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Full Version: Bar Code Art
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This is so cool, I've never seen anything like it before.. CLICKY LINKY
Dreams On Hiatus
That's nuts! I really like the Jesus one. That is so cool. Who'da thunk you could make art outta barcodes? blink.gif
Pretty damn clever. I love the look of the flick book. Thankfully as well, it didn't feature any Newcastle players YAY tongue.gif
I was vacationing in North Carolina, and we spent a day in Tennessee and while I was there I saw a guy with a barcode tattooed on the back of his neck, surrounded by green spiderwebs. I thought it was quite nifty.
Snugglebum the Destroyer
That is rather fantastic!!

I believe bar code tattoos (particularly on the back of the neck) became increasingly popular after the Dark Angel series came out.
*points to the cover of the book Jennifer Government for yet more barcode tattoos*

Cool site by the way, I'm a little worried by their obsessive checking that all the barcodes are valid though (at least in the picture from Terminator).
I seem to remember something about the barcodes on the back of the necks of prisoners in the film Alien 3 being the only thing that remained from the William Gibson version of the script. There's a bit of trivia for you!
IM WORTH $3.86!!! biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Black-Wings @ Oct 29 2004, 12:54 PM)
IM WORTH $3.86!!! biggrin.gif

*phew* I was about $5.23 I think, and I thought that was sorrowfully low. Now I know I'm not the only one. Hehe.

I like barcodes, for some reason. I think they are clever. And there are some seriously advanced ones now, particularly in the mail/postal industry.
biggrin.gif I've added customized barcode tattoos that say "Twitching" and "ambiguity" to my Christmas list. (My mother started nagging me obscenely early because I didn't have a list already. So I've been making one.)
My teachers will have a cow when I wear them to school. laugh.gif
How do you find out how much you're worth?
barcode art is so cool smile.gif
It reminds me of this one picture in a museum (its the only thing I actually remember from there besides historical rocks) which had something like a family made of barcodes, and there was a basket in front of it with nametags that you could take that said "Hello, my name is: (barcode here)"
Yay! I'm $9.16! A real bargain, I might add. By the way, Asenyth, on the front page there's a 'digital: videos and interactive' clicky, and then click on 'Barcode yourself'.
I've got the Jesus barcode art flipbook
Im only worth $4.86!! And the pound is dead weak against the dollar at the moment so if anyone in the UK wants to buy me I'm an absolute steal!! biggrin.gif
That is so cool! i'm worth $6.56... well, it excited me at least...
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