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The closeset i got was my mom saying " i'll explain later" when i was 4. Of course, sex-ed class came and (you can blame this on thoose cartoon diagrams.) I managed to not so much as look at a boy for a week.
QUOTE (Hobbes @ Nov 13 2004, 06:16 PM)
I was never given the talk, and none of the teachers at school had the guts to teach it either.

Fortunately, when I was about eight or nine I walked into my bedroom and, on my bed, sat 'The Usborne Facts of Life'. I read it cover to cover, and learnt all the mechanics from that. To this day, nobody in my family will admit to putting it in my room, so how it got there I don't know.

Its the magical copy of the Usborne Facts of Life that makes its way to needy children and bored geeks around the world. It doens't really explain why I never got one, though...
QUOTE (Jonman @ Nov 16 2004, 03:30 PM)
I guess the mechanics and sexual health issues were taught in school.

As for technique, I had an older brother with a fine taste in porn.

And sex is just like videogames - to begin with, you just hammer the buttons and hope something good happens. After a while, you start to learn precisely which button does what, and finally, you start to link them into perfectly timed 10-move combos. And I'm dead good at Tekken, me.

Dude, if what you say is true, then bring on the ladies! Though it is slightly worrying that I can never beat my mate at Tekken... I find myself wanting to doubt what you say, and also wondering what qualifies as multiplayer and what qualifies as single... and whether or not the two are related in any way, sinse in Tekken you can beat the computer every time and still be rubbish... wink.gif

I never got a talk. Never got sex ed in school. Never had my mates explain anything to me. I think everyone just sort of presumed someone else would tell me. I learned about the "ahem" required techniques from mens magazines that my dad used to leave lying around (I swear I thought they were only about cars! I was a very innocent child!), and about the health issues, as with most things in my life, from books. I still find the most comprehensive and enjoyable sexual health discussion to be Death's little comic at the back of "Death: the high cost of living". Neil Gaiman did all the art for it and everything, and to be honest there are few better ways to read about "it" than from a woman who can honestly say to you "follow my advice or I'll be seeing you soon" and make it sound threatening...
I never got the talk. I vaguely remember my sister repeatedly asking my mom where babies come from because she thought the look my mom got on her face was hilarious (my sister was probably about 4, at the time). Mom said, and I quote: "Babies are made when a man and a woman make love." Thanks, Mom. That's real informative.

I do remember a video that explained what our various parts are, but it didn't talk about was just to teach little kids that those parts are private and no one should touch them and such. I remember there was a guy with a guitar who kept singing about everything. "The boys got the penis...the girls got the vulva...we've all got the anus...yahoooooooo!" Seriously. It went something like that, anyway. actual sex ed came mainly from 5th grade videos. The boys went to one room, while the girls went to another. I had vague ideas that sex somehow involved nakedness and kissing, that I think I picked up from other kids, but I remember watching the videos and thinking, "Ohhh. So that's what happens."

After that, I had very extensive coverage of STDs and contraception in 10th grade thanks to a Health teacher who is *really* passionate about teaching teenagers how to protect themselves. Unfortunately, a lot of people in this town complained (because *obviously* if you tell teenagers how to protect themselves, that'll make them want to have sex rolleyes.gif ) and she had to tone her talks back, a bit.

I'm also taking a Human Sexuality class right now. I was rather surprised to see that the textbook had places listed where you can buy vibrators and such. And it tells you how to find your g-spot. On a side note, Human Sexuality is possibly the MOST depressing class EVER if you've just gone through a break
My mom pretty much told me that "down there" (she seemed to find it too embarrising to call it anything else.) anyway, she didn't tell me that it was for anything other than using the bathroom.
that completly confused me as to why the people on t.v. were so interested in "it"
Oh. Dear. Lord.

Okay, so I was searching for that video my mom showed me on Google, cause Jaq wanted to hear the song. And I found...this:

"Now here's a lovely little bit of high weirdness from the Village Voice: they've dug up an old volume called Sammy Tubbs, the Boy Doctor, and Sponsie, the Troublesome Monkey. (linkage) What is it, you might well ask? Simple:

It's a Victorian sex-ed manual. For children. Starring a monkey.

.... Yeah. Complete with "line drawings of genitals, of Rand McNally road-map accuracy," ringing endorsements of phrenology and miscegenation, and -- wait for it -- a singing vagina. All this brought to you by the man who gave the world such birth-control methods as the "electro-magnetic preventive machine" and fish bladder condoms."

I must find this book.
a singing WHAT!?
maybe that's why children in old portraits look so disturbed...
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