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Full Version: The Matabar (go to page one for virtual bar!!)
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tv with legs
*eats apple*
well, its been dandy here hasnt it. -.- boring.
*pops out ax and kill s a chair*
thats right, DIE
I'll get me coat.
To think we practically abandoned the bar before it reached the big 100. Don't let us down now people!
MUST... GET... 100th PAGE...

Although it probably won't be for about another 15 posts.
Organizing a party could do it.

We could have a welcome back Quoth party! She's been missing a couple weeks and it'd be lovely to lure her back. *ponders a minute* What about Dancing Hamster Guy? Is his year up? We could welcome him back. Little Bear should be back in a few days also and could be included. Anyone remember how long Little Bear is on enforced vacation and/or when his temporary ban started?

Any other party suggestions? The last biggy was B.I.C.'s 500 post party and then there was a smaller one with the 'Kiss me I'm Draconian' bunch.
Howsabout a "Dear God it's raining beer" party?
I'm afraid the bear is away for a month, as of last week I think, and DHG's year won't be up 'til next year. So yeah, Party anyway!
Ooh, my 3000th is coming up. I'll probably have hit it later today though. If not, tomorrow.
El Nino
*Installs cloaking device, then connects cloak to flying controls to automatically engage when flying, pours beer then starts working on a transporter*
*sneaks up behind Jim as he's installing the transporter and gives him a huge hug*

*startles him, the beer goes flying, beer splashes into the Matabar circuitry which starts producing sparks and smoke*

Ooo, that can't be good. ohmy.gif

*Ashbless disappears in a cloud of teleporter sparklies reminicent of star trek*
*Knocks on door. Looks around. Turns to run out*
*walks out of storage room door, pulls up two chairs, sits on one and uses the other as a footrest*

Because I Can! Where did you come from?

*Shrugs it off, opens a bottle of beer and takes a swig*
*pokes head round door, steps inside, runs out*
*chucks empty booze bottle at door, it smashes on the threshhold*

Show yourself!
tv with legs
*turns on strobe light and turns off bar lights*
*dances and runs*
ahh i cant see that good!! *runs into walls*
-ooomph- oww!!!
*walks straight in, slaps arachnidoc, turns around and sits at the bar*

*rubs cheeck*

You're going to pay for such rudeness.

*walks into storage room, slams door behind*

*re-opens storage room door*

Oh yes. There will be blood.

*slams door again, turns on whizzy super-computers*
arachnidoc, you're forgetting that Star of Lei is a girl, and knows how to do "the stare".
I can't hear your right now, Voices! Can't you see I'm in a fit of rage-induced computing?
tv with legs
ooh ohh, can i be your side kick doc!!!
Sure! Any good at computing? Pull up a swivel-chair!

Take care though, spin too fast and you'll be running for the toilet.
*checks nails. Sees ones broken. Pulls out nail file and uses it to sharpen nails to a point again.*

Oooo, serious computing, eh?

*Puts hands to face, mock scared. Uses The Stare*
Jimi: Well, guys, I've had my 3,000th post in Games. Barkeep, get me your most expensive bottle of wine!

Barkeep: Erm, I think we've got some Tesco Economy back there...
How long does it take to get this thread to 100?

And congrats to Jimi
I think it will be four more posts after this one 'till page 100.
QUOTE (JimiJimi @ Oct 24 2005, 08:00 PM)
I think it will be four more posts after this one 'till page 100.

Or possibly it won't be. You never know

Jimi: Ah well, at least I got page 100 on the same day as post 3000! Yay! Beers for everyone! On the house!

Barkeep: You being serious?

Jimi: Well...
tv with legs
*looks around*
somebody call the doctor, im blind.
barkeeper:sure *calls the mental hospital*
*people in white coats apear*
noo!! NOO!! not again!! Im blind, cant you see! im blind!!! stupid black and blonde haired whitecoats.
*Jimi gets out shotgun and shoots TWL*

An' shay out!

*Jimi picks up whiskey from bartop and falls over*

Whitecoat 1: Jeez, isn't he hurt?

Whitecoat 2: What am I, a doctor?

TWL: Ooh, my leg is bleeding! This calls for a celebration! Happy bunnies... *passes out*
*glitter starts falling from the ceiling of the Bar and there's a distant sound of Ashbless singing.*

*glitter fades*

Whitecoat 1: And what was that?
Whitecoat 2: What was what? *deliberately casual*
Whitecoat 1: Nothing. unsure.gif Never mind.
QUOTE (Star_of_Lei @ Oct 24 2005, 07:33 AM)
*checks nails. Sees ones broken. Pulls out nail file and uses it to sharpen nails to a point again.*

Oooo, serious computing, eh?

*Puts hands to face, mock scared. Uses The Stare*

First off, it's The Look.

Secondly, LOOK OUT!

*single bottlecap rolls out of crack in door, stops by Star's foot*


Star of Lei: That's it? A bottlecap? That's your bloodbath revenge?

*Star picks up bottlecap*


Star: It's not even explosive! No comedic value whatsoever! You're a failure, Doc.

*Mechanical arm pops out behind Star, hits her in the head with a blackjack*

*Star falls to floor, unconcious*

Arachnidoc: Oh ho.

Doc: Erm...

*Pulls fire alarm, sprinklers spray pig blood*

Ashbless: Why did you put pig's blood into the sprinkler system? HOW did you put pig's blood into the sprinkler system?

Doc: Well, first I had to-
Ash: On second thought, I'd rather not know.
*Jimi wakes up in a prison cell*

Jimi: Damnit! Colin, get the hell in here!

*Colin materialises*

Colin: Yes! I just beat the Decision Making Robot's highscore on Pac-Bot!
My, I haven't poked my head round this door in a while.

*Pours self large purplish, slightly suspicious drink*

Mmm, tastes good. What _is_ this stuff?
That would be the _special_ drink for _special_ people. Here, have some more.

*Proffers purpley stuff to IATB*

It is your birthday after all, so you must drink everything that is given to you, it's traditional.
tv with legs
*still passed out*
*person walks buy and kicks TWL*
blink.gif hunh, owww you a**hole!!
*pulls out magnum and shooots person but confetti comes out instead*
damn it >.<
*Jimi staggers over to bar, reaches for beer tap for support, miscalculates the location of the bartop and ends up with his head in an ashtray*

Ow! There're hot ashes in here! It burns!
*Laughs at Jimi evily*

Jimi: why the hell are you in here anyway, Oscar?
Oscar: Oh... i shall leave now
*Scrapes ash off of face and observes burn marks*

Ooh. Nice.

*Sticks head in a bucket of water*
tv with legs
bartender, free drinks on the house, its new years!!
bartender: no its not
it is in my mind*shudders*
And we can only guess what else might be in your mind.

Barman, drinks on the house!

*Gets out small model house and begins to put drinks on roof*
*returns to bar*

Silence... hmmm

*wanders over to a JimiJimi covered in dust and cobwebs*

Hulllooooooo? Anyone serving?
I think I worked here at some point, possibly. Memories involving this place tend to be a bit hazy.

Anyway, even if I didn't, here's a drink.

*pours Becky a drink*

Just don't ask what it is.
Mmm... frothy.

I think this place needs to be cleaned up a bit. Where is Colin?
I think he might just be under that disturbingly mobile pile of noodles.

Either that, or he's that Colin-looking thing over there, holding up a sign saying 'I'm Colin'. Which puts me into doubt over what's with the noodles.
*Jumps out of pile of Linguini*

Woah, talk about *BUMP* of epic proportions. There's a post on this page from a member that hasn't been here since December!
Is anyone going to eat those noodles?
All yours.
*Pushes open doors and looks at apparant chaos in front of me*
Woah when did this get here?
Who? What?

Best not ask questions. Just drink.

*chugs bucket of liquid on table*

Bartender: You know that was the water we used to clean the bathrooms, right?

That Guy: There's bathrooms in here?

Bartender: Nevermind.
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