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QUOTE (jicama @ Nov 4 2004, 10:36 PM)
i hate customer service jobs.  i have the hate of a thousand papercuts for the upper management people who are always that horrid combination stupid and greedy which makes your life such a pain.  and then there are those nasty pathetic customers that don't seem to understand that you are a human being too and insist on yelling at you for stuff that isn't your fault.  i hate the policy that "the customer is always right" and that bad customers get rewarded while good customers don't get a bloody thing.

I had a customer services person be really rude to me today so I hate it when you're upset because something has gone wrong, you want the company to fix it, you have to wait for hours on hold and then the customer service guy doesn't understand that you're likely to be a bit tetchy and just clams up and refuses to help.

Unfortunately it works both ways.

I think what we could say we hate here is unjustified rudeness smile.gif
El Nino
I hate it when I'm unexpectedly reminded how old I am. I turned a local radio station on the other day. And I hear a tune that I think sounds familiar then at the end of the song the DJ goes that was Blah blah blah by so & so and it's twenty one years old.(AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!)
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