you'll have to type that into your own adress bar if you want to go there, links to it don't work.
ah, my little site. What a sucky place. Ah! No! No, don't leave, please go anyhow!0_0;;
You can mosey on over here if you want to see some sketches of my 'anime' people from y comic, though I don't know why in the world you WOULD huh.gif . (I was voted 'Miss High Self-Esteem America')
I am going to attempt to make at least a small flash animation for it (rather than putting up a comic strip. difficulties with scanning/resizing dont you know) 'round about December and try to keep on after that.
I can also put up comics from y'all if you want them displayed, and stories or pictures too.
Have a look-see biggrin.gif