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Full Version: The Matabar (go to page one for virtual bar!!)
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And the Cult will cover you in glue and feathers if you touch him
*Strides through weyr entrance and upto bar*

Id like a strong, stiff drink please and Im not to fussed what as long as it doesnt cntain anything guppy might prefer to consume.

*tosses guppy a large marrow bone*

Oh cool you havent all vanished!

*tucks a small confused looking hamster safely into pocket and goes to sit in a gloomy concealed corner observing the room*
El Nino
QUOTE (voices_in_my_head @ Jan 15 2005, 09:43 PM)
just leave 'em down there... they can live off of booze, right?

It's not just booze down there it's the store room,with all the bar snacks. I wonder who removed the ladder?

*Mixes a couple of pan galactic gargle blasters & passes one to Wyvern*
Superb just what I needed, many thanks BIC!

*swigs and then sits very still and quiet waiting for mouth to recover*

Whoa! I like!

Perhaps if you rigged up a dumb waiter they could send stuff up as needed, less ladder climbing in the mean time!

*sips pan galactic gargle blaster with slightly more caution, leans into corner and watches a slightly twisted room*
Why am I still in this hole? I want to complain... ooh pretzels. Ok I'll stay down here a bit longer
You have pretzels down there?!

Oooh are they the little mini crunchy ones?
We have both kinds. (The mini crunchy ones and the big doughy ones)
*lowers down pitcher on a rope*

Fantastic! Could you send up a selection the scuttlers and I are getting a bit peckish please?

*matchbox rattles and growls*

Oh that drink was good BIC the floor seems all wavey, or is it a new design feature?

*tries to hold rope steady*
*Grabs rope and pulls, Wyvern falls into hole*



I didn't realise the cellar was so deep or dark! ph34r.gif

*checks matchbox for damage, checks self for dents*

CheeseMoose was that wise? dry.gif

You're stuck down here now with myself and what Im pretty sure will be an irate scuttler when it regains consciousness! blink.gif
You weren't meant to bring the scuttler! But there's lots of cookies down here for it, and I've found a way out!
Where I go the scuttler goes!

*eyes small patch of light overhead*

A way out lead me to it! I hear neglected green stuff calling!
I say a way out, it's actually the serect entrance from the Cult of BBS HQ. But don't tell BIC
*carefully lets self down off bar stool and nips out to buy more dragon food*
Quoth(The Raven)
Hmmmph! Quit picking on Arthur! He can't help it if he's a Rodentivore! I mean, look at his size! Other Dragons carry off Virgins and whole cows. Poor Arthur has to settle for a Barbie™ doll and Occasional guinea Pig... (And that Ken™ is useless! He hasn't even tried to rescue her... probably hasn't noticed she's missing, yet... Of course, Arthur's been a perfect gentleman... even set her up in her own Barbie's Dream Castle™...)!
El Nino
*Notices that the cellar is empty so goes down to check. Finds the secret entrance & puts weapon detection sensor up over it. Activates shield & goes through the entrance*
Korbin Dallas
Can I try one of those slices of lemon wrapped around a gold brick?
Eh, whah?...

Anyways, time for a ramble.

Hi, I really only came here to steal booze bottles from the hobo in the corner and set them aflame. Do you have anything a little more flaming? I like fire. See my lighter, if I turn it up all the way...
*Phoop* Hahaha, that person's hair is on fire. Smells like crap. Never light your own hair on fire. Fire fire fire. Unles I'm around to see the fire (fire fire fire) in which case you should, and while you're at it you should just light your whole body on fire (Fire fire fire). Here, I'll help ya! Damn, outta lighter fluid! Gotta get those bottles 'n split. Be right back! *Walks out saying "Fire fire fire..." until too far away for you to hear.*
El Nino
QUOTE (Korbin Dallas @ Jan 21 2005, 05:14 PM)
Can I try one of those slices of lemon wrapped around a gold brick?

Right here's your PGGB
have we fixed the portal in the basement yet?
Nope, like DHG's hole in the wall it's just another unofficial entrance to the bar. I has weapon detection just like the main entrance.

What happened to Cheesemoose? Anybody know?
Heh, lazyness. I'll go check the "being away for a bit" thread.
No idea.
...The leader of the cult is gone!

he didn't even take the complimentary peanuts!
Quoth(The Raven)
(Gwen, the flying cat, and Arthur, the Pendragon, soar into the thread, followed closely by a squad of flying monkeys. The whole assembly circles about the room, twice, then fly out, again...).
dancing hamster guy
ermm .... just wondering do I still work here?

*checks page 1*

oh .... I better get to work!

*starts scrubbing floor with tooth brush*
El Nino
great job DHG *takes Guppy out for a walk*
Wooo, I haven't come in here for ages. Is it a paid holiday? tongue.gif No it's OK, I've been easy on the cash. So, *gulps down swirly pink stuff* anything happened while I have been gone?
dancing hamster guy
after all this absence this place is gathering some dust - well back to work again !
Hey guys, pint to go please, gotta run
CheeseMoose! buddy ol' pal, have as much as you want!
Quoth(The Raven)
(Arthur, Gwen, and the flying monkeys fly into the bar. the monkeys order Banana Daiqueries, all 'round. DHG nervously places bowls of Hamster flavored Dragon chow in front of Arthur and Gwen. There are five flying monkeys, and each takes his drink to a different part of the bar. Two take over the dart board, two are taking turns on the pinball machine, and the last one is checking out the selections on the Jukebox. Arthur and Gwen finish their chow, and fly out, leaving the monkees to enjoy the bar...)
So gwen's doing all right, then?
Quoth(The Raven)
Gwen's great. She's a cute little gray kitten with dragon wings growing from her back. Hamsters and Fairies Beware! (Of course, the Matabar is a no predation zone, so DHG is safe, for now...). I'm concerned with the flying monkeys, though... they seem a rough crowd...
After a hectic January I'm back, but how could I come back without a drink in the good ol' Matabar? And have you still got that pinball machine?

I'll have a... ah hell, surprise me, it's been a while... and I'll have a packet of Scampi Fries with that.

I haven't been able to work on the virtual bar for a while, but it's just a matter of time before I get back into my normal home routine...
*Starts scrubbing the floor and tidying away the cobwebs*

You really want a surprise JimiJimi? I mean, there is some rather suspicious... ummm.. bubbling green stuff over there...

meh, have some anyway... tongue.gif
Quoth(The Raven)
Don't forget the five flying Monkeys...
huh.gif isn't it illegel to give monkeys beer?
Quoth(The Raven)
Well, they actually ordered Banana daiqueries....

YOU tell 'em they're not suppossed to drink... I'm not gonna cleanup the bar, afterwards...
Mmm... bubbly and green eh? I'll give it a shot...

*Gives it a shot*

Blimey that stuff's strong!

*With no warning, morphs into frog*

*With no warning, morphs back into JimiJimi*

Man you sell some weird stuff at this bar.

I think I'll just have a scotch on the rocks, thanks... I need one. I've just been warned by Commie for stating my opinion, then he called me a 'cockmonger'. Thanks, Commie. You're a tribute to the moderating force.

Right now I could say some pretty nasty things about him, but I'm nice, so I'm not gonna. Anyway, hurry up that drink!

And a packet of Cheese and Onion please.
QUOTE (JimiJimi @ Jan 31 2005, 08:11 PM)
I think I'll just have a scotch on the rocks, thanks... I need one. I've just been warned by Commie for stating my opinion, then he called me a 'cockmonger'. Thanks, Commie. You're a tribute to the moderating force.

And I thought swearing was banned on these boards....

Must be one rule for the mods, and one for us I spose.
Quoth(The Raven)
Hey! one of the Flying monkeys is carving his name in the Bar with a pen knife...
dancing hamster guy
Bye Matabar!!!

I'll miss you and all of the staff, especially BIC!

Look after the hamsters for me!

Didn't I order a drink? A scotch on the rocks and a packet of Cheese and Onion!

I remember when the service here used to be quick and up to speed, but now it's as slow as my dial-up connection!

Well, Mata has told me and Commie that we've both been idiots, and to cut a long story short I'm donating 3.00 to Mata as an apology.

Anyway, I still need that drink!

Oh, by the way, your pinball machine is now in my apartment. Oh wait, I don't have an apartment. It's in my virtual apartment. Oh wait, there's no such thing. It's in my cardboard box. Oh wait, I don't have a cardboard box. Oh yeah, now I remember, it's under my jacket.

*Tries to hide large pinball machine-shaped bulge in coat from bartenders and on-lookers*

Anyway, give me that drink!
*Pours JimiJimi Scotch on the rocks and gets a packet of cheese and onion*

Et voila.

Hmmm, the pinball machine fits under your coat?! Meh, isn't everything free here? We'll just get a new one. smile.gif
QUOTE (Quoth(The Raven) @ Feb 1 2005, 01:14 AM)
Hey! one of the Flying monkeys is carving his name in the Bar with a pen knife...

huh.gif that's one smart monkey!
oh, wait...I should probly do something...
*pulls out gun*
put away the penknife!
El Nino
Put, away, the weapons! mad.gif

*lights pilot light on flamethrower and holds finger over firing trigger while aiming at people with weapons*
*drops gun*
Okay, Okay, fine.......

unsure.gif but they started it!
Quoth(The Raven)
Flying monkeys close in on BIC, enclosing Barkeep in a rough circle...

"Oi! We don' wan' no trouble, mate!" the Monkey with the knife grunts, "But if ya wants some, we can bring it, Right Bruvvers?"

Other Flying monkeys grunt, in response.

*Cloud of oily black smoke erupts, as a green, thin, hatchet faced woman appears*

"Where have you yard apes been?," she demands, angrily

The lead Monkey drops his knife. "Sorry, Mistress!"

"You'll be sorry," she replies, "if you don't get out there, and bring me that Brat, Dorothy. Now!"

Flying monkeys scatter. Shaking her head, the witch proceeds to the bar.

"Barkeep! What have you got for a headache?"
El Nino
I say the best way to ignore any pain, is with alcohol so wanna try this?

*mixes a couple of glasses with various drinks and passes one to Quoth, drinks the other himself*
So the monkeys are gone?

*comes out of her hiding place*
good, off to the kid's bar with me! I could use a good video game....
Quoth(The Raven)
(witch snaps her fingers, and turns into tall patrician brunette) Cheers (Sips drink) How'd you know it was me?
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