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Full Version: The Matabar (go to page one for virtual bar!!)
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Voices, everything is a word when I'm around. Everything. Even claustromaniac. (is that already a word?)
tv with legs
*reaches the bar and reaks haoc*
eat magnectly propellednickel slugs!!!
*shoots doc*
*doc slams into the toilet and TWL flushes and doc is sent 30000 miles in a puddle of blue goop*
mech class guass rifle beats your wimpy gauss cannon
0.0 This guy never gives up, does he?

I should be in the center of the Earth by now...

*uses electromagnetic transfusion machine to bolt through the blue puddle*

Loo dee doo...

*drags TWL to the corner*

*removes all Jetpacks, weapons, and anything else that may help TWL*

*throws TWL out the window*

*holds on to support beam*

I need to stop throwing things through the window, Don't I?
*jumps out of toilet* Yes you do. *grabs nearby piece of plywood and nails it to the window*
There seems to be alot of jumping and flying going on.

I think movements should be described in dance steps...

*waltzes across the floor*...
There's no way TWL is getting back up here. But just in case...

*whip out little hologram weapons select menu*

I'm pretty sure you don't want to see me dance.
Go on... dancing under the influence of alcoholic substances is the best sort of dancing...

*shudders at the thought of poles and some bad encouraging...*
*Jimi is now a solidified version of himself. Although he is still puddle-shape.*

Can I come out? It's dark in here!
*opens freezer door, Jimi scuttles out*

*Gasp* Jimi's a crab!
Or he's just really flat. Either one.
tv with legs
what luck, theres a trampoline under me
*TWL lands on trempoline and bounces up to the bar*
*picks up the stuff *
tv with legs
bartender, whisky and creme soda, keep them coming
You just have to take the fun away from everyone, don't you?

*Jimi scuttles sidewards along the floor, until he reaches Colin*

Jimi: Colin, if I had arms right now I'd bash your circuits in, but seeing as I don't, is it possible for you to make me person-shape again?

Colin: Err... no sir.

Jimi: ...
good thing I keep this Jimi-shaped mold around!

Now we just have to melt you again...
Never fear, Arachnidoc is here!

...What was I supposed to do again?
Hmm... thought there'd be a catch.

But now I have claws!

*Jimi scuttles of sideways clacking claws*

Melt Jimi back into a puddle, maybe?

This is going to be fun evil.gif

Edit: You know, Jimi, people eat crabs.
But not Jimi, master human-crab-guy-thing!


*Jimi runs around bar chopping up furniture*
*puts giant sand bucket over Jimi*

Let's see you get out of that.
torn love notes
huh.gif uuhhhhhh um crabs live in sand and have claws, how strong is this bucket?
tv with legs
*bucket is made of water and splashes on jimi*
*jimi runs free of the peoples wrath and lives in the ocean to breed with female crabs*
torn love notes
o wow

*doc scurries over to jimi, and stops him from his wild pleasures*

* Jimi summons an army of crabs unto doc*

Can someone add me to this? I don't to do anything stupid
*drops Jimi into boiling pot*
QUOTE (tv with legs @ Jul 20 2005, 06:23 AM)
*jimi runs free of the peoples wrath and lives in the ocean to breed with female crabs*

I think I'll control my own sexual functions from now on.

*Jimi then realises he is in boiling water, and, noticing that the water is infact boiling and not just in a state of heavy bubbling, wonders if crabs are able to squeal in pain*


*Apparently they are.*
*maybe I should help Jimi?* Nah. *decides to instead poke him with a stick*
Poke. Poke. Poke.
tv with legs
*with clmplete random chance the pot turns over for some reason and jimi is free*
*jimi joins the military as a crab and is in basic training with a drill sargeant*.......
hey, what happened to the bar!?!?!?
Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

*Jimi climbs out of water*

I'm surprised I didn't think of that earlier.

*He then moves over to the corner of the bar where he uses his stealth techniques to hide*
Hey! look what just came in the mail! Crab-finder 2000! I ordered that months ago. what luck.
tv with legs
noo, i ordered that from ebay, you ordered the crab finder 1999+1, i got the 2000 stupid. jeez, dont steal111
*looks for jimi*...
torn love notes
Unfortunatley for u it was a cheap gag toy from a cheap magazine

*Crab Finder breaks into bits and pieces*

*Jimi chuckles silentlently in the darkness* ph34r.gif
tv with legs
*buys a new one on ebay and uses super duper ultra mega shipping*
wow that was fast *continues finding jimi*

*wears heat-vision goggles*

Not so safe now, are ya Jimi?
tv with legs
crabs are cold blooded just to let you know
Jimi still has a human organ system, you know.

But, just so you shut up about it, *switches to night-vision and turns off the lights in the bar*
torn love notes
Good thinking

*Jimi is once again trapped under the forces of doc*

*Twl celebrates by raving to music that has nothing to do with rave music, lets say Mates Of State* huh.gif
You know guys, there's a much easier way to find him.

Jimi! If you don't stop hiding, we're gonna sell you to the Red Lobster!
*wakes up from the corner she has been asleep in, listening to Frank Zappa...*


*thinks for a bit*

Crabs have pincers. Not claws.

Ah ha!
Found him! laugh.gif

But he is now protected under the crab protection act, brought about by months of previous protests by Peta members...
tv with legs
*TWL celebrates by getting drunkand wearing a traffic cone on his head while naked*
*TNL, VIMH, and Doc tie up TWL naked to a lamp post and take pictures of him*...
*Jimi, highly confused, morphs back into Jimi shape*


Doo doo dee doo doo doo doo dee doo doo doo...

*Jimi pours self drink*
Dang it! I had the pot of boiling water ready and everything!

QUOTE (tv with legs @ Jul 22 2005, 01:17 AM)
*TNL, VIMH, and Doc tie up TWL naked to a lamp post and take pictures of him*...

You guys can keep the pictures. really. I don't mind.
tv with legs
*wakes up blink.gif *
where am i *notices im 15 feet above the ground*
*throws blanket over TWL*

maybe tomorow.
tv with legs
get me off*wiggles* oomph get me off
Ha ha ha, no.

*sits in front of storage room door with Gauss cannon*
Ooh, cannonlike.

Any old iron? Any old iron?
There's a fork in the road, here.

1. If you were NOT making an obscure reference, then: Well, I COULD fire and old piece of iron out of it.

2. If you WERE making an obscure reference, then I will go ahead and say: I have no idea what you are talking about.
*walks into bar naked*

A vodka and coke, if you would barkeep.
I meant as in those iron mongers who want iron to sell and smelt to make other iron things.

No, it was not obscure. I think that's usually covered by my general oscureness.

*Jimi starts fiddling about with a midi keyboard*

OK, now when I hit play, the magicalness of computer midi synths will be coming out of my keyboard!



Vinegar and baking powder again, please.

*Jimi makes 'bomb*

*Jimi hides bomb in wall*

*Gooey vinegarey foam begins to seep from under wall*

Ah, to hell with it.

*Jimi throws grenade*
*fields grenade, and tosses it outside*
Pyrotechnics = Patio. Okay?

*glances up at TWL, grins*
I also have no interest in getting you off. tongue.gif
I may free you later if you quit packing weaponry into the Bar, maybe.

*serves up L.Bear's drink*
How is DHG lately? Do you see him at all over summer holidays?
QUOTE (Ashbless @ Jul 24 2005, 08:47 PM)
*glances up at TWL, grins*
I also have no interest in getting you off.  tongue.gif 
I may free you later if you quit packing weaponry into the Bar, maybe.

ph34r.gif *hides cannon behind back*
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