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It is an overused question, but for once we could figure out which one is the most populer.
also, im extremly bored right now.
Sir Psycho Sexy
LGG won the last one if memory serves, would be interesting to see what's changed....

edit: for the record, i voted mittens, still the coolest AND the original....almost
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Snowdrop and Mittens forever, baby!! biggrin.gif
Come on, Mr Snaffleburger, come on, Mr Snaffleburger!
*turns to address crowd*
*puts on Mr Snaffleburger eyes*

CONFORM, CONS... er... I mean, VOTE MR SB!!!
I have a Tie in between little goth girl and snowdrop and mittens.
i closed my eyes, pointed, and voted.
Little goth girl won.
*conflict continues in my head*
It's a bit of a mood thing. I like Mr. SB sometimes, S.Lapin sometime, LGG sometimes and Mittens and Snowdrop sometimes. Those are my favourites. My vote was Mittens and Snowdrop as they were what originally brought me to the site via the Night of the Zombie Kitties game.
I think I'm obliged to vote for Mittens & Snowdrop, mainly because I wouldn't be where I am now without them. Weclome to my forum Voices!
thanks! i'll make myself comfy now....

I was brought to the site by the nine-mouthed-baby game since it was on
I have never gotten far in that game, but i am very glad that I noticed the links to mittens and snowdrop.
This being my 100th post, I feel I should make it more special than my 99th.

There we go.

I was brought here many a Kerrang! magazine ago, where 'Arm-Wrestling Freud' was the weekly 'Way-Out Website'. Today, I hate Kerrang! but Matazone has lived on.

Now I read 'Guitarist'.

My favourite has to be Mr Snaffleburger, I don't know why.

The Political Compass test put me on 'Communist Anarchist', so that could be why.

It could be exceptional1709's scary eyes though...

The Pinball Wizard would vote for Mr Snaffleburger you know...
QUOTE (JimiJimi @ Nov 21 2004, 11:53 AM)
This being my 100th post, I feel I should make it more special than my 99th.

I wonder how may posts ive mad, ill jsut respond to see =>

*votes Mr. S*
Why do you torment me with such choices? huh.gif

Must be Mittens...nonono...gotta be Mr Snaffleburger...nyoo...LGG all the way

*tries to move arm in 3 directions at once resulting in PAIN*


I'm going to vote for Mittens because it's the first one I saw and balls of string have twiney goodness.
Come people vote for Brother Black Sheep. It has a reference to the original POTA one of the best films ever.
QUOTE (JimiJimi @ Nov 21 2004, 06:53 AM)
This being my 100th post, I feel I should make it more special than my 99th.

I feel so honored to have hosted your 100th post! *wipes away tear*

ANYWAY, it seems that snowdrop and mittens are winning with about 7 votes.
I feel bad about voting for little goth girl since snowdrop and mittens was the first animation I saw, after seeing that poor, twisted kitten, I continued to watch all of the animations and now... now i've become..*sniff*
A matazone addict!
*runs out of room crying*
I love Lapin. He's so badass. He's stoic and spiritual and just hardcore in general. That and he can chop off evil ninja bunnies' heads like nobody's business.
one more vote and mr.SB will be tied with mittens and snowdrop!
This will be very close....
Without a doubt, Mittens and Snowdrop!

They are the very reason I first visited the site.
Has to be the cannibal sex kitty and his/her/it's long suffering sidekick for me...
mitttens and snowdrop are in the lead....
so that's 7 votes for them, 5 for mr.Sb 2 for lgg
2 for SL and 1 for brother black sheep
people better start voting more or mittens may take over the world...
(or maybe just the forums...)
QUOTE (JimiJimi @ Nov 21 2004, 11:53 AM)

It could be exceptional1709's scary eyes though...

Ooh good, it's working on at least one person.

*Turns up Mr-Sb-ness of eyes to next level*

VOTE MR SNAFFLEBURGER!!! We really don't want Mittens to take over the world you know, then nobody would be safe. Join Mr Sb in his fight against the evil Corporation! Hey, who says Mr Snaffleburger Is Not Real? Keep him alive!


*Stares round at everybody*
Tell us, dear Mata, what is your favorite series of animations to make? What's most fun for you?
I'm afraid it's looking rather dull for mr.Sb vs. Mittens...
well, it's the corporation or mittens that takes over.
Of couse, My cat voted for mittens... i'm starting to worry about her.
LGG won the last vote, so it's interesting that there seems to have been a political swing towards the other characters...

My favourite to make? That's really tricky. I usually get bored of making LGG episodes about 75% of the way through because they take so long, but I'm always really happy with them when they're done.

If a Mittens anim. goes well then that's great, because they're usually pretty easy to make and the scripts are fun to write, but I need to have an idea that really tickles me before I can start.

Mr Sb's ones are fun because I like doing the voices, and I admit that I do get a bit of a kick out of being so mean to him! However, doing the lip-synch takes forever and it really mindnumbing.

Lapin's animations are very satisfying to write, but hellish to animate in almost every respect.

So... I guess I actually enjoy making one-off animations the most in some respects, because those are the ones where I get to try out new styles and visual techniques.
Mata when you voice over Mr SB do your eyes go googly in synch with what you're saying?? biggrin.gif wink.gif
That depends on how much sleep I've had and/or alocohol biggrin.gif

(In other words, sometimes, yes!)
Mr. sb!!! Extreme! Vote, vote, vote!


All the animations are good in their own way, of course.

But *stares at poll*

*eye twitches*
okay, one more vote for mr.SB and he will be tied with Mittens and snowdrop!
biggrin.gif Yay! biggrin.gif

(Not that I'm biased or anything...) cool.gif
Aha, another Mr Sb supporter! We have to stick together you know... biggrin.gif

*Mr Sb eyes again* wacko.gif
Mr.SB still needs one more vote...
Why am I the only one who voted for Brother Black Sheep? That was an amazing animation, and contained a reference to the original Planet of the Apes, one of the best films of all time, clearly it should be the winner. It only needs 8 more votes to win
If I had been thinking, I too would of voted for brother black sheep, but Evedently my brain had been switched off at the moment I voted.
Anyone else care to come to my 100th post party?
All you have to do Is go to the bar.
El Nino
I never could decide between Mr SB and the Little goth girl
YAY!! Mr Sb has caught up with Mittens!! Come on Snaffleburger fans, vote, vote, vote! biggrin.gif

in memory of Usagi Yojimbo!
you need to wath out for LGG, though, she is cathching up one more vote...
dancing hamster guy
why aren't people voting for sl - hes amazing!
Hooray, Mr Sb is in the lead!! People have sense after all! biggrin.gif
i'm excited one more vote a little goth girl will be tied!
CM still seems to be the only one who voted for Brother Black Sheep...
now that I think about it, That made me laugh more than little goth girl.
just one funny thing, but Sb is always good as is LGG
had to vote for Sb because, i hate corps unless they're giving me things

Do I see a three way tie?!??!?
It's possible. All the animations are good.
smile.gif But Mr. Sb just made me laugh my ass off more smile.gif
I'd like to think Lapin's bad-ass nature overrides the humor of any of the others, though they are funny.
I...I.... can't belive it! mittens and snowdrop, who were in the lead at the beginning, are now losing to mr.SB and LGG.
Anyone else notice CM's sig.?
Oh no, it's the old Mr Sb vs LGG war again. Let's see who wins this time rolleyes.gif
c'mon people vote! we need to break the tie!
As long as I'm back for a bit, I might as well make sure everyone knows how *obviously* better Mr. Sb is tongue.gif
Yes! Yes! Thank you Gerbil! *runs up and hugs Gerbil with great force*

*turns and runs away before Gerbil can even think about backing away slowly*
well, that broke the tie...
but only by one vote! people surely everyone hasn't voted...
Another vote!

Please, fellow BBS voter, identify yourself
Hehehehe.. BBS rocked my socks off... hehe.
so thats TWO WHOLE VOTES for brother black sheep! go you!
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