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Did this over the summer. Critique please smile.gif

I like it but you know that. laugh.gif
What media is it (pastel maybe, I can't quite tell)?

It has some really striking areas that leap out at you whilst suggesting something very delicate I like the contrast in that.
A strong sense of depth beyond the physical aspect of the image it has feeling, so many pictures lack that. This is really interesting do you have more?
I'm working on more. Inspiration is hard to come by wink.gif

I did this in colored chalk, which is pretty much the only thing I use now (besides pencil) since I've got no money and therefor limited resources! (add a terrycloth bath robe and fuzzy slippers and I'm the 'starving artist')
That's really very good. How large is it?

Oh, and you might be interested to know that I would bet that you could sell that for quite a bit of money on eBay if you started the bidding at a high enough level (art buyers often rate things by how much you price it, if you charge 5 then it won't be taken seriously, but if you start bidding at 30 then you're more likely to get noticed).
Dreams On Hiatus
I like your style, Medae. Your piece is very well done. smile.gif Although I think there might be some slight proportion problems, but they aren't bad enough to detract from the piece. As a matter of fact I think it makes the piece even more interesting.
It's not very big at all. Just a sizable scrap I had lying around. It only took me a couple hours to do it. It's hanging on my wall in protective plastic ;P. I don't think I'd have the heart to sell it, though.
I completely understand; I'm like that with my best drawings. But I completely enjoy your use of colour in her hair. It gives it a nice warm feeling.
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