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Full Version: Rpg Maker 2k3
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I am a relatively seasoned rm2k3 user. I am capable of creating basic sequences of events to assist the plot line of whatever game I create. However, I am still a novice compared to the amazingly awesome things the program can do. One thing I am still having trouble with is Chipsets. I know it sounds pretty basic, but does anyone have any tips and/or tricks to makeing personalized chipsets and character sets? How about faces and battle sprites? Or perhaps you have a site where you can download additional chipsets to expand the collection beyond the default included with the program? If you do, please share. And if you have any questions, please ask. I'm sure someone will be able to answer.
I'm pretty sure this old topic needs to be locked up.
old!?!? It's not even a whole DAY old yet!
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