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tv with legs
*still waitng days later and hungary*
I SAID LET ME OFF!!!!, or ill get clint eastwood here to kick your ass.*snickers*
*pulls out clint eastwood whistle*
Oh No! Not the Actor/Director!

*steals Clint Eastwood Whistle from TWL*

*throws Whistle into the Plastic grinder*

As Ashbless said, We'll take you down when you stop bringing Wepons into the bar. Only I can do that.
tv with legs
no, just i, *takes another clint eastwood whistle and blows has hard as TWL can.*
*clint eastwood appears in 1 second looking young just like in the movies**clint looks at VIMH and... SAYS HIS FAMOUS LINE!!!! laugh.gif *
"44. magnum, most powerful handgun in the world, but i brough an ak-47 to kill you" *VIMH and clint eastwood get in a shoot out*
I can't even work a B.B. Gun. Dang.
(yay for non-Stereotypical Texans!)

Wait! I have my super-Female Powers!

*Gives Clint Eastwood 'the look'*

*Clint flees in Terror*
sissy. laugh.gif
QUOTE (tv with legs @ Jul 24 2005, 10:35 PM)
"44. magnum, most powerful handgun in the world, but i brough an ak-47 to kill you"


[NRA nut] Technically the Smith & Wessen .500 Magnum is the most powerful handgun in the world. [/NRA nut]

*ties TWL tighter so he can't move his arms, much less grab anything from places he is hiding them*
*Jimi starts fumbling around with 5.1*

And... there!

*Jimi plays song*

Hmm, that's 2.0. Ah well. Give me a 3 litre glass of sherry, this bar is having a competition!
tv with legs
well, good thing i have pyrokenises, its a mental weapon
*uses pyrokanesise on TNL, Doc, Jimi, VIMH,.*
hehehehe, i love fire, and seeing people burn.hehehe biggrin.gif
*is still engulfed in flames*

Yeah, whatever.
Heh... Just realised that The #1652 post in this bar is my 2,000th post.


*puts out flames*

*gives TWL 'the look'*

*TWL goes up in flames*
I win.
All this tying up... fire... clint eastwood...

Sounds a little like a Frankie Goes To Hollywood video...
tv with legs
*TWL putd out flames*
now to use my "the look" antidote!!*drinks up* heheheh
*lights everybody on fire*
QUOTE (tv with legs @ Jul 25 2005, 04:34 PM)
*TWL putd out flames*
now to use my "the look" antidote!!*drinks up* heheheh
*lights everybody on fire*

FOOL! There is no antidote! You shal suffer a thousand chipmunks in the deepest pits of... Bah, whatever. *starts playing darts*
*Pours water on himself*


*Jimi walks to corner of the bar and smashes head on wall*

Oh wait, bad idea.

*Jimi turns back time with magic majigger thing*


*Jimi sticks foot out in front of twl and watches him fall to floor*

Ah, childish pranks. Where will I not stoop to?
tv with legs
yes, im free, haha,
*gets a towel and rubs it between TWLs legs*
hahahah, oh yeah, doc, you are still on fire, hehe
*Pours water over arachnidoc's head*

*hangs 'do not feed' sign around TWL's neck*
tv with legs
i can feed my self thank you
tv with legs
oh yeah, TNL must be dead by now, hes been burning for a while
*fits wooden box around TWL's feet, begins pouring concrete*

Heh heh heh...
*checks that TWL has no strange gadget-thing to get out of this*
tv with legs
*Cement dries upon TWL and TWL pulls out a hammer and chizzel and starts nawing his way out.*
you said no STRANGE gadgets, hehehe

Ah well. I give up.

*eats 2,000th post cake*
Quoth(The Raven)
Hmmm. Whatever happened to the weapons detectors in the bar? And the internal logic engines appear to be offline, as well. *Sigh* I go on vacation a couple of weeks, and everything begins breaking down...

*Accesses familier channel on the Palantyr*

Hello, Alyssa? Do you still have that Quantum Engineer, working for you? Good. I have a Bar that's defying all the laws of sanity, and many of the laws of hyper reality. Please get over here in the next two hours, or I'm afraid the whole thing is gonna have a meltdown, and implode... Yeah, I'll send Arthur and Gwen with the standard payment... Although, I have to tell you, Gremlin Spleen is at a premium, these days... how about some fresh Hummingbird liver, instead? Or, maybe some Flesh eating Slug slime? Okay, will do. Seeya at the Midden's Day Picnic, okay? 'Bye.

*Shuts down connection*
*Dials up a Widow's Venom... a poison green drink in a tall glass, with a purple vapor wafting from it. Those who look closely enough, can see a tiny thunderstorm hovering over the glass...*
*Takes a sip* Ah, that's better!
*nudges TWL out of the bar before he can get his way out*

*TWL plunks into the ocean*


So.. Anyone for darts?
Quoth(The Raven)
*The hamsters, whose fur has cycled through the entire visible spectrum, are now the color Ultraviolet, their skin and fur absorbing all other colors. As such, they seem to be invisible to human eyes.

*Hamsters begin sneaking around, taking advantage of their new invisibility...*
I was starting to wonder where you had gotten to, Quoth.

Darts? That depends if you want holes in the walls or not.
Quoth(The Raven)
*Arachnidoc looks up at clock, but realises that he can't see it, even though there's nothing in the way. Puzzled, he throws a dart toward the clock. the hamster squeals, and darts out of the way, leaving a prismatic effect in it's wake.*

Arachnidoc: Ooh, purty!
Guys, is it just me, or does the food seem to just be disapering?
Quoth(The Raven)
*Sugar cubes begin stacking themselves into a little pyramid...*
*leans foward, trying to get a closer look at the Sugar Cubes*

*snaches at air*

I got something! I don't know what it is, but it's furry.


*pulls hand back*
Furry with teeth...
They must be the magical invisible beard gnomes from Space-Jamaica 4!

...Or not. Either way.
*Spots tank in corner*

Ooh, babelfish!

*Shoves one in ear and walks up to TWL*

OK TWL, now, talk!

*Babelfish pops out of ear and scurries away, before jumping out the window and splatting on the floor*

Err... does that... usually happen?

*TWL carries on running around the bar while singing sea songs about seas and biscuits. And scurvy*
tv with legs
*continues singing*
oh hidy hidy hidyhidy hidy hidy hidy dy ho
Mekka Lekka hi, mekka hiney ho.
tv with legs
*comits suicide*
a-ha. now i have powers
*tries them out*
looks like my powersare demonic, YAY biggrin.gif
That did not make one bit of sense.

I wonder how much bits of sense cost? I'm sure most of us could do with one.

*Continues singing Jackson Five songs*

*Even though < wasn't singing Jackson Five songs in the first place*

*Even though < doesn't particularly like Jackson Five*

*Even though < has gone totally off topic*

*Even though < is continuing to do so*
Have fun with your demon powers, considering we're up here, and you're stuck in the underworld...

...We need a darts board.
*tacks TWL's body to the wall*

that'll do.

What? Too morbid for ya?
*Slams hatchet into dead TWL's head*

*plays one-man darts*
tv with legs
i may be a zombie,but i have feelings(emotions).
*cries blood cuz zombies cant cry tears*
*uses demonic powers to summon demons*
They'll have to buy their own drinks.

There is a perfectly good dart board in the games area by the pool table.

*Phones in the drink order to the suppliers*
*Oils up Colin and performs minor repairs*

Who's been at Colin with a laser?

*Colin beeps happily and whirrs away to clean erupting wall vents*
Jimi: Colin! You're alive!

Colin: Hello there, sir!

Jimi: Good to see you, little fella.

*Colin whirrs about cleaning frantically the areas he's missed in his absence*
QUOTE (tv with legs @ Jul 26 2005, 10:27 PM)
i may be a zombie,but i have feelings(emotions).
*cries blood cuz zombies cant cry tears*

If you go all Emo on me, I'm going to have to hurt you.

Oh, Colin's back... that's..... Lovely... dry.gif
What's wrong with Colin? He cleans and hovers, what more could you ask for?

And he made the kitchen and gave you marshmallows and sherbet...

And he stopped me from splatting at the centre of the earth (although he made me melt into crab shape)...
The fact that he's happy all the time is a little creepy. It reminds me of cheerleaders.

Quoth(The Raven)
*Colin shudders after his rear panel falls off with a clang. A sonic screwdriver flees from the scene, apparently under it's own power... At the bar, Voices is fencing with an animated butterknife, using her own butterknife... JimiJimi is apparently dancing, cursing at the same time....*

JimiJimi: Ow! Stop biting my toes, you little invisible freaks! !@#$)(*&!

*Suddenly, hamsters begin flickering into view, around the bar, like dying lightbulbs, in reverse. A bright red hamster is weilding a butterknife, at the bar, flickering in and out of existance. A Neon Green Hamster, holding a sonic screwdriver, is attempting to sneak up on Colin. Two hamsters, Orange and Pink, are dodging JimiJimi's feet, getting in the occasional bite. Other, rainbow hued hamsters are blinking into existance around the bar.

*Suddenly realising that they are no longer invisible, hamsters begin making a break for it. JimiJimi slams a water glass down over his two...*

JimiJimi: Not so fast! Now, watcha gonna do?

*Just then, a flying mouse, Bat wings spreading from it's tiny back, comes swooping in, forcing JimiJimi to duck, knocking over the waterglass in the process. The Hamsters, seizing their chance, run for the metaphorical hills...*

JimiJimi: What the hell was that?

*Dozens of winged mice begin flooding the bar...*
Hm... Where are those winged kittens when you need them?
*Ashbless yells*

*Keegan appears out of whatever dimension cats go when they vanish*
Grab your sibs - we've rodent problems.
Okay Auntie Ash.
*Keegan vanishes again*

*Guppy snaps at a passing hamster*
*Jimi sits down in the corner, getting incredibly confused*

Right, I have multiple hamster bites on my feet, Colin is being dismantled, but seems to be happily dodging the hamsters, hamsters keep appearing and disappearing, and something (supposedly a hamster) is fighting Voices with a butterknife.

*Butterknife hamster fades into view again*

Yup, hamster.

*Colin buzzes around trying to find hamsters to put in newly built hamster kennel*

Colin: Get here you cheeky hamster sirs!

Jimi: Righteho then.

*Jimi walks up to bar*

Three pints. Of anything. But no green gloop or anything toxic. Infact, just to be sure, three pints of bitter.

Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.

Infact, scratch that. I'll have a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.
*hand mixes a gargle blaster with genuine ol' Janx spirits delivered in a previous post*
*pours JimiJimi the three pints of bitters anyway and is amused when he tries to grab all three with the same hand (after a few gulps of first drink)*

*releases Guppy and points him at hamster*
*sits on the bar and pulls Voices and JimiJimi up also*

Guppy has a habit of nipping playfull chunks out of people's legs.

Oy! Arachnidoc! Guppy's loose!

*Arms Voices with industrial size flyswatter to bat flying rodents out of the air*
*Takes one herself and swats at passing rodent*

*Sips a double rum and coke and watches chaos*
tv with legs
QUOTE (voices_in_my_head @ Jul 27 2005, 11:20 AM)
QUOTE (tv with legs @ Jul 26 2005, 10:27 PM)
i may be a zombie,but i have feelings(emotions).
*cries blood cuz zombies cant cry tears*

If you go all Emo on me, I'm going to have to hurt you.

Oh, Colin's back... that's..... Lovely... dry.gif

and your gong to kill me why....
*plays pool with demon buddies*
*have an emotoinal break down*
*demon buddies try to chear TWL up telling him about satan and how the world is going to end and all**cry cry cry*
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