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Full Version: The Matabar (go to page one for virtual bar!!)
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Well, this pirate is goin' to hang up his eye patch for a while.

Back to being a mad scientist.

*leaps into Storage Room, hangs up eye patch, blows dust off of old computers and flicks a switch*

*machines whirr to life, with all sorts of bleeps, buzzes and lights*

Now, to practice my evil laugh!
tv with legs
and you say im insane. dry.gif
Hey, now. Being a mad (or "angry") scientist is medically distinct from being insane.
Quoth(The Raven)
Well, that was... erm, ...interesting...

*Dusts off and rehangs "No weapons allowed" plaque... then searches for "no Predation" plaque, and hangs THAT up...*

No weapons should be clear enough, and no predation simply means no killing.... If Arthur can't hunt Hamsters in the bar, then no one else should be allowed to hunt bar patrons, either...

*Snaps fingers and disapears in a cloud of purple smoke*
tv with legs
*stares blankly at the smoke*
ooohm purty!
*eyes flicker*
hunh, what. hmm, never mind
No weapons? Well it's not like I had any, anyway... Nope... Not me....never...

*leans out the bar door and throws several bombs over the edge*

Whoops. I think we just bombed Kansas.
Quoth(The Raven)
Well, I don't want to ruin anyone's fun... but Arthur has been toeing the line, all this time... the hamsters have been taunting him by staying in the bar, where he's promised not to hunt them... Fair is fair. If Arthur can't hunt in the bar, then Zombies and flying skulls should mind their manners as well, yes?
Fair enough.

And I do love home-made tamales. Then agian, my family reunions usally end up with us throwing firecrackers in the bonfire.
Quoth(The Raven)
*Arthur Flies in*
Arthur: Did someone mention Homemade Firecracker Tamales? My Uncle Fester liked 'em really hot! Made 'em with a quarter stick of TNT. I remember, he once went with a whole stick! They had to scrape him up with a spatula, and buried him in a thimble! But, that was Uncle Fester, all over! *Sniff* I really miss the old guy!
torn love notes
*While in bar asks for tequilla, and gets a bottle labled "holy water"*
*Bursts in outrage, and lights bartender on fire*
*A new bartender is hired named Sr.Pepe*

well i live in texas, but I am not a Texan. I was born in Mexico City. I love tameles, especially with mole verde, salsa roja, and chicken with cheese, and slsa verde. tongue.gif
QUOTE (tv with legs @ Aug 9 2005, 12:17 AM)
?????? who is pan

QUOTE (arachnidoc17 @ Aug 9 2005, 02:31 AM)
TWL, question marks usually go AFTER the sentence, not before.

Peter Pan, maybe?

No, not Peter Pan! rolleyes.gif
Pan was the horned god of the woods and of stampedes. The word panic came from his name. It was also believed that he had sex with goats.

Sorry if any of this info is wrong, but I'm not too hot with Greek history...

Apparently though, Pan died when the Christians took over... dry.gif
tv with legs
awww, i liked that old bartender.
*resurects old bartender*
TWL:uhhh...calm dowm?
TWL:umm, hehe.*walks awa slowly*
tv with legs
its like a ghost town in here
*puts on wild west suit(
.44 magnum, most powerful handgun in the world.
Quoth(The Raven)
QUOTE (Daria @ Aug 10 2005, 06:59 AM)
Apparently though, Pan died when the Christians took over...  dry.gif

No, he didn't die... the Christians just gave him a fate worse than death. They re-named him Satan, and made him the source of all evil... and, for good measure, they mixed him up with the male God of the Wiccans, and villified HIM. all to discredit the religions they represented... If there's one thing a Christian can't stand, apparently, its sharing power...
Quoth(The Raven)
QUOTE (tv with legs @ Aug 10 2005, 05:24 PM)
.44 magnum, most powerful handgun in the world.

Wrong! That is a common misconception, based on a quote from a popular movie, but it isn't, and never was...
Yep. The Smith & Wessen .500 Magnum Revolver is.

Although, with the right load, a .44 COULD blow your head clean off your shoulders.
Quoth(The Raven)
Well, I've got a dragon, and I'm not afraid to use him... laugh.gif
tv with legs
*takes off suit*
well, i have demonic powers and im not afraid to use them
torn love notes
Right along with TWL, I have demonic powers.
QUOTE (tv with legs @ Aug 9 2005, 10:57 PM)
colin is in hell, i forgot to take him back after the big battle.

Actually, Colin was in deep deep space with my Matazone soul while I went to London, making sure noone nicked me.

Anyway, I'm back. I can't remember the crazy sequence of getting back into the bar from the toilets, so I'll just press this random button on Colin's back marked 'Bar, Toaster, Pineapples'.

*Jimi appears in the bar, along with a shiny new toaster and some pineapples*
We need one of these as a Bouncer. It should stop anyone who is going to cause any normality, from coming in.
*Brushes battle tank under carpet in deep deep space*

No weapons nowhere.

Jimi: And ain't no one gettin' into deep deep space, I's already marked my territory there, didn't I Colin?

Colin: Please stop talking like that, sir.
Hey, look Colin! A large green stain on the floor! Better clean it up!
tv with legs
yay, colins back!
but now since his trip to hell, he can now be sad since he has relized fear and pain.
hold on, my boi mechnichal mech is parked ot side wth a rent sighn on it.
just to let yall know.
QUOTE (tv with legs @ Aug 11 2005, 05:20 PM)
yay, colins back!
but now since his trip to hell, he can now be sad since he has relized fear and pain.

He's a robot. His wiring is such that it is impossible for him to feel unhappy.
tv with legs
lets feed back.
hmm, 2 demons. impossible
one tesla coil.(real, but cant do what doc said)
one walking tank.not real yet.
one machine from the depths pf hell. impossible
demons. fairy tails
hell. fairy tails.
ect. ect
as i see it, all those things are real.
colinn went to hell and back. that changes people, and machines.
(havent you seen constintine?)
QUOTE (tv with legs @ Aug 11 2005, 01:03 PM)
one tesla coil.(real, but cant do what doc said)

If tesla coils are big enough, they can damn near kill you.

I'm pretty sure one large enough (maybe 8 feet?) could create an electric field strong enough to fry computers.
tv with legs
from what i read, tesla guns\coils cantdo that, the guy who made that, some soviet guy with his last name tesla, was just working on electricty.
i dont know if tesla guns\coils can actually work, but from what i read, they dont.
but this is the matabar. it works
Nikola Tesla. I read a lot about him.

He wasn't just "working with electricity," he also created a cold fusion reactor and a flying machine that looks supiciously like a UFO. I've rambled about this before. It works alright. In fact, I'm gonna order instructuins on how to build one next year.

EDIT: just think, a coil one fifteenth of that size could light up a flourescent light.

Everything works in teh Matabar. Even a gigantic cheesecake production machine that runs on dust bunnies.
tv with legs
hmm, now only of they had that in a gun. biggrin.gif
yes yes, i know all about those nazi and soviet ufos.
All I care is that Colin is still continuously happy.

*Colin goes around fixing stuff, and builds an omlette maker powered by omlettes*

That's pretty pointless, Colin.
tv with legs
as i said, he is not continuosly happy, he has emotoins now. deal with it.
Hello there... i dont think iv posted here before... Fill me in!!
QUOTE (tv with legs @ Aug 11 2005, 07:34 PM)
as i said, he is not continuosly happy, he has emotoins now.

Or not, as the case may be.

*Checks Colin's wiring*

Yup, still permanently happy.
Colin! There's still that green, totally-not-rigged-with-a-dropping-floorboard-and-circular-saw stain!
QUOTE (oscarhilton @ Aug 11 2005, 07:42 PM)
Hello there... i dont think iv posted here before... Fill me in!!

I'm sorry, it is far too complicated and perhaps strange.

My advice is to read all 80 pages... Then creep away slowly with no sudden movements. They can smell fear...
*Colin creeps up to small stain, notices floorboard and circular saw, and tries to fight temptation to clean it, despite knowing what will follow*

*Colin jumps on top of the stain, and in the short time he has between the floorboard falling and landing, he cleans most of the stain, then leaves some Barry Scott endorsed Cillit Bang on the stain to do the rest as he hops out of the way before meeting a very untasty end*
*pops in and waves hands erradically*

Egads! I've just realized what the Matabar needs!

We need a large quantity of dried muffin remnance!

*nods head enthusiastically*

Well, I've heard worse ideas. C'mon, Colin, let's go help speaker on his quest.
Quest? Did someone say quest?

...Okay, this is where things start to get weird.

*Arachnidoc puses a big, blue-green button*
*a wave of pixellation sweeps over the bar, leaving everything and anything in 16-bit destruction*

*black text box appears under Arachnidoc:* There. Now the adventure can really begin!

*mysterious voice:* In AD 2101, war was beginning.
*box under Arachnidoc:* Oh God no.
tv with legs
noo, not this!
*spawns to hell*
*TWL finds out it's pixellated hell*
You cannot escape. The Pixel has you.
Why would you do such a horrible thing? why?
Eh, it's only in effect until Voices completes his quest.

In the meantime, I can do this!

*Arachnidoc encounters a chair!*
*Chair HP: 10*
*Arachnidoc Hp: 300*
*Arachnidoc MP: 500*
*Firega: 56 MP*
*Arachnidoc casts Firega, causing Chair 132 points of damage*
*Chair is defeated!*
*Arachnidoc gains 27 EXP!*
*Arachnidoc gains a level!*
*Arachnidoc's HP raises by 12!*
*Arachnidoc's MP raises by 15!*
*Arachnidoc's Strength raises by 6!*
*Arachnidoc's Speed raises by 4!*
*Arachnidoc's Defense raises by 5!*
*Arachnidoc's Magic raises by 9!*
*Arachnidoc finds 15 coins!*
tv with legs
noooo, you sick monster. why hihihih. noooo!!!
hell, is like... THE ORIGINAL DOOMtm GAMES.
*walks around with a bfg 9k shooting up demons*
nohohoh. why!!
torn love notes
Doc, why would you do something like that you..............uh nevermind

*TLN warps into a dwarf archer that has perfected what is now "archery"*
Quoth(The Raven)
Speaker! Just look what you've done! We just got the continuum to scab over nicely, and before it's properly healed, you've encouraged them to re-open the wound... I hope you're satisfied!

*Sighs, and shakes head, wearily*

Barkeep! a flagon of Everclear, to go, please!
Quoth(The Raven)
*Arthur pops up behind bar, wearing a handlebar mustach on his muzzle, sporting a bowler hat, and matching vest*

Quoth: why are you wearing that ridiculous outfit?

Arthur: It's a disguise. These video game types tend to shoot us scaly types first, and ask questions, later...

*Arrow goes through Arthur's bowler*

Arthur: see?

TLN: sorry!

*Arthur hangs up sign over the register: 'Please don't shoot the bartender'*

Arthur: I wonder if I get medical, on this job...
torn love notes
I'm not sorry, i was practicing for when I must shoot percicly at a very small object. I knew i wasn't going to hit arthur.
Quoth(The Raven)
QUOTE (torn love notes @ Aug 11 2005, 10:35 PM)
I'm not sorry, i was practicing for when I must shoot percicly at a very small object. I knew i wasn't going to hit arthur.

Arthur: Suuuure, you weren't...

*Erects plexiglass (Perspex for you Brits) shield.*
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