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Full Version: A Poem
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Disillutioned (cant spell) by me

Have your dream
Choose your side,
Have your protest,
Make your speech,
Speak your dream.

Your voice will be heard,
In a democracy.

Get ignored,
Shout it louder,
Get beaten back,
Return stronger.

See it all happen again,
In a democracy.

Do you really live,
In a democracy?

Do you matter?
Will they hear you?
Will they care?

Would they rule the place,
If this is a democracy?

If we wanted it changed,
Would you join us?
If rise from our homes,
If we make our claim,
In peace without blood,
Would we fight in vain?

For democracy?
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
I think that is a very good poem. *applauds* I like the message it's sending.
Thanks, I dont write stuff very often and when I do I rarely write serious stuff. I wasn't sure what reaction it would get so I posted it on this board because no one knows me smile.gif I'm not feeling very confident at the moment.
I likey very much! Love the message behind it and the pace works really well.
Very cool write,
Yours in randomness!
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