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A goth friend of mine runs a company that attaches bits of dead computers to T-shirts. They're really rather groovy, and he's put a load of them on eBay.

His website is here

He's a lovely chap so if you fancy a one-off T-shirt and have a bit of money around then place a bid.
That's so awesome! biggrin.gif Must hide this site from Laramon before he falls in love!
You could probably use an old CD case and blu-tac it onto an old t-shirt for less.
Yes, but this way you can say you bought it from some fancy schmancy internet boutique and point others to the site!
Oni Usagi
So, what happens to these clothes when they go in the washer? I checked the site, but from what I saw he doesn't address that issue. Unless these things snap/velcro/some other temporary adhesive off?
I'd hope they snap on. It would be really easy to sauter some snaps to the back of the boards. Hmm...If he doesn't do that, I'm going to try that with some old parts myself!
*sits and ponders*

At last, a use for that pile of 486es and other archaic junk that's taking up half my room. Mata, your friend is a genius!

Actually theyre prices are quite good, in the Falkirk Wheel gift shop they sell folders made of desoldered and sawn up motherboards for an extortionate £25!
The parts are removable for washing. He thought of that one!
It's a little known fact that CPUs actually perform better once they've been washed. Try it with your PC at home.
Oni Usagi
My comps so slow I'm almost tempted to try that. laugh.gif Should it go in with the darks or lights? Permanent press? Hot or cold water? huh.gif
I would just format C: /y im cmd. That will speed it up pretty well.
cmd: Command not found.
%format C: /y
format: Command not found.

[nny] ~> cd /
[nny] /> rm -rf *

For DI's sake.
geek... *grin*
If you format your hard-drive then it will erase everything on it, including Windows and all the other files on there...

Good ways to speed up a machine:

Defrag your hard-drive regularly, (My computer, right click on C:, properties, tools, defragment now)

Buy some more RAM, 512MB sticks are quite cheap these days. Usually this will just slot into a hole on the motherboard and work first time.

Get a better anti-virus product than things made by Norton. Norton eats system resources. Trend's one is very good, I use Kaspersky, which is fantastic but possibly a bit overkill for the average user.

Anyone else?
The free version of housecall is really good. I deffinitely would suggest buying the software outright, though. They have great customer support, frequent updates, and it's a really good price.

Run Disc Cleanup regularly, also. It gets rid of any temp caches or cookies you have. (Start Menu, Programs, Accessories, System Tools. Defrag is in there, too.)

You can also use the system's Safe Hardware Removal to fully get rid of any old software you don't need or want anymore. I'm not sure where you would find that though. I just keep an icon for it in my tool tray.
QUOTE (Mata @ Oct 22 2004, 01:35 PM)
Defrag your hard-drive regularly, (My computer, right click on C:, properties, tools, defragment now)

Unless you have multiple hard drives and plenty of space, in which case it's usually quicker and just as effective to move all the stuff (except the system files) from one disk to the other and then back again.

Also, avoid creating and deleteing lots of small files as this causes fragmentation.
*shakes fist*

Oops, double posted dry.gif .
I do know what format does Mata old pal. But a big mistake I see some people make is save everything to C:! I am like "zomg were is your D:???" and they are like "lolol wut is d?" and then I go "zomg is it bcos u r ghey?"
Mata your friend just better not make clipboards from old motherboards. I have this old huge 486 server board that I need to remove most of th big parts from it (IDE connectors, slots) and want to get it some clear plastic and make a clipboard out of it. I'm a Computer Engineer so I think it would be fitting.
No, I don't think he makes clipboards!

Mu, the reason I pointed out how dangerous it was to format a drive was that you appeared to be suggesting that other people do it as a way of speeding up the machine, without giving any warning as to what it actually does. Some people really don't know anything about computers and will do the silliest things just because they were told it was a good idea by someone who, it later turns out, was joking.
Oni Usagi
I think I've seen clipboards like that for sale somewhere.

Edit: And I was right! I found a decent looking one (or at least the example is decent looking) at this site A simple search for circuitboard clipboard on google will turn up other sites though. You may even manage to find some in a local geeky shop of some sort.
True, but mine would still have most of the chips on it yet. I just need to sit down with a soldering iron to lossen and remove the last few things on there yet. Maybe sometime when I'm back home I'll take a picture of it.
Quoth(The Raven)
Wow. Creative uses for stuff that would only end up in landfills, otherwise. That's what I call re-cycling!
QUOTE (Mata @ Oct 23 2004, 02:16 AM)
Some people really don't know anything about computers and will do the silliest things just because they were told it was a good idea by someone who, it later turns out, was joking.

I had a friend who asked for help installing somthing (I forget what) but the convo went somthing like this...

<S> How do I do this?
<D> nfi
<S> #nfi
<S> nfi: Command not found.
<S> RTFM: Command not found.
<D> rm -rf /
<everybody> NOOOOO
<S exits the room>

Another one was when I was about 7 and I'd just finished typing in a 500 line programme, my mother having read a book came over my shoulder and reset my computer (I can't remember the keypress but it had a simalar effect to CTRL ALT DEL on my ol' cpc464) because the book said it cleared the memory and she thought it'd be a good thing.
I saw him at InFest smile.gif Was he the guy who had a load of your shirts too?? I generaly stick spare circuit boards and led's to my head to try and be a cyborg wink.gif
That's the fella. He's a lovely chap.
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