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Full Version: The Matabar (go to page one for virtual bar!!)
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...I can fix that.

Oh well. Back to the drawing board. *starts mumbling something about quantum technology and cold fusion*
*Colin drinks oil and eats crisps, and is happy that they are not Cheese and Onion. He burbles appreciatively, before happily cleaning up the crumbs he quite gladfully made.*

*Jimi watches Colin journey to the dumpster outside*

Ooh, you have dumpsters outside!

*Jimi runs outside and rumages through the dumpster where he finds the pinball wizard playing pinball*

Jimi: Pinball wizard?

Colin: *Burbles and makes happy garbled noises*

*Jimi walks back in the bar, after realising that the alley outside of the bar is just the Daft forum*
How does a robot digest crisps anyway?
The world will never know.
*holds up screw driver and stares at colin Evily*

Would you like to find out?
*Colin bleeps and burbles uncomfortably at the sight of Voices with a screwdriver, whilst still being eternally happy*

*Jimi leans over and picks up Colin*

Leave poor Colin alone!

*Colin ejects some crisps*

*Jimi emits a pair of gardening gloves from his arse*

*Jimi looks around, startled*

So that's where those went.
*suddenly wakes up to find robots and crisps talking, and some old stale peanuts stuck to face*

*goes back to sleep*
*bu-zzap! bu-zzap!*
I've done it! I've finally done it! A SPARE KEY! Bwahahahahahahaha!

*unlocks door, steps out into bar*
*looks around*
*turns back into storage room and locks door*
Good monkeys.

*Jimi picks up Colin who beeps merrily and starts to buzz. He takes him over to a table where he buys him a drink*

*Colin drinks aforementioned drink*
*Wakes up, yet again, with a great idea to buy a round for everyone!*

"what's everyone having?"
Colin will have two parts water, one part oil, and three parts pure alcohol. I'll have, as always, a Beck's.

Or something.
Chocolate milk for me, please.

unsure.gif ...what?
*Colin notices no one is doing anything, so happily runs up to the bar, and purs everyone's drinks for them. Well, the two that have been ordered so far*

*Colin then notices there are no bartenders around, so steals all the crisps and eats them*

*Jimi sits on a barstool, and falls off it backwards*

What the...?

There's a bloody talking nacho under this barstool!

That's the last time you'll knock the barstool I'm currently sitting on over!
Oh! Nacho!

*eats talking nacho*


*Colin realises that he has no work to do, as the bar has been cleaned so many times. Colin decides to build a lift/elevator*
*Sneaks up behind Colin with a screwdriver*
*Colin turns around, burbles in horror and then flies behind voices, making whimpering noises. Eternal happiness or not, he didn't really like that*
sad.gif Poor Colin!
damn. I almost had him...

*puts down screwdriver*
Maybe some other time.
Colin can read tiny text, you know.
Why exactly did Colin decide to build an elevator anyway? Is there a second story I wasn't told about?
Probably. Either that or Colin took it upon himself to decide that there should be one. Maybe he just wants it so he can clean more.
I suppose a lift would beat the rickety stairs, through the employee door, up to the old teapot inn rooms. Not too sure I'm so keen to put 'em into general use.

There's also down to where the trapdoor leads. I personally suspect Wyvern Tribe HQ. Either that or a loop that drops you down from the ceiling of the Bar.
QUOTE (JimiJimi @ Jul 1 2005, 11:53 AM)
Colin can read tiny text, you know.


A loop? Like the one in the Cult? It would be rather cool to get up onto the roof...
*Colin beeps and whurzles around the bar, and within a few seconds has a fully operational lift*

*Colin burbles about cleaning the upper stories, now that he can get to them*
I am here one and all... Let me tell you how well i bounce I am 6 foot a hundred and fiffty pounds. I have worked as a bounce for about two years. I am here to work all the shifts as a bouncer. I dont mind. And sorry for not to be on in awhile.
QUOTE (surewhynot @ Jul 2 2005, 09:28 PM)
I am here one and all...  Let me tell you how well i bounce I am 6 foot a hundred and fiffty pounds.

You wish, buddy tongue.gif

Heh...I work here, don't I?
*puts on apron and walks around the bar*
Its true!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you also walk or just bounce? tongue.gif

*Watches surewhynot bounce by; happily followed by Colin, who is also attempting to bounce.*
*boing, boing, boing*

*Ashbless readies the phone to phone repair elves while watching in fasination* laugh.gif
*walks out of storage room, sees all the bouncing* Ooh! *whips out a big bag*
*dumps out contents of big bag, lots and lots of superballs*
*bounces all the superballs all over* WHEEEEE!
Where are the kittens? Shouldn't they be glued to watching all this?

How did you get those superballs to keep bouncing? Shouldn't they wind down after a while?

Do you think I should go play Questions Only in Games for a while and get this out of my system?
QUOTE (Ashbless @ Jul 2 2005, 11:40 PM)
How did you get those superballs to keep bouncing?  Shouldn't they wind down after a while?

It's all very somple, really! *whips out big powerpoint setup*

*starts talking about quantum technology, the properties of gravity and hyperspace*

Good Monkeys.

*Colin bleeps and bounces and boings a bit*
Loving the bouncy balls! I will make sure to walk around the bar too!
*Jimi punches computer*

GAH! Bloody java isn't bloody working!

*Jimi punches computer some more*

I've installed the latest version of Java, and it's doing sod all.

*Jimi punches computer even more than last time*

Meh, nuts to it.

*Jimi goes to the Matazone Forums, then to the bar*

*Jimi gets sucked into computer and is splatted back down in the bar*

Hi there, people.

*Colin bobs up to Jimi, overly excited about everything*
*Thinks about MPFC bouncing Queen Victoria*

Boing... boing... boing...

*Colin bounces and bobs and boings and bounds and buzzes and bleeps and burbles*

*Jimi orders drink after having to think of verbs beginning with B*
*looks for something more than crisps and penuts to eat.*

*finds nothing*

*decides to set up some kitchens*

Can I do that? Can I get a KP if I am head chef? Who do I ask? What's with all these questions?
*Colin buzzes up and helps build kitchen (which he does in a matter of seconds), even though he has had no authorization to do so. He then begins to clean it*
Kitchen! Flammable stuff!

*pulls matchbox out of back pocket*
*eyes flare up*

Must... resist... urges... to... cause... chaos...
dry.gif hmmm... fire does sound fun...

blink.gif Meh, too hungry.

*goes into kitchen wonderfully built by Colin*
Cheers Colin! biggrin.gif

*starts to cook some yummy yummy vegetarian food containing lentils, sweet potatoes and chilis among other things*

Want any, anyone?
No thanks. But, If you could find some marshmellows, we're about to have a lovely bonfire in the kitchen...
*gets out fireworks*

Let's celebrate a bit late....
Now where'd I put that match?
*pulls out culinary blowtorch*

Here you go!
Hooray! The matabar fireworks show!
does the new kitchen have sherbet? Sherbet > ice cream
*Colin runs around the kitchen (happening to know where everything is) and pulls out a bag of marshmallows, a bag of sherbet, and a bag of sherbet marshmallows*

*He then bobs up to arachnidoc and gives sherbet, gives voices marshmallows, and places sherbet marshmallows on the floor in between, and leaves it there for a few seconds*

*Colin waits for someone to take the bag, otherwise he will have to clean it up*

*Jimi walks over to new kitchen, pulls out two sparklers, lights them, and puts them on Colin's back, who shows his appreciation for the new accessory*
*grabs bag of sherbert marshmellows*

*piles fireworks in the middle of the kitchen*
*pulls out blow torch*

Ready.... Set....
*Opens up bag of sherbet, grabs a spoon and watches intently*
*Gets self milkshake. With sprinkles!*


Meh. I've seen people have sprinkles on wierder things (read=steak).

*starts eating his not-ice cream and continues watching the fireworks*
This just occurred to me- does the bar have an emergency sprinkler system?
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