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Full Version: The Matabar (go to page one for virtual bar!!)
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You scare me in unimaginable ways.

*tapes up TWL and pushes him out the door to fall 30,000 feet*
tv with legs
good thing i cary this jet pack around
*flies off tothe moon*
aha, free cheese for me!!
QUOTE (tv with legs @ Jul 18 2005, 05:12 PM)
good thing i cary this jet pack around
*flies off tothe moon*
aha, free cheese for me!!

Sadly lacking oxygen on the moon though, or so I've heard.
*Colin comes out of storage room, looking highly satisfied*

*A bright light comes out of the storage room*

*Colin pulls out a Dreamcast and starts playing it*
*sneaks up behind Colin with a hammer*
*Colin sees Voices reflection in the mirror. Knowing he happens to be made out of three times reinforced titanium, he carries on blasting the hell outta zombies*
*hands Voices a really, REALLY big hammer*

*presses button again, revealing the same massive Tesla coil within the walls of the Storage Room*

He ain't getting past that... evil.gif
*gets out screwdriver*
*Colin, noticing large hammer, saves his game and does that weird disappeary thing again*
That'll show him...

*walks back into storage room, ready to un-clean it*
*Jimi takes over game*

Hmm... Zombie Killing Scary House.

*Jimi reads from the back of the game case*

"People are dying and becoming zombies, and it is up to you, Michael Michaels to blast them all into little bits around a scary mansion". Hmm, sounds like fun.
*bar suddenly falls into a calm state*

..Well I'll be darned. No chaos. Not for a while, anyways.
No chaos? That isn't right!

*throws a chair through the window*
tv with legs
*takes off shirt and starts swirling and in the air*
woohoo, lets raise some hell!!!
I'll keep my shirt on, thanks.

Did you make it to the moon?
He got stopped for speeding.
tv with legs
yes i did make it to the moon, but i left cause the cheese tatsed like crap.(must of been really really old cheese)
*Jimi tries his best not to be sucked out of the window*

That wasn't the cleverest of all things now was it, Voices? We're 30,000ft up in a floating bar travelling at speeds that put Concorde to shame, and you throw a bloody chair out the window?

*Colin goes flying backwards through the window, whilst making a happy 'Weeeeeee!' noise*



*Jimi jumps out window after Colin*

Oh bugger.

oh. heh... Didn't think about that.

*holds on to pinball machine*
Well, at least the Storaage Room will be not-clean for a while.

Oh, almost forgot. *holds on to support beam for dear life*
*yells over the roar of the wind*

Arachnidoc, You don't happen to have any glass in there, do you?
*shouts* Well I do have a rather astounding collection of test tubes and beakers!
*shouts back*

Could you possibly melt them into a sheet of glass for a window?

*Talking apple pops up*

*grabs onto edges of tables and other things bolted to the floor to get to the Storage Room, quickly opens and closes the door*

On to business...

*grabs all the test tubes and a welding torch and melts them down to a fairly thick sheet*
tv with legs
lol, i have jet pack and yall dont
*flies out of bar*
Good luck, the only jetpacks in existence last for about 29 seconds.

*TWL looks shocked*


*TWL falls*

*Arachnidoc puts the sheet of glass in place and looks out the window in contempt as TWL is falling to the ground*
tv with legs
good thing i carry an anti gravity boots with me!
*puts anti gravity boots on*
*lowers Fishing hook*

*pulls TWL's boots up into the Matabar*

Back to business... Where's Colin?
I belive that be was sucked through the window, along with Jimi.

Hey, they left the video games!
*heaves up TV* This might bring in a few at the pawn shop...
tv with legs
good thing i carry this pogo stick
*pulls out pogo stick and hits thegroung bouncing*
now to get back to the bar
*pulls out a ring and finds a pedestrian*
wonder twin powers activate form of a hawk!!
*TWL turns to a hawk and flies to the bar*
*gets out hunting gun*
Curious, who's the other wonder twin?

I'd like to see a bird that can fly up to an altitude of 30,000 feet. We're almost out of the troposphere and there's basiclally no oxygen up here.
tv with legs
you leave that to me

I don't know how to use a gun.

*hands gun to Arachnidoc*

*gets out slingshot*

Be wery, wery, qwuite - it's bird season. evil.gif
tv with legs
*makes it to the bar and turns back to TwL*
now what
*pulls out Gauss cannon*

Heh heh heh...
*Arachnidoc fires Gauss cannon, sending TWL into the airlock*
ohmy.gif woah. That should work way better than a slingshot.

*changes sign that says "bird season" to "TWL season"*
Yep. It packs a punch.

*slams airlock door, twists little wheel and presses button, sending TWL back down to earth*
*Jimi wakes up. He looks around. There is a blurry, silver block in front of him, which gradually comes into focus*

Colin: Mr Jimi! How wonderful to see you sir!

Jimi: Colin?

Colin: That's right, sir!

Jimi: Yeah yeah, whatever. Where the hell are we? And do you have built in air-conditioning?

Colin: We're 2 miles deep into the earth's crust, and yes I do. If I did not have built in air-conditioning, sir, you would be experiencing temperature of up to 176 degrees, sir.

Jimi: Two miles?

Colin: Being equipped with the ability to hover, sir, I stopped myself before hitting the ground, and in the two seconds I had before you hit too, I dug you a little hole, sir.

Jimi: But why two miles?

Colin: I like a challenge.

Jimi: Alright, alright. Can you get us out?

Colin: Unfortunately not, sir. I could get out with all ease, yet I do not have the capability to carry you, sir. I will pop back to the bar and see what I can do for you, sir.

*Colin flies off to the bar, forgetting about the air-conditioning and leaving Jimi slowly melting*

Jimi: Ow.

*Colin pops into the bar, sees Arachnidoc with Gauss cannon slung over his shoulder and an insane grin on his face, decides to stay clear of the Storage Room*
Colin: Hello, do any of you happen to have any form of pulling device? It would be much appreciated.

*Meanwhile, somewhere under the earth*

I'm melting! MELTING!
*hands Colin a fishing pole*
tv with legs
good thing icarry this mini jet pack that goes faster than the speedof sound!!
*flies to thebar with a mech class guass rifle*
...Aaanyways, I hope Colin has enough leverage to pull Jimi out of that hole.
*Colin sets up fancy pulling system with fishing pole, and then goes down to attach it to Jimi*

*Colin switches on the machine and a dripping, gloopy pile of melted thing is pulled through the door of the bar*

Jimi: Hello.
Jimi, I noticed your meltiness. I hope you become less melty in the near future.
*throws Jimi in the freezer*

Leave 'em in there for about two hours. If we're lucky, he'll un-melt. (yes, I know that's not a word)
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