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Full Version: Anyone Have A Good Idea Of How I Can Animate Stuff
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I want to animate my comics and some other stuff, and I want to know what would be a good software to use to do it. . .
Flash is good for animating stuff but it can take a while to learn and it's quite expensive.

I've also heard people mention Swish and Swift on these forums but I cant remember what they do smile.gif
Actually, if you've done any sort of graphics before, flash is really easy to pick up. We're doing it for our uni course, and they gave us two weeks to learn to animate, which seems to have been enough time to do some really simple stuff. The rest of our course has been teaching us actionscript to show us how to use the animations in games. If you try it out and maybe get a good guide book for it, then a little effort can really go a long way. My first Flash game will be done within the next few weeks, and I'll probably be sending it to Mata to get the seal of approval (coz he knows his flash), so you might even get a chince to see it in action, to show you just how easy flash really can be.
OK, well, in any case, I'm planning to install the Flash demo on my computer sometime this month, assuming my lazy step-family can finishthe attic room for my stepsister and she can move all of her crap from her room in, say. the next couple weeks.
so, since there is no hope of that, I can hopefully move into the room in early 2006 and try the demo. the point is, I'll try the demo.
but I've heard that there is another company selling Flash-ish software for less. ist it be true?
There's nothing really coming close to Flash on the web for the installed user base.

Now, I must recommend that you absolutely do not install Emule on your computer from It's a piece of software that, given time, allows you to download and install software on your machine without paying for it. Do not do this, because it is illegal.

Of course, anyone that would do this would be under the moral obligation to buy a real copy of the software should they ever get to the point where they made any money from their animations (such as myself).

While learning Flash is something that can consume many books (I have lots) I'm always happy to help with quick questions.

If you really want to learn to use the software then get Foundation Flash MX 2004 published by Friends of ED. It it utterly brilliant at teaching the basics of Flash, and gets you further in easy steps than you can get with two years by yourself.

EDIT: Flash is also pretty easy to get the hang of. I start this site after only using Flash for six months, and now I make a living from it. The basics are pretty easy to pick up if you follow the tutorials.
Although I haven't actually picked up any animation progs per se, you can use the 'Animate as layers' tool in photoshop for some nifty things. Nothing too complicated, mind you, because each layer is a frame, but for simple things like this spinny colory thing I did, it works with a minumum of cost and effort.
Yup, Mata, Flash is the only one.

I've always wanted to animation as long as I can remember. First, I did a bit of clay. I still do, but then I discovered the worst Flash copy there is, Swish. It's not as much as Flash, but PLEASE don't get it.

Get Flash.

Also, does anyone know if you can get a Swift demo from anywhere?

The Pinball Wizard uses Flash, you know...
I think you can download a demo of Swift from their website.
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