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Full Version: Pumpkin Fun!
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I just had some fun. It looks better lit up, but I don't have a light for it. I have to stick it over the light fixture in the kitchen, and I can't do that and take a picture at the same time. I'll get it lit up later tongue.gif
Ah, memories...there were some awesome Jack O'Lanterns made last year, I remember. That's a good one, Spoony.
Nice work!
Quoth(The Raven)
Great work! I'll file it under Jack O'Lanterns with unusual faces... I've got about fifty different Jack O'Lantern images on my Harddrive - What can I say, I'm a Halloween kinda gal... Don't worry, I saved it with the legend, 'Evilspoon', and promise it'll never leave the harddrive... Eyes only, and alla that... You have been immortalised... laugh.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
Ooo sweet! I definately like that. Awesome job!
That's really cool!

Didn't Candice do some good ones last year too, or am I getting confused?
I want to see Candice's matazone pumpkins. Does anyone know the link? I did a search but can't find it.

Also, maybe we could make matazone character templates for pumpkin carving! We could have links to them from this thread. That would be great! I'm carving tomorrow or Saturday morning, and some ideas would be great.

There you go!

(Search > More options > Keyword: Halloween, Poster:Candice, Older than 180 days)
Thanks Mata! That's a bit embarrassing when the creator of the site and the forums has to help little ol' me, who is currently employed as a research assistant, with a search string! Must have been an off-night. blush.gif

So here's my contribution to a Matazone Hallowe'en!

My Hallowe'en Page

An acorn squash decorated like Mittens. I didn't carve it because I want to eat it tomorrow! Also on the page are my edible eyeball creations, made with help from my neighbor. I also got into the Hallowe'en mood by being a pink t-shirt ninja. Check out the ninja thread!
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