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Full Version: Installing Windows Xp Pro
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Oni Usagi
My friend just got cable internet, after a long wait. Now we had talked and we were going to set his computer up as a server for a board, for a local geeky thing. The only problem with this is, he has windows xp home, and therefore no iis. My first solution was to try to use apache http server instead. But as it turns out I suck at learning apache. Also I using apache for windows is quite a bit different from on linux/unix, I think. I haven't used it on those, but from the instructions I got online it seemed a lot easier, since there are actually modules to do the things you need to do. Anyways, enough of that.

My final solution was to go to iis, and I got it set up fine on my computer, but my computer is at my house on a 56k. I need it on his computer, but he doesn't have it, so I ordered XP pro through my school a silly low price. Okay, easy enough, right? Just install it. Would be that simple except there are files on the computer he wants, and we are hoping to avoid having to burn all of them to cd before installing.

Now We get down to the core question I have. Is it possible to partition the drive that's currently running windows and add a new blank one, and install xp pro on that, then copy the wanted files over and clear the old space, then unpartion it? Or is there another way to do this?
I'll talk you through a windows install of apache.
or a unix install: apache install

or if you are insisting to install that buggy pos iis, then yes. it is possible to repartition the drive thats in to make a new partition for XP Pro, but i'd advise against it. I would advise a new drive... install xp pro... plug in your old drive copy what you want... and format the old one...
Oni Usagi
I had apache almost working before, php and all. I just couldn't figure out how to change the permissions for the files and folders to let Invision Boards install itself and run afterwords. And yes I know Apache is better, I only stopped using it because i couldn't figure stuff out. I would appreciate any help you could give me.

If we had another drive to do that there wouldn't have been much of a problem, but I'm trying to do this without spending any money. I was trying to find a way so that he wouldn't have to back up everything before hand, but that looks like it's not going to happen. I think I'm going to install XP pro on his computer anyways, just cause I've heard it's better.
If you don't want to lose files, format it in FAT32. Sure, it's worse than NTFS, and crashes more, but... err...

I think the only word to suit this situation is 'meh'.
What would be the point of F32? He is dealing with two oprerating systems that can both work with, and indeed are native to, the NTFS filesystem.

As I said.. you /can/ repartition the drive to hold both versions of XP while you install XP Pro. I just advise against it.
Oni Usagi
Moot point now I suppose. We decided to just burn everything he wanted off of it, format and install XP pro.
hey oni, sorry to arrive too late on this one, but the other answer was to install √ćIS on XP Home cos as much as THE MAN says you can't, you most certainly can. It's actually quite easy as long as you have the i386 directory of your xp home cd and a copy of win2k pro or server cd. Instructions can be found HERE as but one example. I've done this 5 or 6 times and it works, oh yesh ...
Oni Usagi
Yes, but he wants pro, anyways.

Interestingly, IIS wasn't installed and running by default on the version of xp Pro I used to reinstall.
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