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Full Version: Boredom Strikes!
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Dreams On Hiatus
I took a photograph of my ex and edited it in Photoshop, and it came out like this!

What do you think of it? blink.gif
Wierdblobnamedbob laugh.gif

That's pretty damn neat. It's like looking at pictures in clouds, just all green and evil-like. Made with the smudge tool maybe?
wowza! Awesome image, loveing the colours. Nice one!
Yours in randomness!
Dreams On Hiatus
I made it with the Liquify tool, I made the lines glow, did some of that glass effect thing and then more liquify. <sarcasm>Yes I am well versed in the names of tools and techniques in Photoshop!</sarcasm> tongue.gif
QUOTE (Dreams On Hiatus @ Oct 17 2004, 09:06 PM)
I made it with the Liquify tool, I made the lines glow, did some of that glass effect thing and then more liquify.

The what with the whodingy?

I think I need an upgrade. unsure.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
I made another little doodle with checkers first drawn in paint and then I fiddled around in Photoshop. I think it looks kinda cool. Tell me what you think.


I prefer that one to the first one... It feels more focussed, but perhaps that's because there is a recognisable purpose.

I'm not sure if it's any help, but try finding some of the work by Mark Rothko. It's absract, and looking at it you can beof no mistake that this is the intention. Because there is no figuration there is no stress on the viewer to attempt to find anything that they recognise and instead they can begin to interact with the colours and motion of the paint.

... Which is probably way too high brow for this kind of thing, but it's something to think about.

the technician in the art rooms at my university once said to me, 'these kids, they've got these computers to make the most amazing things, and all they do is play with photographs. They never draw anything on them.' That really stuck with me.
Dreams On Hiatus
That's very interesting. I will take your advice. I don't normally do anything abstract so this is kind of new for me. I think with practice I'll get better. smile.gif
The one with the checkers is really nifty. What'd be even niftier is if you made it look like there was a hand coming out of it. biggrin.gif
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