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I can't be bothered to make seperate threads for these, since I might actually increase my post count that way. tongue.gif So without further ado: two poems!

words (a poem)

so these words live on my tongue
like peppermint aftertaste
and when i lick my lips
they flare and burn
but unless you want them
i'll swallow them down
and wait for indigestion
because i cannot spit them out
perhaps i could breathe them
or even speak them
but they live on my tongue
and i've grown too attached to them
to merely throw them away
like cheap trinkets fit for anyone
but i could give them to you
if you really want them


I wake now,
not from sleep
but from apathy.
The day was dulled and indistinct,
faded at the edges
and ragged like an old photograph.
Too much caffeine and too little sleep;
I have been driving in a fog,
these familiar paths obscured,
and your face unrecognizable.
Your words reached my ears
like a badly dubbed movie-
your mouth stoped moving
before the sound arrived.
And as I surface into clarity
I know it is not fair
to you, nor me,
that I am living through this shroud.
But I only wish that you would confess
to what even I can see,
because it might give me a reason to awaken my still slumbering heart.
I like these, they both seem fresh and they're not too angsty (unlike my stuff). The last line of Wake spoils the rhythm a bit but the=ats probably just the way I read it.

Post some more please smile.gif
Oh woe is me
I'm so depressed
How black is the world
The night aswell
And this curtain
Stained with blood
My dark inner-self
Oh woe is me
For I am a goth
I do not conform
To you society needs
'Cos I'm a creep
I'm a wierdo
I write crappy poetry
So fucking depressed

I don't actually mean that to be taken seriously. But it doesn't deserve a new topic.

But your poem is good.
biggrin.gif Thanks. I'd go back and post all of my old poetry (these are new-ish) but I'm really quite lazy and can't be bothered, since they're all already posted on in the "your poetry" forum. Some of them are quite horrid. laugh.gif
I'm too lazy to start a new thread, so I'm resurrecting this one. laugh.gif It hasn't got a title because it's mostly something I just wrote up for my info, but it turned out kind of nifty. So:

The rain pounds on the windows
making the panes rattle and shake
like the world is falling apart.
I close my tired eyes
and wish that you were here
because these grey days make me feel
so empty, so lonely, so small.
Wooo!!.. I love Words.. it's so... clever!.. YAY!!!.. wow.. that was one very good poem.. man.. I wish I could write like that....
Practice, practice, practice. For every halfway decent one I've got here, there are twenty completely crap ones that I won't post. It's hit or miss with me.
Misty Rain
Practice, practice, practice. For every halfway decent one I've got here, there are twenty completely crap ones that I won't post. It's hit or miss with me.]

When they publish some famous guys stuff you see all the scratching around they did to make it right.

And their biographies often show how depressed they were at the time.

Some were moaning that their muse had left them when it is always only practice and practice.

Anyway I liked your stuff

Misty Rain
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