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There are a lot of threads in Daft that people make when they find one of the many amusing pages on this grand Interweb. Cath suggested there be a pinned, centralised thread for them - and who am I to argue? Link away, good Matazonians!
laenan kite
funny dancing badgers

speaks for itself realy. this kept me amused for way longer than it should have.
Cath's posts:
(I'm dead too.)

(Don't let him get your cursor.)

(horribly cute games that will suck away all free time for a while)

A buddy of mine in Vancouver: (serious site)

A Choice of Mata's that still haunts: laugh.gif (I'm a cow.)

And an old classic:
Dad's Home
El Nino
Here's a couple of web comics that I like

choppingblock(on hiatus at the moment but if you haven't seen it already there's a big archive



not a comic but amusing


then click funny videos and find the beer song (I would've gone there myself to get the direct link, but it's just another site that these cowardly librarians have blocked for some unknowable reason)
Quoth(The Raven)
From the Presidential Horror show thread:
Cath Sparrow

I was reminded about this so I thought I dig it up
For those who have ever spent time role playing or know knights of the dinner table.

Alaric contributed: (Dancing cat)
Parking simulator (more fun than it sounds):
Cath Sparrow

another silly game!
Are you feeling low then go here
oo.. go to like 1/2 the sites really aren't pointless, but the ones that are still make me laugh
Sir Psycho Sexy

that wins

About Kilroy Silk being nude and rude in public!
Cath Sparrow
A Seasonal link!
El Nino
these are amusing(scroll down)
Someone Keeps Stealing My Letters

sheer madness
Cath Sparrow

Anyone fancy going to a wedding?


And another from Weebl
El Nino
Are you any good at lying

biggest liar competition.

And this is just stupid

Dogsh*t calendar.
Cath Sparrow
We had this last year but it's cute and has probably fallen off the end!

Ooo! Look Sparkly!!
1. - pretty self explantory (and i cant spell)

2. - for when your bored funny enough

3. - if ya want talk to people or meet up with people

4. - if you love david williams like me

5. - the best johnny depp site there ever was
Forever Unknown

Just fabulous.
QUOTE (Ashbless @ Oct 19 2004, 01:51 PM)
For those who have ever spent time role playing or know knights of the dinner table.


and if you liked that then you will like this aswell
just the greatest site ever

Nice Cup Of Tea and A Sit Down

Magical Trevor

Korbin Dallas
A bit disgusting but fun for some dont poke the dough boy

You might've already seen this but it is
Quite amusing
This is the webpage of EDWARD MONKTONwho is the alter ego of the silly poet Purple Ronnie. His art and poetry is cute, strange and downright bizarre smile.gif
dancing hamster guy
boards of canada
listen to this - you will learn to love it or it will be love at first listen!

Zoom baby - kinda neat.

Look at Coffeehouse Propoganda. It will change your life!
Rather Good

Emotion Eric

Create your own nation- make it evil as you want biggrin.gif
Subserviant Chicken
tons of great games-my favorite is drunk santa or mysteries of time and space.
Cath Sparrow
Cute and unneving all at the same time!
The Power Puff Girls and Dexter are particulaerly weird!


Baby Polar Bear! Cute!
Bush Game!

Very serious, but also light hearted at the same time, make sure you play.
Amazing animations:

So cute!
When penguins attack!

OK chaps, I've got a stock market site for you. Believe me, it's totally addictive:

You get 100,000 and you can buy and sell your own shares on a fake stock market. Naturally you aren't using real shares, but the companies that are listed are all real, and their stocks follow the stocks on the real FTSE100 stock exchange. Lots of fun, do come along. I've started a league called "Matazone Stock Exchange", so join up when you've got your head round the mechanics. See you there!

Has Strong Bad and his humour been posted yet? This fellow takes e-mails from people and uses them as inspiration for little animations. A bit funny.
A site that makes me happy to know someone hates barbie as much as I do.

Highly amusing, to me at least.
Cath Sparrow
Not for the squeamish!
El Nino
I've just become even more of a fan of Jeri Ryan (seven of nine)
Steam Roxxor
Here's an oldie weeble & bob (cheese)
El Nino
If you like god do not look here
QUOTE (Because I can @ Feb 10 2005, 01:39 PM)
If you like god do not look here

Hmm, Do it Yourself Circumcision Kit....

Sounds handy!
Korbin Dallas
Imagine having these carved into your melons
Chatroom Heartbreak We've all been there
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