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Okay, so here is the place to post you most recent photography works of art. As a rule of thumb try and keep the image size within reason. If you need me to crop them just PM me. Also if you have any goofy photo booth pictures post them as well. Also please feel free to offer up constructive criticism of peoples work.

I will start with a photo I took in a graveyard in my hometown. It was taken with a 35 mm SLR with 200 mm zoom lenses. It was just about sunset on a fall day. The lighting worked perfect for the shot. I only wish I could have gotten the face a slight bit brighter.

This second one was taken with the same camera but the process was different. Holding the shutter open while in a moving car did this. I wanted to give it that drunken head hanging out the window effect. I like it. It seemed to capture the moment.

This one is at my high school reunion. This is one of my classmates kid. He seemed to love showing off for the camera and I didn’t want to discourage it. So we had a mini photo shoot.

This last one is my friend Ande at the Gay Pride Festival. It is just fun..
Sir Psycho Sexy
QUOTE (ravein @ Oct 18 2004, 10:10 PM)
This last one is my friend Ande at the Gay Pride Festival.  It is just fun..


Blue Steel baby!

and to make this less spammerific....and because everyone likes cats

my dad's (girlfriend's) cats!! (they run the place, the humans are getting to be a bit of a bother)

edit: as you may notice, there is one that looks like she doesn't have any eyes....there's a reason for this....she doesn't
I like the cat with no eyes.. very post modern tongue.gif biggrin.gif

These are two of my fav's from the state fair. I took these Sunday night. Again with the shutter speed and movement.

just a couple of my faves.

^^ an awesome picture of my friend dave, which i took using SLOW SHUTTER. << raddest thing ever.

^^ a year ago next week. me, standing in the remains of the 2003 san diego firestorm.
This is my attempt at commercial photography. All of these pictures were taken of my store because it's going in some book and they are going to use my pictures for it. (I didn't include any that would give away where I work.....I hope.)

The inside of the store.

Some of the figures we sell.

Some more of the figures we sell.

For the aww factor the store cat.
Alright, so I didn't actually take this picture. (Yes, I know, smack me.) My mother took it though, and I found it in a photo album today. So this is a little me:

Here's a few random photos I took. The first is of my school. The second is of a church and a forest with which I was messing around with some layering stuff in the darkroom.


That's my head....Isn't it great?
I originally did that for Irishguy, but i thought it was yeah.
That's me happy.gif
....and on another note...why isn't it working?
I think you just have to cut and paste the link in your web browser and it will work....
Because the link sends you to a little 'angelfire' logo.
QUOTE (Xkitsurabamix @ Oct 31 2004, 07:29 PM)
I think you just have to cut and paste the link in your web browser and it will work.... Because the link sends you to a little 'angelfire' logo.

Angelfire doesn't like people linking directly to files, so it sends them to that instead.

this is one of my faves. its a few years old and i desperatley need to get out and shoot more. and this is a crappy scan sorry
heres another
Sir Psycho Sexy
not quite as meaningful or arty, but something i've been wanting to post for a while and with the discovery of automation in photoshop, it just became so much easier
anyway just some rather tasty motorbikes, a few snaps of the stall I was working in (probably not the best, but I included them) biggrin.gif

oh and a wet t-shrit competition....e.g. boobs, you've been warned kids >_>


edit: oh be warned, there are effin' loads of them, they're thumbnailed and all, but people with slower connections might have trouble, sorry =/
Pictures I did take. And develop and print too. (I <3 my photography class.)
this one's done.
this one's done too.
this one i'm in the process of hand coloring.
this one i'm going to hand color soon.
This is a pic of me I took last week that I fiddled with and made it all oil painting-esq... I think it worked quite well smile.gif
mcsimong - you have cool hair. You should join a hair metal band!

Wow, I wish my hair were that long... but hell, I'm getting there...

You can't play lead guitar without long hair...


As much as I hate Freewebs:

A Hitler Advertisement.
No, I'm not a Nazi...


The Pinball Wizard was not a nazi...
Freewebs don't seem to be very happy about your link there, it pushes the browser back to this page...
If you want my hilarious Hitler picture, either copy and paste:

Alright alright, so I spelt it wrong...

Or I'll just email it to ya...

The Pinball Wizard told me it's not the best of pictures...
I took this picture whilist in France with mah Geography trip, it's the l'aguille de midi with the sun comingup behind it from the cable car. I love it.
L'aguille de midi

This one is of a ferrari I found outside Greggs bakers in mah home town.

I adore this car, I found it in a carpark in Holland and fell in love with it. I fuzzed the number plate out.
Graffiti Car

And finally this was infact taken by my mom, but I desperatly wanted to show you my prom dress!
Prom dress!

Yours in randomness!
Those are very cool, and your prom dress looks fantastic!
This isn't one that I took, it's by Jonman, but I still think it's a fantastic photo:
a photo I took of Paul from Breed 77 back in October.

mmmm v tasty tongue.gif
Yours in randomness!
Misty Rain
Hullo photo posting people,

Are there any instructions on this site on how to display pics?

I can send them to friends by ordinary e-mail.

If there is not then no matter.

Misty Rain.
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