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You have to say some things you wanted to know whatever happened to, and people have to try and answer it or make up an answer. And then it continues. So I will start off:

Those German Lesbian Singers.
hehehehe biggrin.gif

sorry, dont mind me
They broke up in a fight over brautwurst.

Elian Gonzalez (that little cuban child)
Janet Reno ate him

the good days of Kandie Kids and raving?
exploded after eating all the candy...

you forgot to change your car radio from 8 track to cassette and from cassette to CD

whatever happened to .....

Troll Dolls
They got beaten up by Action Man.

Whatever happened to...
Betamax Video?
They never really existed.

What ever happened to The Fonz?
El Nino
QUOTE (Mutilation @ Nov 18 2004, 05:22 PM)
What ever happened to The Fonz?

He got old and cancelled.

whatever happened to
They *beep*ed people off (aha!)

Whatever happened to... Rollerskates
Cannibalistic skateboards.

Whatever happened to Potato Clocks?
they were eaten

whatever happened to
Boris the Spider (The Who)
Korbin Dallas
Got squashed

Whatever happened to Radio one
It lost the one song that makes me break down and CRRRRYYY!
what ever happened to ken?
He forgot how to Shoryuken, and his career was over.

Whatever ever happened to Fake Wood Flooring?
Someone tried to burn it and got plastic gas poisoning (hence removal from the flooring market)

Whatever happend to She RA
She got all pregnified by HeMan. Well, the tiger actually did it, but He Man watched.

Whatever happened to... my dignity?
dancing hamster guy
someone stole it from you

dancing hamsters (I really can't find any more)
The Gimmick sold out, fast.

Whatever happened to StereLUEation?
It went on and still goes on... like the KGB.

Whatever happened to Saturday night?
It became highly overrated and Thursday night became the new Saturday night.

What ever happened to...

Stretch Armstrong Dolls
They became TOO stretchy, and were sucked out into another universe.

Whatever happened to Andy Worhol?
He got lost in 15 minutes of foam

Whatever happened to floppy disks?
Scientists sent them all back in time to assist data storage in the pre-CD era

Whatever happened to the Hamburgler?
he married into a higher class straightening iron
it came out of the closet.

Whatever happened to candy cigarettes?
Quoth(The Raven)
They got smoked by the gummy bears...

Whatever happened to...

Major Matt Mattel?

<Toy reference>
I strapped him to a firecracker and blew him up.

Whatever happened to Captain America?
Quoth(The Raven)
He's off fighting Al qaida...

Whatever happened to:

My sanity? laugh.gif
it ran away with the spoon

whatever happened to Mother Goose?
Quoth(The Raven)
she ran away after she was goosed...

Whatever happened to:

Ambush Bug?

<Comic Book reference>
it got beaten up by Adam Ant.

Whatever happened to the nifty pop-off soda tops?
Quoth(The Raven)
They were eliminated by a world wide conspiricy...

Whatever happened to:

The Tick?

<Comic Book/Cartoon reference>
ran out of spoons.

What ever happened to...

laser discs
Quoth(The Raven)
They shrank 'em down to DVDs...

Whatever happened to:

The Impossibles?
Nothing.. it was impossible.

What ever happened to yesterday?
yesterday..well that was monday, not much happened really

what happened to the chocolate bar i left on my bed this morning!?!
space butler
the pixies got it.

whatever happend to christmas spirit?
It was eaten by the Anti-Santa

whatever happened to that piece of paper that I put down over there just a minute ago?
It got eaten by santa's little paper eaters ohmy.gif

What happened to the good old eastenders?
During the war they were bombed out of existance by the Luftwaffer, those who clung on to the shattered remnants of their former lives have had to deal with spiralling poverty, the slow destruction of the local community, the yuppification of the East of London and eventually the dominance of Corronation Street...

What ever happened to the Film they were going to make based on the Book Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman?
They figured making the movie was a bad omen so they decided not to.

Whatever happened to pogs?
El Nino
They became a landfill in Northumbria somewhere

Whatever happened to Roger Cook?
He got cooked

Whatever happened to 8bit games?
Quoth(The Raven)
they were bitten, got rabies, and had to be put down...

Whatever happened to American Impressionist Fred Travelina?
No one was impressed.

What ever happened to fanny packs?
Quoth(The Raven)
Fannies got too big, and they were packed off...

Whatever happened to:

Affordable housing?
They couldn't afford it

Whatever happened to happiness?
Quoth(The Raven)
It wasn't good for the drug companies profit margins...

What ever happened to common sense?
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