I heard a murmur
From the rose within my grasp.

'My love’ it said
‘Sleep well
My Gypsy Princess’.

With those words
I fell into a deep sleep
With the perfect rose,
The symbol of his eternal love.

©Copyright 2004 RandomGoth (FictionPress ID:373522). All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of RandomGoth

Yours in randomness!
dancing hamster guy
w00t! Glad you liked it hamster dude!
Yours in randomness!
Dreams On Hiatus
I liked the imagry there. Very well done!
Yay! I feel liked!
Awesome thanks 'Dreams on Hiatus'

Yours in randomness!
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