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Full Version: I Guess This Is The Right Place
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El Nino
I got the following error message when I previewed a post putting up an image from mistressaltis quiz.

Sorry, dynamic pages in the [IMG] tags are not allowed

Is there anything that can be done?
Probably not, by the sound of it the image is generated by a script. This won't be allowed because (if the script was malicious) it could get peoples IP addresses and other details when their browser loads the image.

The best solution would be to right click the picture and select Save As then upload it to a photbucket account or some other hosting account and link to there.
That sounds like you're trying to post something that ends with '.html', '.php', or something like that. You'd be wanting to right-click on the image and check the properties. That'll give you the '.jpg' or '.gif' filename for the image that would work between the IMG tags.

Of course, it's more polite to the other website to link to the page where you can see the image, because that way you are promoting them, rather than just stealing their bandwidth.
El Nino
They gave permission to copy and paste the image code text.
Good stuff. Well, like I say, find the full address of the gif or jpg (or other less common graphic format... But please not .bmp because they are always huge) and put that between the tags and it should work.
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