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Full Version: The Matabar (go to page one for virtual bar!!)
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torn love notes
Uhhhhhh the engine to the bar ran out of gas tongue.gif

and i did mean to put coming
tv with legs
aaahhh, ok
*a time rift opens and TWL is transported back to the bar.*
WOW what random chance!
*picks up pool stick and lights it on fire and starts discoing*
disco is NOT dead....
*comes into the picture with a disco-extinguisher, and dressed in Ghostbusters style gear*

*sprays TWL in a thick gloopy white foam*

Disco IS dead.
well.. you see, the entirety of the bar is surrounded by a large space-time warp thingy, it instantly transports any and all inside out outside into and or out of the bar as you cross it but dont make it mad cus it could just disolve you entirely and make a new person, which might explain what happened to TWL so.. please, dont make it mad!

now for the other part about the gas running out... it has no engine and can therefore be assumed that it is moving entirely by inertia and/or faerie magic... this could be construed by insanity or sheer chaos but fear not for the safety of the people here.... it just doesnt really matter...

and finally the part of the hole in the ground... we seem to have about a mile of earth under us as we float so we could concievably dig a slightly less than mile deep underground tunnel system and be relatively ok... cept for the structural integrity thingy but never-you-mind about that!

hope that solves your problems...

EDIT: and yes disco IS dead
Disco IS dead, and disco HAS BEEN dead ever since the "Disco Sucks" rally in Chicago.
QUOTE (arachnidoc17 @ Jul 15 2005, 06:47 PM)
Disco IS dead, and disco HAS BEEN dead ever since the "Disco Sucks" rally in Chicago.

ah yes.. I can still hear the screams!



and my personal favorite:


ah, nostalgia isn't what it used to be
They had to close down the Cubs game because ALL THE DISCO HATERS WOULDN'T GET OFF THE FIELD. If that's not proof that Disco is as dead as a doornail I don't know what is.

In other news, I think the Matabar just hit the dead center of the Bermuda Triangle, which might explain all the strange happenings and TWL.

so all we need to do is produce a normality field around TWL and wave a few magic wands and a few other things and TWL will be better....


now if only i could remember where i put that normaility field generator...

hmmmm.... oh right...

*pulls normality field generator out of pants pocket and turns it on*

now where is TWL?

*suddenly the lights dim inside the Matabar and TWL is drawn out of hiding right into the middle of the normality field*


now.. where are my magic wand people?
Er... I have some pixie stix, if those count.
Not Voices, just her friend- *gruff voice* I like socks. I will go now. Hold all my ahhhhhhhhh . . . . . . . . . . *Voices pokes and prods her offstage* That hurts! Bugger off you!
tv with legs
UUHHG, ive had a rough day, bartender, scocthes, just leave the bottle.
*TWL starts drinking*....
torn love notes
Uhhhhhh Disco is not dead!

*twl Gets entoxicated ,and gets jumped by a mob of wild gangsters from Japan* ph34r.gif
Discoi s dead, and it was dead ever since Twisted Sister stabbed it in the heart with "Rock 'N' Roll Saviors".
Thomas Keske's DISCO IS DEAD

Disco fans, don't be discouraged, disconsolate or discontent
You are on a journey of discovery,
to find where your music went

Disco was discontinued, discounted in the bargain bins
Disco is dearly departed, never to return again

Disco is decomposing,
with its chords in discord
Its concerts now disconcerted
Its fickle fans have completely deserted
Disco decays, discarded

So much sooner than expected
Disco was disconnected
I cannot bear to look
It is just like a phone that is off the hook

Sincerely will disco be missed
For disco has been summarily dismissed

Where did the time go?
You will discover, before you know
That Life is as ridiculous as disco
Too absurd to be truly sad
Your mechanical heart thumps briefly
Then fades, like a passing fad

Dead as a doornail.

In other other news, I think TWL has been affected by the normal-ness-thingy.
torn love notes
Blast you Twisted Sister! mad.gif
*Colin, after looking at the door to the storage room for several hours, seems to have had some sort of idea*

*Colin, after making a series of bloops and boogles, seems to disappear*

*Sounds of cleaning come from the storage room*

Jimi: Hmm... I think I'll take on the role of an adventure game character today.

*Jimi walks up to the bar and puts some peanuts in pocket, then uses them with a small piece of blu-tac to make a ray gun*
A peanut-powered ray gun. Genious.

Which reminds me, I'm going to have to install some anti-robot beams in the Storage Room.

(They have those!)
*Jimi walks over to someone sat in the corner of the bar wearing a beard*

Jimi: Hello.

Beard man: Hello. I happen to have something vitally important to your progression in this game.

Jimi: Do I have to complete some stupid quest to get it?

Beard man: Yes. Yes you do.

Jimi: Damn.

Beard man: You must go fight the evil... shanty... sea monster of the great... ass-land. Once you retrieve his prized bag of salt, then I shall give you this pencil.

Jimi: I hate you.

*Colin, after alot of cleaning, notices arachnidoc coming into the room. Just before he is noticed, he disappears again and appears at the bar, where he continues cleaning*
*hides behind the door and around the corner of the storage room, where a hammer and a bucket of water await Colin*

tv with legs
*staggers out of bar naked with a traffic cone on TWLs head*
no uh... uh nobody can uh, uuhh um yeah, run me over.
*TWL falls daown on the ground drunk*
*Jimi yet again starts tearing out bits of computer and hitting them with a hammer*


WHY *smash* WON'T *smash* JAVA *smash* WORK?!

*Smash smash*

*After smashing up little bits of computer, Jimi gets sucked back into the Matabar, where he gives a bag of salt to a bearded man*

Jimi: There.

Beard man: Thank you.

Jimi: Can I have the pencil now?

Beard man: I'm sorry, but someone came and stole it while you were on your quest. You'll have to go and chase them.

Jimi: Rrrrgh, I hate being an adventure game character.
But Jimi, you forgot your Thieve's Boots(+3 speed)!



*Colin hovers over and prods Jimi until he comes back to life*

Would you like to restore a saved game?

No, bugger off.

Okey dokey.
tv with legs
hey doc, arnt you forgeting something...
Of course not. *Hides behind door and around the corner, where hammer and bucket of water still await Colin*
tv with legs
yes you are
What could I possibly forget?
tv with legs
you know what im talking about...
Okay, whatever, I set up the lasers. Hush.
tv with legs
*TWL staggeRs backto thE bar aNd Takes off with a chair
Sheesh... I leave for one day - and complete chaos breaks out!

Okay. Fine. I just don't know what's going on.
*Colin laughs at Arachnidoc for revealing his trap in two posts*

*Colin carefully goes behind storage room door and steals bucket which he uses to clean the storage room*
Breaks out? Try reigns supreme. biggrin.gif

To quote Callahan: "It's good to have people being merry."

*Takes delivery of a crate marked with strange symbols from a shadowy figure at the front of the bar. Wierd flashing lights as the figure's green delivery vehicle apparently vanishes upwards. Ashbless opens crate and brings out a bottle of genuine Old Janx spirit. Other ingredients of a genuine pan galactic gargle blaster lurk in the crate as well. Flying cats immediately investigate new thing.*
tv with legs
QUOTE (voices_in_my_head @ Jul 16 2005, 12:00 PM)
Sheesh... I leave for one day - and complete chaos breaks out!

Okay. Fine. I just don't know what's going on.

a-ha, you admit it. i have it on tape
*plays tape*
so umm, how ya doing jim carry
im doing fine andrew im working on a new movie too
*stops tape.*
uhh, umm. i was makeing fake radio shows. every one does, every one i know.
SHUT UP!!!!!
*Jimi walks to corner of the bar. When noone is looking, he phases through the wall...*

*...and appears 30,000ft above the ground with the flying Matabar slowly getting further and further away from him overhead*

tv with legs
*TWL turns to a stick figure...*
aa ha
*Erases TWL*
tv with legs
i was permanant marker
*pours water over TWL*
*pushes TWL into randomly-placed kiddie pool, making the paper he is drawn on break up*



*pushes button, revealing a massive Tesla coil in the center of the storage room, lights in the Storage room begin to flutter and flicker and the computers shut down altogether*

*Arachnidoc bursts out into a fit of maniacal laughter*
tv with legs
i was not on paper stupids, im a walking stick man.
QUOTE (tv with legs @ Jul 17 2005, 09:49 PM)
i was not on paper stupids, im a walking stick man.

*slaps you onto a giant piece of paper then shoves you into kiddie pool*

*more maniacal laughter*
we're all so nice to each other!

The water would still make the ink run, even if it wasn't on paper.

*talking apple pops up*

*is sharpening hatchet on grindstone, sparks are flying*

Eh? Nice?

But he said he was permanent marker... Bah, he was only four posts in, his ink would still be wet...
Draw a mark on paper with a permanent marker. Then put a drop of water on it. The ink will run. Or am I just buying really crappy markers?

Anywho... Has anyone seen Colin around lately?
*hides screwdriver behind her back*
tv with legs
*twl turns to a giant bug*
a ha
tv with legs
*twl turns to a human*
a ha
arachnidoc, you don't happen to have any pesticide, do you?
We're going to need more than pesticide.

Also, the last time I saw Colin he cleaned out the Storage Room...
tv with legs
im a person!!
*pulls out anti human pesticide aka anti arachnidoc17 and voices_in_my_head pesticide*
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