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Full Version: Myself
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Stupids thought i had a night when i couldnt sleep... hate it, love it or like it....

I think that myself has just jumped out of the window
I think I wonít get her back
I think Iíve lost her
Iíve lost myself
Oh, how stupid am I
How can I loose something
Thatís always with me
How can I loose a thing
That never leaves me
So Who knows?
Maybe I get it wrong
Maybe I didnít get at all
So maybe the madnessí
Stills in me
Forgive me, Iím not understanding
Whatever youíre saying
See your mouth moving
But not noise
Comes from it
Iím searching for places
That it may hide
Iím searching for clues
But there are no clues to find
Iím waiting for something
That could give me something
Iím waiting for someone
That could bring her back
But, what the hell,
Itís late enough
You wonít come back
She wonít come back
Not even myself wants me
So, now, what am I
Suppose to be?
Whatís what I want my new me to be?
Whatís the secret of being like this?
Iíve lost myself
She wonít come back
She doesnít want me
What the hell am I?
Stranger even for myself
I donít understand
I think that myself has just jumped out of the window
She doesnít want to be near me
She doesnít want to be with me
For no long
For no more
For so Iíve been alone
I suppose it doesnít work
I suppose the new me is always this:
Dreamy, sweetie, beauty
No Hell to go
No pain to hide from
No secret to keep
No soul to cheat
Now is cheaper to buy
I need a new face
To play around
The others I had
Had gone with my creepy heart
The others I had
Were more useful than this ones
Myself has jumped out of the window
Now Iím all alone
No heart to feel
No soul to regret it
No excuses
No silent
Just a lot of noise
Just a lot of love
Iíll get sick
Iíll get mad
I think that myself has just jumped out of the window
She wonít come back
So I donít know
I think I get it wrong
Iím sure I didnít get it at all
I donít understand
Your mouth, quiet
But I still hear you asking:
ďWonít you come home?Ē
I think..
you think a lot o_o
:clap clap: Great job~ that was wonderfully written ^____^~
I think everyone looses themselves at least once.. and the thing is, you never know exactly when its going to happen, or why.@__@. Ive seen it more than once in my friends (and even myself) that too much lonliness and 'excercise of character' if you will, makes the 'you' that people know disappear.. if that makes any sense. I spent a summer in a foreign country, with no friends, and barely speaking the language; making it really hard to make new friends let alone talk to anyone at all.. and i think ive changed since then.Thing is, no one ever realizes the change..
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