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Full Version: Where Are You From?
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I hope to one day go to NY, only I'm broke now so I'm stuck in Cali, which isn't bad at all. People seem to think we are all surfers and live on the beach, but I don't I live in the middle of a valley, and my city is surrounded by orchards, and rice fields, so I don't buy into the stereo types of what its like where people live. That's cool though that you're surrounded by trees.
I haven't been much of anywhere outside of Texas. I'm HOPING that I will be able to go on a road trip to see some places after I graduate college before I start working. New York and CA both sound like they would be cool places smile.gif
no the trees annoy me. theyren ice sometimes, but im so isolated. i wish i could walk places and get out of my house once in a while. then i wouldnt be online so much. dont get me wrong, i love the internet, but given the chice between being with my friends and the internet.....deifinitly friends. im hopin you all agree with me on that one.....
Well Crissi if you make it to Cali you are welcome to come visit me. If I have my own place you've got a free place to crash. If I'm still living with my mom, hey I might be able to talk her into letting you have a free place to crash, because you're not a guy who's going to want to have sex with me. Maybe living with my mom is why I haven't had sex in so long. hmmmmmm
LOL That would be cool, LoLo! And if you ever come to Texas, come visit me too!!! smile.gif
(even though I know who you would really be in Texas to see.... hehe) smile.gif
QUOTE (LoLo @ Mar 8 2003, 12:40 AM)
Completely haha. Everyone should at least visit California along with other places such as Paris, Canada, the UK, just for the sheer experience of something different.

I agree. But maybe I'll go ta Cali when the flight isn't, like, 1300 each way mad.gif

I'm from the UK, land of no faultlines, volcanoes or poison monkeys. Just rain and the odd tremor...

Up in Manchester, to be a bit more precise. Near Southampton wink.gif LOL @ faeries wink.gif
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