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Sometimes I just randomly think of things that I want to do but I don't have the guts to do because it could harm me, or cause too much trouble. I thought it would be fun to list them though. laugh.gif

I want to run through caution tape on a construction site as if it were the tape at the finish line at the end of a race.

I want to get out of my car on a busy street during rush hour, walk to a nearby store and buy a pack of gum, then get back in my car and drive off like nothing happened.

I want to go up to a really hot guy, lay a nice wet kiss on him, then walk away.

There are more, but I thought it would be fun to see what other people want to do.
This may sound quite odd, but if I was on a cliff and saw someone standing near the edge I'd really want to push them blink.gif I'm not sure why, it's the same when I see someone leaning over the side of a bridge too. Obviously I've never done it, but what if I had no sense of morals? It's often made me wonder what it can take to push an individual over the edge (pardon the crappy pun) for example some serial killers do what they do just..because.
I'd also love to go into a really pricey china/gift shop and go mad with a baseball bat.
My, I really am quite destructive, I never realised this before!! unsure.gif
I always feel like runniing accross the rails at train stations, it seems so much effort to go around the foot bridge/under pass when they look so innocent and there are no trains around... I mean pidgeons do it all the time!
Also just running up to a random guy and kissing him then walking off sounds fun! You know, that guy you occasionally see who always looks so sad and you just want to cheer him up!
Did you ever see that episode of 'Ed' where that random woman walks up and kisses him? That would be so cool!
Let a bath run 'till it flows over the edges whilst I'm in it.

Take my shoes and socks off and walk/ stand on interesting/ soft textures in public places.

Have a picnic in the middle of the fruit and veg section of a supermarket, eating food bought from there.

Pee standing up, against a wall.

These are the only ones I can thnk of at the mo'.


Saucy, going mad with a basball bat in a china shop sounds fun to me too!
Usurper MrTeapot
I was quite high when I decided this was my life time goal.

At Reading, or some other rock festival, I want to parachute onto the stage while a band is playing. Run over to the microphone, rip my trousers and underwear off, scream "hi mum" into the mic then go over to the drummer and either slap him in the face with my winkle if I don't like the band or play the hi hat with it. Then go for a stage dive.

A less crazy never going to happen thing I want to do is to go up to the park and push over a person doing Yoga. Or a cow in the countryside.

Edit: Also I'd like to just drop in the middle of a busy street and start doing spasms and acting crazy, pushing over bins and licking old peoplee etc.
Talk back and/or insult an figure of authority at school because I think what they ask is ridiculous, or break a stupid rule at school that I think is ridiculous. However this would not look good on my permanent record and I've gotten into enough trouble as it is. sad.gif
I always wonder if people want to push me down the stairs at work when I have to stand at the top and watch everything, now I know not to let Tara know where I work. laugh.gif tongue.gif just kidding.

Readers of my LJ know this one but it's too good to just keep on there. I want to have sex in a post office. This is one I will do too, someday, when the coldstreak ends.
El Nino
Well, in case I haven't implied it often enough. I'd like to kill someone.
I would like to... get a jet-pack and just fly around the place with flashing lights and such to get loads of UFO scares

I would also like to hide in a post-office with a microphone and say "Cashier number 5 please" at random intervals to annoy the pensioners. is that wierd?
Fallen Element
I'd also love to walk up to someone, preferably the person I'm currently infatuated with, and kiss them. A full, hard kiss... *Sigh*

I'd love to slap a couple of people, also full and hard but without the kissing...

I have always wanted to get arrested for protesting against something - so I would like to protest, loudly and in public, without tarnishing my criminal record!

C'mon the ponies! (Chewin' the Fat reference - I apologise.)

Fal xXx
I always have an urge to give a hard shove to passing folk in skateboards, bikes or rollerblades.

And I want to have swum naked in every major sea and ocean in the world. I'm working on it slowly - have done the Channel, Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific so far.
I'd absolutely LOVE to tell a few people exactly what I think of them.

I'd kind of like to get in a fight. I've never been in one. And I know at least two people I would love to smack around. I'm not a violent person...really. innocent.gif

I'd like to be one of those people who can just start random conversations with strangers in person.

And for once....I'd like to be the person who makes the first move. Never have been...ever. Well, I guess I sort of was, but it didn't work out and it was more him guessing it than anything. :S
Steal someone's horse and ride it through a grocery store as I shop.

Ride through the school halls in one of those kid cars, where my knees come up to my chin, honk at people and randomly try to run them over.

Shave all head hair (including eyebrows) off girls I don't like.

This, of course, is my more malicious and amusing side, which I seldom show. >XP
id like to fulfil someone's last wish.... (death wish or such) like my piano teacher's husband... is dying right now, and i went to see him in the nursing home hes in... and he doesnt haff much memory, so just as he was getting ready to fall asleep he said that he wanted to hear this one piano church song 'joy of jesus, of man's desiring' so i copied it down really fast and spent all night looking for it on the internet only to find out that it was in the piano book that i use the most @_@

yea.. theres a whole list of spazzy things that i would like to try.. but i really dont remember them right now..^___^ ah. theres one.. id like to actually <i> remember </i> stuff for maybe one day XD
Aww, Rika-Chan, that's a lovely thing you'd like to do! Far nicer than us lot pushing people off cliffs...

Jon's comment reminded me of an evil impulse I get to see what would happen if you put a rod through the spokes of a passing motorbike. I saw it in a film once and I've always wondered whether people really do fly through the air like that.

On a nicer note, I'm really good at stopping young kids from crying, and I'd like to live in a society where it would be acceptable for me to do this (even if only for the sake of my eardrums when I'm queuing in shops) without people thinking I'm a dangerous psychopath who wants to steal their children.
I'd like to be one of those people who can just start random conversations with strangers in person.

It's actually not that hard to do, Candice. It's more mental fear than anything. Some of my friends admire how I can strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone. The rest yell at me for it.

There are about thirty people I'd like to punch square in the face. I'd also like to set stuff on fire. Though, I guess I'll have to reserve my violent urges for Def Jam Vedetta

If I could get away with it, I'd like to roll a joint and smoke it right there out in the open, perhaps at my university. Hell, I'd need guts to get high anywhere on campus.
Mata: why thank you biggrin.gif your wish list is quite lovely itslef... it is quite sad to see lil kids sad ;__; i help cheer them up a lot... but i guess the parents didnt care considering i picked up a kid's teddy bear which he dropped and was on the verge of tears...
QUOTE (Mata @ Nov 21 2004, 12:13 AM)
Aww, Rika-Chan, that's a lovely thing you'd like to do! Far nicer than us lot pushing people off cliffs...

Jon's comment reminded me of an evil impulse I get to see what would happen if you put a rod through the spokes of a passing motorbike. I saw it in a film once and I've always wondered whether people really do fly through the air like that.

On a nicer note, I'm really good at stopping young kids from crying, and I'd like to live in a society where it would be acceptable for me to do this (even if only for the sake of my eardrums when I'm queuing in shops) without people thinking I'm a dangerous psychopath who wants to steal their children.

depends on how fast, and what type of bike really. Motorbikes at high speed would sort of just come apart (if it was metal... wood would just explode and make the rider crash), but a pedal bike and a proper metal bar... from experience, it usually does result in some head-over-handlebars action, though I think the flying through the air thing requires a stuntman and a trampoline...

P.S. what are your rates for childcare? perhaps its something you should think about. Then you can make live action babysitter horror stories wink.gif
I've had wierd hair impulses. For a while I was keen to shave it off and go bald for a bit and in university I was all for dying it a nice deep purple colour. I wasn't really brave enough to do either. A friend did go purple and he actually looked quite hot. wub.gif blush.gif

I'd also like to say exactly what's on my mind to some people.

When I lived on the ocean side I was keen to see what would happen if you rigged a sail to a skateboard. Could you windsurf around town? Would the constant ocean breeze be enough? I wanted to know but never had the time/money/engineering know how to try it.
I can't really think of anything. I don't really take myself seriously, so if I want to do something, I'll probably just do it. Just the other day I saw an indiana jones hat in a shop and thought, "that'd be cool to have", so I bought it.
I once wanted to start cutting my own hair. I sinse have, though I'm growing it again now.
I've had urges to go out with my face painted. The first was a full-blown black-on-white mime get up for a day out in Glasgow city centre, which was a lot of fun, and sinse its been a little gentler, with just eye make up on nights out to the Cathouse and stuff like that, though last month I did do a whole gothy eyeliner look for a full day at uni. I dont think it takes guts really, as I'm a big jessie and all, mainly just the ability to laugh at yourself for hours on end. Which I do, frequently.
I've still to get the whole pink-hair thing done though, although admittedly thats only coz I cant find any dye that would work. Just regular colours, and wash-out stuff...
I also get frequent urges to dance to "billy jean" when I'm out. That said, it would help if I could dance, but heyho, I go off and do it anyway.
I'm really gullible when it comes to this sort of thing, so if there's anything you guys think you want me to do that you dont have the lack of self esteem to go through with, go ahead and dare me. I usually disappoint, but I try to make an effort...
I occasionally get random impulses to do cartwheels down hallways or people's yards. Dunno why...I just do.

Bizzarely enough, I sometimes wish I could just walk up to random people and hug them for no good reason. Which is really...really...really out of character for me. I'm so ocd I rarely like to be touched. But I always kind of wished I could do that, just to see what people would do.
I like the peeing while standing up against the wall idea. But I've done that. I once peed into a small cup while lying in a tent whilst camping. It was snowing and flippen cold outside. I would fill up the cup, somehow manage to stop while my friend emptied the pee out the tent flap. Then continue. I think I filled the cup about 3 times before I was done. I was just too cold to get up and get dressed and go outside myself. If I remember, my friend must have been a good one because he didn't seem to mind. Though he looked a tad perturbed.

I brought you this story to show that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it.

Oh, I always wanted to jump up on a plane and yell "There's something on the wing!" while still in the air. And I mean scream it like I meant it! If I was on a plane and someone did that, I'd laugh my ass off. They would be my hero.
QUOTE (altehase @ Nov 21 2004, 09:13 AM)
Oh, I always wanted to jump up on a plane and yell "There's something on the wing!" while still in the air. And I mean scream it like I meant it! If I was on a plane and someone did that, I'd laugh my ass off. They would be my hero.

Unless of course, there actually WAS something on the wing...
You don't have to read all this, you know...

Once I drilled a teabag with a high speed powerdrill, that's something I wanna see in slo-mo.

I want to smash a PRS on stage.

I want to play the brown noise at an important meeting somewhere important, like No. 10 or the White House.

I want to fill a computer case with water. While it still has computery bits in.

I want to buy a cheapy strat and re-shape it.

I want to make my custom guitar.

I want to see the Jimi Hendrix Experience live.

I want to meet Jerry Cantrell.

I want to do somehting important.

I want to walk up to random people in the street and say random things.

I want to say/sing random things to myself whilst walking through a crowd (and not songs, things which I make up on the spot, like a song about cheese).

I want to sing my song about cheese while me and my mate are walking past his girlfriend.

I want to dance and giggle in a public place.

I want to get completely drunk.

I want to try LSD.

I want to smash up a computer.

I want to burn the inventor of the mp3, and every other compression format for that matter.

I want to have a massive Vinyl collection.

I want to kill anyone who uses Comic Sans.

I want a better computer.

I want a better sound system.

I want a better home recording set-up.

I want a better guitar.

I want a better drum-kit.

I want more than one good guitar.

I want a kick ass band.

I want to thrust my hand through a live computer monitor.

I want to see what it'd be like to kill myself, watch my funeral, but then go back in time and not kill myself.

I want to go back in time.

I want to teleport.

I want to confuse people.

I want to stop time.

I want to make a realistic plasticine animation.

I want to be a decent computer artist/designer.

I want an arcade room in my house with Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Asteroids and others.

I want to finish this thread as my hands are aching.

I want a logitech keyboard.

I want to snipe someone and kill them, then go back in time and not kill them.

I want to drown someone, then go back in time and not kill them.

I want Led Zeppelin to rejoin.

I want to see Led Zep live after the reunion.

I want to meet some forumites.

I want to know Mata personally.

I want to be a forum moderator.

I want to show this list to some children and tell them 'It's a good example I'm setting'.

I want to strangle a baby (but I know I never would, and if I did I'd have to go back in time and not do it).

I want to be more than 5 squares and have posted 1000's of posts.

I want to change my title from 'Worrying'.

I want to laugh at Guppies.

I want to go back in time, then go back in time and not do it.

I want to hit someone over the head with a chair.

OK, I think I've gotten it all out now...

Please don't judge me, because I'd go back in time and un-do anything that I'd done if it was bad...

The Pinball Wizard wouldn't be bothered to read all this you know...
Hehe... I want to actually call/email that boy who gave me his phone number.
I want to run around screaming "chicken chicken chicken".
I want to tell that cute guy in anthropology that he is cute.

Heh. I suppose that's about it. Lately, I've been doing a lot of things that I'd normally be too afraid to do, and I've found out that I quite enjoy doing them.
one thing I would love to do is run around without a shirt (I would have pants, because, you know, it's so cold right now!)

I am trying hard to get Flash software and make my own cartoons..

one thing I would have LOVED to do last year was to try and freak out my old counseler(read: psycaitrist).
I had so many good plans.. Well, they all would have gotten me comitted for SURE, but.. they sounded so fun ^-^
(that would be what one of my cartoons would be about.. it'd be half me regularly and half me trying my hardest to freak the counseler out)
I'm scared pooless to do this, but I wonder what it would be like to drop acid or eat shrooms. I wouldn't make it a regular thing, probably just once.

When I was single, regardless of how much confidence I could fake, it was hard for me to ask a chick out on a date or even ask for a number.
When I still worked at Target I wanted to ask for price checks over the intercom (even though we didn't really do that but I knew how to use it) when anyone bought condoms or women's monthly products.

I also wanted to say to those buying condoms, "Oh someone's getting lucky tongiht."

Once one of the girls said that to me when I was buying condoms and it escelated into a whole me embarrassing her thing, but it was still funny.
I want to...
-buy an alaskin huskey dog, strap them to a sled, and ride downtown yelling "mush! mush!"
-Sneak into my math teacher's house with a baseball bat and start knocking out walls.
-Hold my principal hostage until they started serving decent food in the caffateira(sp?)
-Buy out the mall
-when i see a clothes donation box, i have always wanted to strip off all of the clothes i'm wearing and put them in there, then walk off like nothing happened.
-Throw my shoe at the telivision every time I miss my favorite show because of an overtime football game.
-Buy my school, and install a jello pool
-go into some store where i can't afford anything in there, and just start throwing stuff.
-throw a fit on the toy asile in wal-mart
-punch all of the populer people that tease me.
-throw a cat at an old lady
-eat cat food
-skate onto the rink during a hockey game
-talk back to a teacher
-frame myself for a crime
-"forget" to bathe for weeks
-Walk into the boy's locker room, throw my shoe at them and leave.
-if someone ever tells me to eat dirt, actully do it.
-streak through the school
-dive into an empty pool
-bite that goose at the park back
-kick random people in the back of the knees

That's about it...for now. I know these don't sound serious, but they are. smile.gif
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Give my 15 month old son a mohawk (which will happen once the other half forgets that I mentioned it and tells me where he hid the clippers).

Streak through my work place.

Walk into Boots one morning, use all their testers to do my make - up and then walk out again.

Get branded.

Have sex in my office.

Clear my full wage out of my bank account on the day it comes in, abandon the house, abandon my job, give the cats away, pack a bag and fly away to Europe to live the rest of my life back packing.
QUOTE (Snugglebum the Destroyer @ Nov 21 2004, 05:34 PM)
Get branded.


hmmm... the question is, what would you get branded to you?

I forgot, i would enjoy skydiving, and windsurfing.
I would like to go to england someday but i'll have to get rich and out of school before that can happen. sad.gif
There are about a thousand pranks we never had the gall to do. Racing through Wal*Mart with shopping carts would be fun. It would also be cool to make a big scene out of trying to "desensitize" Matt into getting onto an escalator telling him "You'll be safe this time." I'd also like to go to random parts of the mall with one of those little mint dropper things or a bunch of little pieces of paper and pretend to be dropping acid.

One of our old friends wanted to, at least once, find some random chick sitting down at the mall and say, "I know you don't know me, but...(pulls ring out of pocket)...Will you marry me?"
I've always wanted to shave my head. I don't know why. My mother told me I'd look like a dyke, and since then I've been kind of iffy about it. Not because I'd mind looking like a lesbian, but that other people would mind that I looked like a lesbian. I think I'll try to build the balls in the next few months.

Ever since forever I've wanted to tell every single one of my teachers off.

Along with shaving my head to a nice, velvety buzz, I want to dye it metallic purple. I had a 5 second dream once where I was clad in some punk-ish camo army outfit and these wicked 20 holed black boots. I had a confederate style flat top and billed hat on, green as well, atop some sick, vibrant metallic purple hair. For whatever reason, since then, I've aspired to dress, if just once, like that dream.

I want to hit a teenie bopper. Seriously, do you know how good that would feel? Just one good black eye to mar their perfect little All-American faces.

I want to live and save in a 1000 year old Redwood. Well, any tree will do, but the Redwoods need the most help.
I'd like to get a big rebel flag patch and put it on my jacket and wear in a northern or western state.
I would be fun to spend the night in a mall...
on thanksgiving, Invite an important person over, and order takeout from some beat-down chianese restrant
when the waitress ask for a tip, give her a stickey note that says "don't eat yellow snow"
Sir Psycho Sexy
I know someone that made a custom guitar, it's electric, made of ash, weighs a ton and needs a new part/bridge...on the plus side it looks and sounds lovely when its actually working tongue.gif

I'd like to be content and happy with my life, knowing that I get up every day to a job I love in a nice house and so on, and sharing it all with someone I love, corny I know...but I have simple dreams

I also know Mata personally(ish) and so does the pinball wizard
how can you know someone personally-ish?
i want to make reservations at MCdonalds
or go there and order "a double cheese burger minus the chesse"
Sir Psycho Sexy
It's very simple, I've bought drnks for him and he's bought drinks for me, but we don't see each other on a regular basis

and that's almost as bad as asking for a cheese burger with no cheese...we use to get people asking for those in McDonalds....I'd like to kill those people...and their children for thinking they're better than me
I promise i have never done it....
I'm assuming you used to work there?
also, i'll never have the chance of meeting any of you, as i'm in the US.
I really want to go to england though...
Sir Psycho Sexy
meh, don't let the history fool you, England sucks tongue.gif
well, do you want to come to america?
i think the whole reason i want to go is just the fact that it's far away from here...
so it would make sense for you to want to come here....
wouldn't it?
He's been to America. In fact I just saw him here last July. (SPS that is)
Aye. He's a right spiffy guy, he is.

My main thing was having a mohawk, which I did before. Granted, it was a fauxhawk. But still.
I've always wanted to hit this really annoying female. Just if I did I'd be at the risk of being called a puff by passers-by.

QUOTE (Sir_Psycho_Sexy @ Nov 22 2004, 02:03 AM)
I also know Mata personally(ish) and so does the pinball wizard

Erm... Who's the Pinball Wizard? Is there someone on this forum called 'Pinball Wizard', or are you referring to me?

The Pinball Wizard isn't me you know...

He's a character in a song by 'The Who', called 'Pinball Wizard'.

He's Deaf, Dumb and Blind...

And he sure plays a mean Pinball.
I want to let my armpit hair grow for at least one week to see how long it gets. The longest I've been able to go is 4 days before I was totally sickened.
I have actully done that before. That is why i don't play truth or dare now! biggrin.gif
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I pulled on my e-brake while going down the freeway, but because I like living I don't try it.
I really want to sleep in the cupboard in my form room.. heh... we planned it.. but then go scared that our tutor might walk in after school and find us..heh... yep.. and also I want to get completely smashed.... just you know... I'm not sure how I would get home and be sober by the time I do get there....
sometimes, if i'm standing near the edge of a bridge, I have the sudden urge to jump. I'm not suicidel or anything, i just have the urge to all of a suddne., just to see what happens...creepy?
Voices, Edgar Alan Poe called that "imp perversion." He said that deep down, we all want to destroy ourselves, which is why we're interested in cliffs and bridges and what-not.
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